Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Israeli Government Confiscating Church Land — Council of Jerusalem Churches Threatens to Close Church of Holy Sepulcher

Edit: one of the most persuasive pieces of evidence pointing to the truth of the Catholic Church, for my part, is the pervasive and ancient hostility of the Synagogue to the will of God. Time and time again, they betrayed their covenant with the Lord, and time and time again, the Lord offered them relief from the just punishments they had received for their transgressions. Today is no different. The Jews have the opportunity to do penance and count themselves as true Christians. The pearl of great price!

[Middle East Monitor] The Council of Jerusalem Churches has achieved a new victory against the Israeli government, with an “unprecedented number of US churches condemn[ing] Israeli attempts to confiscate church lands,” a Council statement – a copy of which was sent to MEMO – said on Friday.
The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, who heads the Council of Jerusalem Churches has toured the USA and EU countries to lobby against an Israeli law – known as the “Properties Bill” – which was recently advanced in the Knesset to target church property.
Following the tour, a group of US churches sent a letter to the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo condemning the Israeli move, the statement said. The US churches wrote in their letter: “The extent to which the Jerusalem Patriarchs and Heads of Churches consider this legislation to be an existential threat cannot be overstated”.
The letter added:
When the bill was first introduced this past February, the Heads of Churches protested by closing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in a historic act of solidarity. In response, eighteen religious leaders in the US, representing a diverse spectrum of Christianity, wrote to [US] President Trump expressing the need to protect the vulnerable Christian community in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. Mr Secretary, all efforts must be made so that a similar crisis may be avoided.
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JBQ said...

Radical ethnic Jews murdered the Christ. Their spawn killed some 60 million in Russia while the Western Church turned its head as the just comeuppance for heretics. Israel is not the best of situations for the Holy Land. Multitudes of Islam surround the area waiting for a chance to destroy it.

Anonymous said...

However, Jesus said to Maria Valtorta, two years before Israel was created/invented: "They will gather for a few years, but it shall not last".

Anonymous said...

Pope, Press and the Vatican are eeriely silent about this. Talk about censorship.
Fox News, RT, Al Jeereza? Silence. Catholic Press? Cowards

You can thank Pope Francis none of this could have happened without his help.

Peter W said...

Synagogue of Satan, Talmudic Jews, have their own state. What did we expect?

Peter W said...

This is yet another beat up. The Israeli High Court has a track record of upholding the Status Quo agreement dating back to the Ottoman empire which guarantees the exempt status of the traditional religious communities such as the Latins, Greeks, Armenians and Copts as well as their sites.
When the Israeli government attempted a number of years ago to tax the old Assumptionist house on the border of West and East Jerusalem the Vatican took the matter to the High Court. It ruled in favor of the Vatican on the basis that its claim in Canon Law had priority over Israeli law in this matter.
The Israelis are smart enough to know that if they sink their tax claws into the traditional religious communities, the negative impact on their tourist economy could be catastrophic.

Tancred said...

Showing your allegiance to the Synagogue.

Peter W said...

The allegiance is to common sense and the rule of law not to sectional interest ideology and sensationalism.

Tancred said...

Actually, there’s nothing sensational about it. Just regular old theft.

Constantine said...

People only have dignity to the degree they respect the Church founded on the True God. There are objectively no such thing as Rights. Rights are subjective arrangements invented by either manipulated majorities, strong-willed people. The former applies to you. The later to the Israelis and their lobbies and military power and influence. Objectively speaking, we know, not just believe from miracles and witnesses that Christ is God.We know, objectively the resentment ultra-orthodox religious Talmudists, have for Israel.
Why are you pushing for a State hostile to God from the point of view of ultra-Orthodox Talmudists, Muslims, and orthodox Christians? Why are you siding with pro-Enlightenment secular humanists?

Geremia said...

What's a letter to Trump going to do when he already sold-out to Zionists, relocating the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem?

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge they have effectively shut it down.

Christian Pilgrims and Tourists are upset.