Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Pope Benedict: "A mission to the Jews is not planned and not necessary."

Benedict XVI. defends himself against insult by the Catholic theologian Michael Böhnke: "Judaism and Christianity stand for two ways of interpreting Scripture"

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Benedict XVI. has defended  himself in a letter in the latest edition of the Herder correspondence against a disparaging remark by the Catholic theologian Michael Böhnke from Wuppertal. Böhnke had some time ago attacked the emeritus Pope Benedict XVI. with incredible sharpness because of a contribution on the theology of Judaism. So said Böhnke, who had signed the controversial anti-Rome memorandum in 2011, that these theses of Benedict contradict the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and the Christian-Jewish dialogue. The dogmatist said in a contribution to the "Münster Forum for Theology and the Church": "With a christocentric aligned federal theology, which first pluralizes the covenant of God with Israel, then makes it dynamic and finally relativized, and then points to an exclusively interpretive christology. In spite of all the protestations to the contrary, anti-Judaism, believed to be overcome by Nostra Aetate 4, will only be chronologically continued and cemented.”

"What Michael Böhnke wrote is grotesque nonsense and has nothing to do with what I said." Benedict writes, as the "Süddeutsche" reports. Therefore, he rejects this article as a "false assumption" to the highest degree. "For the emeritus Pope, it is not about mission, but about dialogue." Judaism and Christianity stand for two ways of interpreting the Scriptures, "he writes and recalls that for Christians, the promises to Israel are the hope of the Church. Those who cling to it in no way question the foundations of the Judeo-Christian dialogue."

"A mission to the Jews is not planned and not necessary." emphasizes Benedict and justifies this with the fact that, although the missionary mission is universal, there is an exception in Judaism because they alone knew the 'unknown God' among all peoples. Therefore, one must only have a dialogue with Israel and the Jews, who is the "Son of God".

Edit:  "A mission to the Jews is not planned and not necessary,” said no Church Father ever.

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  1. Wow!!! That’s an amazing admission by Benedict.

    I guess the Neo-Pharisee Talmudists/Kabbalists are NOT included in Jesus Christ’s salvific mission??

    WOW....WOW...WOW....how far Rome has fallen!!!

  2. yeah...suuuuuure Benedict wrote that. With a big red crayon no doubt.

    begoglio is getting very very sloppy.

  3. A little digging on line confirms the horror that this is not a new (or Bergoglian) opinion for Benedict.


  4. Why did Christ come into the world? To save us from a fate worse than death and open the gates of heaven. But apparently, it's not vital to enter through the Door of the Sheepfold. How does anyone find this alternative route? Beats me but I'm pretty sure it's not reached via the West Bank, along the Gaza Strip or by abseiling down the Golan Heights.

  5. So far from the predictable knuckle-draggers in the peanut gallery, all that is offered is another bellicose spray against the abrogated Benedict Ratzinger. The source of the outrage and ongoing hostility is not so much in reaction to what he is alleged to have written about dialogue with the Jews but because he resigned and separated himself from the ludicrous role, thrust upon him by the presumptuous Trads/conservatives, namely that he represented the last hope for the 'orthodoxy' they claim to preserve.

    Bravo Benedetto.

    1. What’s ludicrous are your low-information contributions.

  6. How about these 'high-information' contributions from Bubu's half brother, Wolf Boy and Yeehaw the deranged hillbilly:

    Blogger Wolverine said...

    Wow!!! That’s an amazing admission by Benedict.

    "I guess the Neo-Pharisee Talmudists/Kabbalists are NOT included in Jesus Christ’s salvific mission??

    WOW....WOW...WOW....how far Rome has fallen!!!"

    November 27, 2018 at 5:41 AM

    Anonymous susan said...

    "yeah...suuuuuure Benedict wrote that. With a big red crayon no doubt.

    begoglio is getting very very sloppy"


  7. Benedict has always been a liberal, so what?

  8. Peter W said...

    Knuckle draggers in the peanut gallery...

    Deranged hillbilly....

    Ad hominem much ???

    If you are serious and wish to explore the truth about Judaism then I would suggest you spend some time learning from the likes of revisionist historians such as Michael Hoffman who do an outstanding job of presenting truth (ugly as it is) without concern for the politically correct culture we live in.


  9. I suggest you read Paul to the Romans in conjunction with the Gospels, particularly Matthew and John. Move on to Ignatius of Antioch, Justin Martyr, the Shepherd of Hermas and Cyprian of Carthage. They'll provide proximate context then read some decent modern commentaries. You might get an education which, it is clear, you lack. The 'Wow' is always a sure give away.

    1. I can rattle off a series of names without comprehension or citations just like you do.

      Once again, you are, anaxios.

  10. What is objectively wrong with Benedict's observation that Jews and Christians view the Scriptures differently? If Jews read the Old Testament as Christians do, they would become Christians. Most likely Latin Mass Catholics, for that matter, for a number of historical reasons

  11. Well done Barnum. A man who believes in arguing reason over knee jerk reactiveness.

  12. The truth of the matter is that Jews don’t read the Old Testament they read the oral traditions (Talmud) and mystic traditions (Kabbalah) of the Old Testament which are 180 degrees in opposition to the followers of Christ who read the Old Testament through the lens of the New Testament.

    If Benedict and others think that leaving the spiritual descendants of the Pharisees in their hellish delusions is Christ’s will then that’s their choice. I personally believe the Scriptures and Tradition are quite clear...

    Catholic Study Bible

    Romans 1:16

    16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel: it is the power of God for salvation to every one who has faith, to the Jew first and also to the Greek.

    John Chrysostom’s eight sermons to his congregation Adversus Judaism (Against the Jews)


  13. Does Scripture need a Health Warning disclaimer? : 'The whole Bible needs a health warning to read it through the right critical lens and in historical context.'

    Jewish leaders propose that new editions of the Bible and Koran contain trigger warnings underscoring anti-Semitic passages- Sott.net


  14. “No one can come to My Father except Through Me.”

    Although, hopefully, there will be a multitude who, like the Good Thief, at the moment of their death, will recognize Christ in all His Glory, and come late to The Fold; Outside Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, there is no Salvation. It is Through, With, and In Christ, In The Unity Of The Holy Ghost (Filioque), that Holy Mother Church exists.


  15. “Ratzinger makes it seem as though the New Testament were merely one possible interpretation and application of the Old Testament, one that Christians have decided to embrace but the (apostate) Jews have not. He outrageously insinuates that either view is equally valid...

    This is Joseph Ratzinger, ladies and gentlemen! This is Pope Benedict XVI, so beloved by all those too disgusted with Francis...

    Remember that Christ Himself scolded the Pharisees for their stubborn unbelief, for their refusal to accept the clear scriptural testimony concerning Him: “And you have not his word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent, him you believe not. Search the scriptures, for you think in them to have life everlasting; and the same are they that give testimony of me. And you will not come to me that you may have life” (Jn 5:38-40)...

    Of course, if one can legitimately read the Old Testament as not pointing to Jesus of Nazareth as the Messias, then there is no obligation to convert to Catholicism, which then becomes nothing more than an opinion — and all that remains for Catholics and Jews to do, at best, is to “dialogue” about their differences. Which is exactly what Ratzinger suggests...

    Do not allow yourself to be fooled: Ratzinger is a Modernist through and through, no less than Jorge Bergoglio; he is just more polished and cultured than his successor.”


  16. Beware of a Wold Boy pissing holy water and delivering appallingly dreadful homilies.

  17. “Let Us Make man in Our Image.” - The Most Holy And Undivided Blessed Trinity

    “What Michael Böhnke wrote is grotesque nonsense”, certainly does not sound like Pope Benedict. Perhaps once The Consecration to Russia is done exactly as Our Blessed Mother requested, there will be a mass conversion. Until then, Pray for the conversion of the Jews, both individually and as a people.

  18. It's the USA that needs to be converted especially the culture of US Catholic Church. It's in deep schism from the rest of the Catholic Church.

  19. "Pissing holy water", now that gives your opinions validity. "I have not come to destroy the Old Law but to fulfill it". What was the Jewish opinion about "sex outside marriage"? Amoris Laetitia would appear to sanction it whether it be fornication, adultery, or sodomy.

  20. Anyone who places more faith in the third secret of Fatima and the ramblings of Malachi Martin, a sede-vacantist junkie and adulterer would have great difficulty reading anything of substance in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
    Go back to your conspiracy theories. They're so predictable and require no brain power or capacity to analyse whatsoever.

  21. You do realize you have just cognitively described yourself, don't you, Gaybriel?

  22. Barnum, I thought you had regained some mental stability and psychological equilibrium after the extended treatment in Rehab. It is now clear that it has all come to naught. Get more help immediately.

    BTW, who is Gaybriel?

  23. Didn’t Our Lord preach to and convert Jews? Conciliar nonsense is what it is to do otherwise. One does not need theological training or great erudition to figure it out.

  24. Read Matthew's Gospel, Paul to the Romans and then Nostra Aetate. It will be an illuminating experience.

  25. Talk about a fight I don't have a dog in.

  26. Peter, you should read the Council of Florence. You may find it enlightening. ‘Firmly believes, professes, and proclaims that those not living within the Catholic Church, not only pagans, but also Jews, heretics and schismatic cannot become participants in eternal life’ (to paraphrase the rest), unless they become sacramentally integrated in the Church before death. The Church didn’t start in 1969.

  27. Nostra Aetate rejects that history and culture bound Christ-less Christianity. You might even open up the Acts of the Apostles to read about how the first Jewish Christians gathered 'in Council' at Jerusalem a few years after Pentecost to form their evangelical policy for the outreach to their Jewish sisters and brothers. That's when the Church started.

    Florence and its ilk were little more than expressions of narrow Euro-centric ecclesiastical 'nationalism.'

  28. Ah, now I understand. You’re not even a Catholic. Makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.