Monday, October 8, 2018

Schönstatt Bishop in Germany Accused of Sexual Abuse

An archbishop from Chile, who has been living in the German Schoenstatt Center for 15 years, allegedly abused several children

Vallender ( Now the Schoenstatt Movement is being drawn into the Church’s abuse scandal wave. According to information from "Deutsche Welle", an archbishop from Chile has been accused of having abused at least one protégé in Germany. The bishop has been living in Vallendar near Koblenz in the spiritual center of the Schoenstatt Movement for more than 15 years. According to the press report, German justice is now investigating the 84-year-old cleric. This was confirmed by the Superior General of the Schoenstatt Movement. It should be about multiple cases of abuse. According to "Deutsche Welle", a trial is currently pending at the Vatican Congregation of the Faith.



Anonymous said...

Whether this accusation is true or not watch how Pope Francis will now beat Schönstatt
Community to a pulp like so many other. He never wastes an opportunity...wait isn´t that what the Brazilian Cardinal Aviz said?

Anonymous said...

SchönstattS are very Marian and ¨excessive¨ Devotion to Mary bother the effeminate ones.
Cardinal Braz de Aviz: "Throwing a watchful eye on new ecclesiastical realities"