Monday, November 5, 2018

Pope Says Criticizing Jews Unchristian — Anathematizes Saint John — Wants You Banned

Edit: once again, this evil Opus Dei Mouthpiece grovels for Bergoglio as he parrots a global line, demonizing anyone who criticizes Jews, anathematizing Saint Paul and probabably even declaring the Gospel of Saint John  Anathema, like Pro-Sodomy and Predator Cardinal Bernadin.  The crazy part is that while this man doesn’t care if you’re a heretic, he’ll excommunicate you from humanity for transgressing the divinity of the Jews.

Let us consult Nostra Aetate and recall that Bergoglio has almost nothing to say as Muslims are slaughtering and raping their way through the West.

The virtue signaling and mental gymnastics by the  anointed blogosphere is something to behold.

Here’s Bergoglio claiming that Jews can be saved in their false religion.

As people are calling E. Michael Jones an anti-Semite, and blaming him for the carnage, he reaponds by saying that it’s a point of Catholic doctrine to protect Jews from harm. 

See his video on line before the Jews remove it:

[Crux] ROME - Following one of the most brutal attacks on the Jewish community in the history of the United States, Pope Francis condemned anti-Semitic attitudes “present in our own times” and stressed the importance of religious freedom and interreligious dialogue.

“As I have often repeated, a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite; we share the same roots. It would be a contradiction of faith and life,” the pope said during a Nov. 5 audience with delegates of the World Congress of Mountain Jews on their first ever visit to the Vatican.

“Rather, we are called to commit ourselves to ensure anti-Semitism is banned from the human community,” he added.

Warning: criticizing Bergoglio on this point will invariably lead to you being doxed by Pro-Sodomite Patheos bloggers like Mark Shea.



Andrea Daley Utronebel said...

I guess that means we have to burn the New Testament. How unChristian of St. Paul to criticize the Jews.

Peter W said...

You don't have to wait to do that after you have conveniently fileted most of it already.

Peter W said...

We at least use higher criticism and the brilliant exegesis of Ray Brown to filet the toxic and unloving anathemas of St. Paul against gays.

Anonymous said...

What part of "if you do not believe that I am HE, you will die in your sins" (Jesus addressing the Jews, do they not understand?

Peter W said...

What I understand perfectly is your self-interested need to trot out the selective, proof-texting routine. Text without context is pretext. Learn it.

Anonymous said...

The context of Jesus’ own limited knowledge at that time, and the inscribed agenda of the Johannine author, doh.

Anonymous said...

I ignore everything that comes out of Pope Francis' mouth. There's no point getting aggravated over the agenda and views of that corrupt sob and his cohorts.
I used to comment about him and his positions, but now I just think that he and his people are such lowlife individuals that their views are not worth my time reading.

The one good thing is that he'll be gone, eventually. Hopefully soon. And so will his people.
Remember Obama? He was a radical who is pretty much reviled by most of the country now. I saw him on TV spouting off in favor of a Democrat running for the Senate. He was brought in because the Democrat was going down, and they thought Obama would bring out a crowd.
Wrong.....he attached 1/10th of the crowd Trump is attracting....and mostly minorities and Muslims, no one else. Most people repudiate him. It'll be the same with Francis when he's gone.

Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

I’m cataloguing it.

Simon Platt said...

"The real cause of the synagogue shootings: Israel" Really? For shame!

Constantine said...

Israel is hated by Satmar Orthodox. They admit it is against the Teachings. Israel is a Nazi state that believes in an antiChristian ideology. AntiChristian as well as antiOrthodox.

Anonymous said...

“No one can come to My Father, except Through Me.”

Jorge Bergoglio does not believe that Christ Has Revealed Through His Life, His Passion, and His Death On The Cross, that no Greater Love is there than this- to desire Salvation for one’s beloved. That is why they will know we are followers of The Christ, by our Love for one another.

If you believe that it is Loving and Merciful for you or your beloved to remain in your sin, and not desire to overcome your disordered inclinations, so that you are not led into temptation and sin, but become transformed through Salvational Love, God’s Gift of Grace and Mercy, you do not believe you need our Savior, Jesus The Christ.

It is not Loving or Merciful to desire Salvation for me, but not, for thee. Therein lies the crux of the matter in regards to a false ecumenism, that denies The Unity Of The Holy Ghost.
No one can come to The Father, except Through The Christ. It Is Through, With, and In Christ, In The Unity Of The Holy Ghost (Filioque), that Holy Mother Church exists.

Tancred said...

Simon Platt (Gaybrielle): it’s funny to see them gored by their own ox, isn’t it?

Constantine said...

The reason that the Ultra-Orthodox Satmar Jews do not support Israel is very interesting. The Talmud , they say, writes that every time the Israelites disopbeyed God, they lost their Temple, and Priesthood, and Country. Babylon, Egypt...etc, as PUNISHMENT FOR THE SINS COMMITTED BY THE ISRAELITIES.
The Israelities, according to Talmudic Law, and Orthodox Scholars, lost the priesthood and Temple and God-Appointed State this 3rd time because they are being punished again. Some Rabbinical Scholars argue that the sin committed was that TOO MANY ISRAELITIES fell into believing in Christ as Messiah!!!
The Israel of today, the Orthodox claim, is man-made and not permitted by God; an affront to the Just Punishment still in force by the Almighty, and man-made Israel, a result of presumption and arrogance. Except for the conclusion, that Christ is the Messiah, the theological line of thinking is almost identical.
Bergoglio shares in that presumption and arrogance of the Zionists.

Tom A. said...

Yes Francis will one day be gone, but what will not be gone is the poison of modernism that has infected the Church. The next Pope will not teach the True Catholic Faith. He will teach the Vatican 2 faith with all its errors.

JBQ said...

@Peter W: Now we see the reasoning for your radical agenda.