Friday, August 10, 2018

Position on Immigration is Leading to Decline in Pope’s Popularity

(Rome) The popularity of Pope Francis decreases because of the immigration problem. This was the result of a poll published on 6th August by the Italian daily La Repubblica. The Church leader has secured the approval of a globalist establishment, but is losing popular support.

The ruling Pope has traditionally enjoyed the highest prestige in Italy. This also applies to Pope Francis. He is still the most popular figure on the Apennine peninsula. His approval ratings, however, are on the decline. The reason for this is his demand for unrestricted immigration. Since 1 June, Francis has been in open contrast with the new Five-Star Movement and Lega, which has declared zero tolerance for illegal immigration. The poll confirmed what the recent parliamentary elections in Italy have already proven: the left and right-wing political forces that dominated the country over the past 25 years, symbolized by Silvio Berlusconi (center-right) and Matteo Renzi (center-left), are "Out". The events are currently dominated by the two parties of the current government coalition and their top representatives Luigi di Maio (Five Star Movement) and Matteo Salvini (Lega).

La Repubblica is the leading, left and only daily newspaper, which Pope Francis reads regularly according to his own report. The survey was conducted by the opinion and market research institute Demos Coop.

"Francis pays for his defense of migrants"

When Pope Francis was elected in March 2013, he reached his highest popularity in Italy with 88 percent. Today, only 71 percent see his activities as positive.

This development has even been revealed among the regular churchgoers, for it is among them as a matter of course, to show fundamental sympathy for the Pope. Among the regular churchgoers, general sympathy fell by ten percent, among occasional churchgoers by 12 percent and among non-practicing Italians by 17 percent to only 45 percent (2018).

In other words, Francis also fails to win the circles who are far from the Church, to which he pays particular attention and constantly sends signals from the Church..

The alienation also affects the youth. In the age group of 15-24 year olds Francis reaches only sympathy values ​​of 58 percent. As the main reason for this loss of approval La Repubblica identified the attitude of the Pope toward mass immigration to Europe. The newspaper therefore headlined:

"Francis’ loss of popularity, who pays for the defense of migrants".

The well-known sociologist Ilvo Diamanti, who analyzed the survey results for La Repubblica, writes:

"The decline in popularity reflects the fears of demographic change".

Since Francis seeks the conflict on the subject of immigration, he provokes resentment. No profit from the pontificate of Francis seems to be able to be drawn from the Church, whose approval levels are falling parallel to those of Francis.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Repubblica (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Ana Milan said...

Surprised he has any following in Rome. Maybe another Poster Campaign is required.

JBQ said...

Francis is a radical socialist and supporter of Liberation Theology. The movement of large groups of immigrants, mostly Islamic, is part of his plan to water down traditional Catholicity in Italy and to move toward a one world religion.---I spent six months on board a Navy cruiser homeported out of Naples. We made a number of port calls in Sicily which is where the immigrants are coalescing. Sicily has a history of Muslim occupation. Francis has made statements about Islam being a parallel religion.----The nature of Islam is very anti woman. Could it be that the "gay friendly regime" of Pope Francis is also anti woman? You would then have a perfect match and a reason for the acceptance of radical beliefs.

Anonymous said...

I have always commented here that Francis is very unpopular in Rome. He is even hated by large segments of the Italian population. They despise him in Castelgandolfo, where Popes always used to vacation at the Papal summer palace. I know firsthand from friends in Rome that many young priests across Italy dislike him, but love Benedict XVI and the memory of JPII. More and more people in Italy are learning what he really is, a radical liberal dissenting heretic. And his popularity is crashing accordingly.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Checkmate. You are exactly right about the dirty little secret that homosexuals despise women.

James said...

I’d rather have a mitre on a plate of spaghetti as the pope than liberal, dictator Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

Doesn´t help when he snarkly mocks Italians ¨If you want to be happy eat pasta¨ as he walks to Santa Marta for a plate of kosher food.