Monday, October 8, 2018

It’s Christopher Columbus Day in USA — Celebrate

Edit: the Great Liguorian should be celebrated. Even in the USA he is celebrated, for the time being. This is from Leo XIII’s Encyclical, Quarto Abeunte Saeculo.

   To Our Venerable Brethren, the Archbishops and Bishops of Spain, Italy, and the two Americas.

Now that four centuries have sped since a Ligurian first, under God's guidance, touched shores unknown beyond the Atlantic, the whole world is eager to celebrate the memory of the event, and glorify its author. Nor could a worthier reason be found where through zeal should be kindled. For the exploit is in itself the highest and grandest which any age has ever seen accomplished by man; and he who achieved it, for the greatness of his mind and heart, can be compared to but few in the history of humanity. By his toil another world emerged from the unsearched bosom of the ocean: hundreds of thousands of mortals have, from a state of blindness, been raised to the common level of the human race, reclaimed from savagery to gentleness and humanity; and, greatest of all, by the acquisition of those blessings of which Jesus Christ is the author, they have been recalled from destruction to eternal life. Europe, indeed, overpowered at the time by the novelty and strangeness of the discovery, presently came to recognize what was due to Columbus, when, through the numerous colonies shipped to America, through the constant intercourse and interchange of business and the ocean-trade, an incredible addition was made to our knowledge of nature, and to the commonwealth; whilst at the same time the prestige of the European name was marvelously increased. Therefore, amidst so lavish a display of honor, so unanimous a tribute of congratulations, it is fitting that the Church should not be altogether silent; since she, by custom and precedent, willingly approves and endeavors to forward whatsoever she see, and wherever she see it, that is honorable and praiseworthy. It is true she reserves her special and greatest honors for virtues that most signally proclaim a high morality, for these are directly associated with the salvation of souls; but she does not, therefore, despise or lightly estimate virtues of other kinds. On the contrary, she has ever highly favored and held in honor those who have deserved well of men in civil society, and have thus attained a lasting name among posterity. For God, indeed, is especially wonderful in his Saints—"mirabilis in Sanctis suis;" but the impress of His Divine virtue also appears in those who shine with excellent power of mind and spirit, since high intellect and greatness of spirit can be the property of men only through their parent and creator, God.



Anonymous said...

As a Native American I cannot support the genocidal Cristopher Columbus.

But I'm consistent: I wear traditional indian clothing including feathers, beads, leather. Kind of challenging dressing like that at my office, but makes it easier for the pat-down if I had to get through TSA.

I know. The clothing we see these days are directly descended styles from European/Western culture. Those Euro/Western styles are more practical, better quality etc.

I also ride a horse and don't use modern Euro/Western forms of transportation. Makes it hard to see family living on the Res' in Nebraska about 800 miles away. But I get there and back after a few weeks.

I also eschew Euro/Western medicine. When I get sick, give me a good ol' witch doctor blowing smoke over my sick body, or dancing around loudly while I'm trying to get some rest. There have been three times when I was deathly ill and you Euro/Westerners FORCED me to take antibiotics. Sure, I would have died otherwise, but I am still not grateful.

I also reject Euro/Western learning. I know from my indian culture that The Great Spirit teaches me all I need to know. However, I got to make a living too and my job in a hateful Euro/Western corporation has paid nicely for my teepee....errrr….my 4 bedroom McMansion which allows me to live like you Euro/Westerners in comfort and safety.


Tancred said...

Hail Cobra! Lol

Unknown said...

You shouldn't be riding a horse either. The Spanish introduced the horse to the Americas. Start walking. 😁


Camper said...

Nice Anthony! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

I reject indigenous people's day, because of the evil genocidal murders of human sacrificial victims, and the Native American practice of slavery. Thanks be to God, Columbus made the New World known to the Spanish, who ended these evil Indian atrocities.

Tancred said...

Christopher Columbus was a saint as far as I’m concerned.