Thursday, November 22, 2018

Prefect of Religious Preaches Heresy to Women Religious: "The Holy Ghost Destabilizes Today"

Pope Francis gathered representatives of contemplative women's orders in Rome. The Prefect for Religious, Cardinal Braz de Aviz explained to them the "necessary aggiornamento" and provided a whole new interpretation of the Holy Spirit.
(Rome) João Cardinal Braz de Aviz blames the "nostalgic" in the Church, because "Peter is currently Francis" and no one else.
Braz de Aviz, ordained in 1972, has been bishop since 1994. From 1998 to 2011 he was first Bishop of Ponta Grossa, then Archbishop of Maringa and finally, Archbishop of Brasilia. In 2011 he was appointed Pope Benedict XVI. as Prefect of the Congregation for Religious in the Roman Curia and created Cardinal - one of the failed personnel decisions of the German Pope. Since then, the Brazilian, despite the change on the Cathedra Petri, has kept his office, not least because, as it is said in Rome, because he wrote an inglorious chapter in the Causa against the Franciscans of the Immaculata. Contrary Church circles agree that Braz de Aviz is not among the best that the Brazilian Church has produced. Their Episcopate has long been suffering from Marxist liberation theology and mediocrity.
Yesterday, the cardinal spoke with a confession, which was distributed by the SIR press agency of the Italian Bishops' Conference.
"The name of the Pope is not interesting: at present Francis is Peter, all forms of nostalgia that don't point to now, do not do well."
At the same time, the Brazilian Cardinal emphasized:
"Pope Francis is an unimaginable gift because, with clarity, transparency and simplicity, he has set this line for the Church to follow at this difficult moment".
Also at the conclave of 2013, in which Pope Francis was elected, the cardinal commented:
"There was no argument at the conclave. We were all in agreement with Bergoglio, so that we chose him in only one and a half days, even though we had to eat and drink for two weeks. "
Cardinal Braz de Aviz
Cardinal Braz de Aviz participated in a meeting of the Apostolic Constitution Vultum Dei quaerere on the occasion of Pro Orantibus. This highly controversial constitution, issued by Pope Francis in 2016, is described by critics as the "Sovietization" of contemplative women's monasteries. For the conference, which takes place at the request of Pope Francis, nuns from all over the world came together. The Cardinal emphasized the "importance of the bond with the Pope" to them and called for:
"To be ready to listen to the Lord and the Pope, to "aggiornare" the millennial consecrated and contemplative life.
And further:
"The Council demands that we become disciples of Jesus and enter into dialogue with the culture of the moment, not with the past."
Braz de Aviz made a pause with a cryptic statement. According to the Cardinal, the Holy Spirit used to stabilize, but today he destabilizes:
"The Holy Spirit today is more a sign of instability than stability: He moves the water and lets the water up to our necks so we do not rest on our safety."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


  1. They conciliar sect has no credibility/authority; they even think consecrated virgins no longer have to be virgins!

  2. 'consecrated virgins no longer have to be virgins.' This teaching goes back to Patristic times. Read a book Geremia.

  3. The Democracy loving trash love these Conciliarist Popes, and kiss their, e.r., shall we say, feet because they all follow the Gnostic faith that humans are sacred because they can be something, know something, owed something,and grow into something by their own strong-willed desire and innate power to be God. This Gnostic belief in oneself and Man is the source of the alleged "Democratic and Human Rights" and belief in Man's innate abilities to justly recognize and correct the evils of this world.This is what apparently is Bergoglio's inspiration. This is where John Paul II drew his inspiration. This is what Paul VI and Benedict XVI underestimated as a demonic force. Man has been made to believe that no rights other than what has been artificially and arbirarily been invented. The Gnostic Democratic Enlightenment seduces people in believing it necessary to limit a person's God-given role and mission in this life and in the next. And,rather, dims God's plan for Salvation and obtaining the Dignity Man was meant for: by becoming Children of God by suffering for personal sins and the sins of all the world; Through becoming part of God and by being part of The Crucified God and through this shared Crucifixion sharing in God's same Resurrection.These Democratic useful idiots of Satan see suffering as a useless sin, and they wish to replace our lives with illusory and ephemeral feelings of grandeur in life through secular activism and personal success and advancement.

  4. Try Augustine's De Virginitate, viii. St Thomas Aquinas supports Augustine's view that even though physical virginity may be 'lost', it can be 'restored' by a consecration to spiritual virginity. People such as Augustine and Thomas lived mostly in their minds not in their underpants or anyone else's for that matter.

  5. Poop Francis breathes on the contemplative orders: Bye bye, girls. Last one out, switch the lights off!

  6. Peter W.
    What’s the W stand for? Waldensian?

    Nice try, but this wasn’t the prooftext you were looking for.

    *waves hand

  7. Sarto,
    It looks like he’s telling them they’ve been wasting their entire lives.

  8. This long has been coming. Women are being "liberated" from their natural instinct of protector of the family. Maybe Christian women, just maybe, want to love their God as women and be supportive of their family and husband. ----The "gay hierarchy" wants women to go into the light of day. The Mother of God was obviously wrong for stating to the Archangel Gabriel "Do unto me according to thy word". Gays have opened "Pandora's Box" at the very top of the hierarchy as foretold evidently in the Third Secret. It is also told evidently from quotes from those who have read the secret that Satan will have his "man" in the seat of St. Peter.

  9. Is Braz de Aviz completely insane? Is Braz de Aviz completely insane? Is Braz de Aviz completely insane?
    Mairin T

  10. Let's face the sad truth. Pope Francis is not a Roman Catholic. Bras de Aviz is not a Roman Catholic. Most of the Cardinals who elected Bergoglio were not/are not Roman Catholics. The Vatican is no longer Roman Catholic. If these nuns tow the Bergoglio line, they will no longer be Roman Catholic either.

    The evil of Pope Francis knows no bounds. Today, 11/23/2018 there was an announcement form the Vatican of Francis appointing Cardinal Cupich to the committee for the special "synod" on the sexual abuse scandals sweeping the Church that Bergoglio called for Feburary (and for which he squashed the USA bishops attempts to initiate a program for this issue on their own for the USA).

    With Francis and Cupich at the wheel of this February meeting, we know the result. It will be a farse, a Vatican cover-up. A pro-homo love for Francis fest.

    Benedict XVI has a lot to atone for. By his wimp resignation he opened the door to this rot and destroyed the Church by so doing. I used to respect him. I don't anymore, because even though he's 91, he is not that sick or enfeebled that he could not still be the Pope making lucid, and proper decisions for the Church. The Church was actually starting to see the first small signs of a spiritual renewal under him, back to more Catholic traditions. But he caved to the liberals who wanted to wreck his papacy and gave them the opportunity to finish wrecking the Church with Francis.
    There is no more Roman Catholic Church. The only hope is the SSPX and smaller, even sede-vacantist groups. And perhaps, possibly, an intervention from the Lord to rescue his Church, remove the rot, and inspire the election of a Catholic in the next conclave.

    Damian Malliapalli

  11. I like to research into the Catholic Church in my spare time,and write for a traditionalist Catholic newspaper occasionally, as well as on Catholic internet sites. My latest interest in to research the decline of religious Orders ince Vatican II. It's massive.....but the surprise is that it slowed alittle during the last 10 years of JP II, and during all of Benedict XVI's reign, but has started up again with huge declines since 2013 and the election of Francis. I just did a research paper for a traditional Catholic newspaper in my spare time -which I don't have much of- (I'm a model and am always booked with photo shoots around the world, press ops, shows, promo tours for magazines, etc), but I took two months off to be with family for the holidays (Nov. 20-Jan 16) because I'm usually never there!
    But I just finished this piece for a Catholic newspaper and thought that my stats I found compliment this article. The article was about the decline of cloistered Orders (and others), since Francis, in Europe. The stats for Spain are among the worst, so here's a sample:
    Poor Clare Monasteries in Spain closed under JP II-Benedict XVI (2000-2013)-8
    under Francis (2013-present)= 20
    Discalced Carmelite Monasteries(nuns) JP II/BenedictXVI-7
    Francis (2013--) 12
    Dominicans(friars) JP II/Benedict XVI- 1
    Franciscans(friars, OFM) JP II/Benedict XVI- 9
    Francis(2013--) 18
    My list is a lot longer, but you get the point : )

    I think the agenda of Francis and his slugs like Bras de Aviz is to actually destroy religious life.
    The question is, are these nuns who attended this symposium with Bras de Aviz/Francis stupid enough to go along with all this? If they are and just accept it, then they deserve to go down.
    It is the aim of Francis and Bras de Aviz to destroy them. I hope many have the spirit and courage to say NO.

    Damian Malliapalli

  12. Never trust a priest who dyes his hair.

  13. My bad. My apologies. Hair no dyed... Very jealous now.

  14. In order to form this perfect one world socialist government of social interaction, women must be shown how to be liberated. It is known that Benedict removed Burke from St. Louis with a carrot in the Vatican. Burke trusted Benedict and was manipulated. I have emails from the chancery to prove this. You have hit the truth on the real agenda of Benedict. He made a political deal with Bergoglio and has always supported his agenda.


  15. They have attacked the Priesthood now the Consecrated Religious Sisters are next.

    Hollywood seems to be in tandem with the Vatican Infiltrators

    Eg. This past Halloween horror movie called ¨Nuns¨ with the full Religious Habit

    It was Braz de Aviv that chillingly asserted 70 new Religious Orders are under scrutiny.

    They will not rest till they destroy the Consecrated Life.

  16. @Peter W: Virginity and chastity are not synonymous. St. Augustine (De Virgin. viii) defines virginity as "illa continentia […] qua integritas carnis ipsi Creatori animae et carnis vovetur, consecratur, servatur. ['that continence whereby the integrity of the flesh is is vowed, consecrated, and kept for the Creator of the soul and of the flesh.']"

    The main issue with Ecclesiæ Sponsæ Imago is that it would exclude the Blessed Virgin from the order of virgins but not St. Mary Magdalene, who was not a virgin!

    Also, what do you think of St. Jerome writing to Eustochium: "I will say it boldly, though God can do all things He cannot raise up a virgin when once she has fallen."?

  17. Augustine taught that although physical virginity may no longer exist, virginity can be recovered spiritually or intentionally through vows of consecration. This is exactly what St Thomas Aquinas reaffirms. Read the full texts in context instead of being selective.

    As for Mary Magdalen, how do you know she was not a virgin, either physically or intentionally or are you relying on the shameful distortion of her identity when centuries after her death when she was confused with either the woman caught in adultery or the sinful woman who washed the feet of Jesus. The Church has condemned these identifications as wrong and unjust.

  18. Peter is either:
    1) A liberal Catholic priest/ex-priest, or an Episcopal priest
    2) A liberal Catholic scholar/professor (not necessarily of Theology....probably philosophy or maybe history).
    3). A liberal Catholic layman (business man,lawyer, doctor, etc.) who just has an unusual interest in these theological texts/examples.

    Very impressive, but too bad always used to try to justify/affirm the positions of Vatican II, and Francis and company. Very tiresome trying to justify Francis, Bras de Aviz, Vatican II etc, when the stats and the examples and the reality of everything cries the opposite is true.

    Damian Malliapalli

  19. She was a "hoe". Jesus the Christ gave her back her soul. Someone needs to retake Psychology 101 and note the differences in the effect of testosterone and estrogen on human personality development.

  20. Your claims to credibility and intellectual clout are conjecture, assertion, gossip and self-referential spruiking. All shallow stuff. You're way out of your depth.

  21. Under PF the religious sisters are "on the way" journeying, encountering the unknowable numinous one, that in the reality of mutable flux it partially gives insight through the inner subjectivity of the human person. In English that means that they can have an active sex life and still be a nun.

  22. Gerald, ever the one never to let the truth get in the way of a good distortion or, in this case a blatant lie.
    BTW, my previous comment was directed at the male model who knows a little bit about many things but nothing of depth about anything but the same applies to you. You're welcome.

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Thank you for so many examples of your "in deapth" analysis but ad hominem fallacies. It will provide some great material for my students next semester philosophy and logic classes. BTW try not to be so triggered when one is being facitious in describing the philosophical background of PF's theology, which has elements of Kant Ian epistemology and Hegellian metaphysics.

  25. You're not being 'facetious' about Pope Francis theology, you are actually demonstrating the shallowness of your understanding where he is actually leading the Church, of mainstream 'Catholicity' itself and the diverse richness of philosophical traditions that inform it. The steams of wild hyperbole, hysteria, aimless prolixity and baseless self-referentiality that you trot out could well be the subject of an appraisal your student might do on your performance.
    Read a decent book. It might be a novel experience.

    1. Have you actually read a book? You can be really insulting of those who don’t share your warmed over nominalism. I might feel slighted but you have, despite all of the opportunities to vent your prejudices, never once offered the slightest coherent justification for your high self-esteem and low regard for others.

      If you said anything positive about me, I’d be sure I was going down the wrong path.

    2. Peter W, Shakespeare insightfully described your type of bile drivel in Macbeth: "told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

  26. I can imagine there were more than a few eyes being rolled amongst those nuns. Talk is cheap, none more so than that given by the loosy goosy modernists who want to reinvent the wheel... because they think square wheels turn better!
    Mairin T

  27. @Peter W: You might want to exhale.

  28. @Peter W: "As for Mary Magdalen, how do you know she was not a virgin"? Because the Church does not use a Mass for virgins on her feast day. One needn't be a virgin to be a great saint like her.