Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Henry Sire Fights Back Against “Illegal” Dismissal

(Rome) Henry Sire, the British historian and author of the book "The Dictator Pope," was expelled from the Sovereign Order of Malta. The Briton wants to defend against this.

Marcantonio Colonna 

The decision was already in the air since Sire became known as the author of the book in the Spring. He himself had his identity revealed through the publisher of the English edition. The original edition in Italian was published under the pseudonym Marcantonio Colonna (for the Colonna family see here). For several months, there had been puzzlement about who was hiding behind this name. Some members of the Papal Entourage went mad with rage "hunting" for the author. A discussion on the contents of the book, however, has been avoided so far.

The core of the book is the reconstruction of the strategy of the inner-Church secret circle of St. Gallen, better known as the "Mafia of St. Gallen", to organize the ascent of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio to the chair of Peter. Another focus is the "climate of fear" that Pope Francis created at the Roman Curia to break any resistance to his agenda.

The pseudonym had also been carefully chosen by the Catholic aristocrat and historian. Marcantonio Colonna was the commander of the papal troops in the naval battle of Lepanto. The Catholic troops and sailors were victorious and were able to break Turkish supremacy to sea. The victory was the first step in repelling the Turkish advance into Europe. Supreme Commander in the battle was Juan d'Austria, a son of Emperor Charles V.

The Sovereign Order of Malta and its submission

The Order of Malta, to whom Sire devoted a chapter of his book because Pope Francis had forced the reigning prince and grandmaster, Fra Matthew Festing, to resign and suspended the historian's membership.

Henry Sire, author of "The Dictator Pope"

At the same time a disciplinary commission was established and an exclusion procedure against the author was initiated. Sire did not take any of his statements contained in the book and documented. Rather, additional translations have been published since the suspension, including a German edition. At, Sire published the text he wrote on the occasion of the publication of the German edition.

The new reigning prince and grandmaster, Fra Giacomo Dalla Torre, now completed the expulsion from the time-honored order of hospitals and knights, which will soon celebrate its thousandth anniversary. Critics such as Henry Sire, see the sovereignty of the Order as an independent subject of international law endangered by the ruthless and arbitrary actions of Pope Francis, as he had shown in the disempowerment of the legitimate Grand Master.

For the background of the deposition of Grand Master Festing see:

The behavior of the British historian in this context is considered "incompatible with membership in the Order".

Book a "necessary wake-up call"

Henry Sire is fighting against his exclusion, which is why he entrusted a law firm to introduce his disciplinary proceeding.

In a statement, he described the expulsion as "illegal" because the proceedings violated the applicable principles of the Order of Malta law. He also disagreed with the assertion of the current administration that he had been summoned to a hearing but had not appeared. That does not correspond to the facts. There had been an exchange of correspondence, but he was "never" summoned to a hearing. Also, witnesses have never been named or heard. [Some things never change.]

Sire sees in his book a "necessary wake-up call" and expresses the hope that "The Dictator Pope" will prevent the Cardinals from "making the same mistake in the next conclave". He wrote the book "for the good of the Church, in defense of the faith, and in obedience to his duty as a Christian to testify to the truth."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


  1. The Order of Malta is not what it once was anyway. The corrupt ones have made sure of that and have destroyed the holiness of its purpose. And, of course, there could be expected retaliation as the corrupt ones do not ever, ever "turn the other cheek" and they also have a long memory of past "insults".

  2. No doubt the additional publicity will boost sales of the book. I can vouch that it is a good read, and not too long. You can get it on Amazon.


  3. Did he actually write the book?

    Father Franz Schmidberger, SSPX, was very critical of the book.

    It is as if it was written by the enemies of the Church knowing the next Pope would
    have to act like a Dictator to correct the rocking boat.

    Wouldn´t it be ironic if he didn´t write the book and yet still kicked out of Malta?

  4. I read the book, very interesting and IMHO Sire is telling the truth.

  5. May God terminate the dictatorial pontificate of Francis soon.

  6. Dismissed for acting like a true Catholic knight. It shows that knighthood is more than a title.

  7. What a pack of precious little tin clad weekend warriors. No wonder the Saracens beat the crap out of your ancestors for centuries.

    1. Lol, your comment is like the little dogs that bark at the magnificence of the moon.

    2. Yep. Who can forget the great rout for Christendom that was Lepanto? If there had been a 16th Century version of Nostra Aetate, Catholic Europe would have welcomed the Turks with a brightly festooned flotilla weighed down with halva and fresh kebabs.

    3. True they have an honorable and noble record of service in the defense of Christendom.

    4. WOW. That's not very charitable.