Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Jan Sobieski Before the Gates of Vienna 1683

King Jan Sobieski before the Gates of Vienna on September 12th, 1683, following his
glorious victory

Edit: things have been dark before and our enemies are many and powerful. There are traitors within, but we have won before woth God’s help and our true friends.

The Turk is now within the gates!



Trad101 said...

Today the EU and much of Europe is controlled by our implacable enemies, both secular and spiritual. If King John Sobieski were alive today the EU would attempt to prosecute him as a war criminal for defending Christianity and national borders. They are attempting to do that to Victor Orban, the prime minister of Hungary.
A tip for visitors to Vienna; take the tram ride up to the Kahenburg heights, where there is a little chapel in which the king prayed and served at Mass before calling a council of war attended by all the princes and commanders.

JBQ said...

Malachi Martin wrote of the return to paganism. Of course, that is what is happening.