Saturday, July 21, 2018

Radical Vatican About to Take Vengeance on Father Stefano Manelli

[]Sanctions against Father Stefano Manelli, 85, the founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, are imminent, writes Marco Tosatti (July 21). Manelli’s order languishes under a Vatican commissioner since July 2013.

The reasons for this crack down, never explained by the Vatican, are evident: for the present Vatican nomenclature, the Friars are “too Catholic”.

According to Tosatti, a document containing sanctions against Manelli, authored by the Congregation for the Religious, is currently on Francis' table.

After the sanctions are imposed, the Vatican will push for a General Chapter. The plan is to change the Friars' constitutions and to abolish the vow of consecration to the Immaculate and the vow of poverty. The latter has created a situation in which all material goods of the friars belong to lay-people. The Vatican has tried in vain to get hold of this patrimony but lost all juridical battles in Italian courts.

Therefore, the Vatican tried to use Father Manelli in order to put pressure on the assets' owners. After this failed, it seems, Francis wants to punish Manelli which reveals Francis’ strange sense of justice.

One of the leading Vatican bureaucrates who fights against the Friars is Archbishop José Rodríguez Carballo OFM, the secretariy of the Congregation for the Religious, a Francis intimate, who was one of the main protagonists of the huge financial scandal hitting the Franciscans (OFM) in December 2014. The scandal was quickly hushed up.

Because Carballo is a radical-liberal, nobody touched him, on the contrary, Francis promoted him to become an archbishop.



Anonymous said...

Surely those Monks, rather than obey these Devils, must flee them to the sanctuary of the SSPX

Gianpietro Russo said...

I think that Afghanistan would be the ideal country for the Friars to draw on the richness and power of the New Evangelization. The people there are hungering for their ministry.

JBQ said...

It's the French Revolution all over again.

Litacanaman said...

God help us

Tancred said...

Lead the way paisan.

Anonymous said...

Kyrie eleison!

Anonymous said...

If this wasn't so pathetic, it would be hilarious.
The more Pope Francis and his slugs in the Cong. for Religious (Cardinal Aviz, Archbishop Carballo, etc) go after traditional Catholic religious Orders, or institute changes in policy that are aimed at hurting traditional Catholic religious life, it backfires on them badly.
Fr, Stefano is greatly loved in Italy, and he has enormous support and sympathy for what he and his Order have been made to suffer. On the other hand, Francis is largely disliked in Italy, across the board among traditional and even only lukewarm Catholics. There is a strong element of dislike for him, and his style of papacy. And his people.
So the more they do this kind of thing, the more they are hated. And not only in Italy. Would be funny if it was not so sad, and evil and sick.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

The "vision" of Pope Francis is becoming more and more defined. Conscience is primary and rules are constricting. Man is basically good and there is no original sin.---I look to a family get together yesterday with my niece and her husband. He is Puerto Rican and she is Mexican-German-Irish. They have three children. In the words of Raymond Cardinal Burke, they are a "little church".---The children are looking to mom and dad for guidance. There is no collegiality. The oldest girl is heading into tenth grade. The next girl is going into sixth grade. The boy is already in pre school. Dad works full time in wealth management and mom works part time.---The family lives in Los Angeles and I see them about every two years. The children attend a good school district near UCLA. Both parents are from the cradle of divorce. Both are very good parents.---Pope Francis is the "father of a world family". Obviously, changes were needed to the world structure and the inclusion of all families. Pope Benedict could not "handle the load" and turned the job over to a more visionary leader. Sadly with all of his good intentions, the devil walked in with him.

Ana Milan said...

I believe that PBXVI will have to come clean about his semi abdication which has left us with a dual papacy, half of which is threatening the FSSP & the entire CC with extinction. Has a semi pope the same power as a properly elected solo pope? Why don't we hear from ++s Burke, Sarah & Müller about the extraordinary position the OHC&A Church has been reduced to by PF & his Masonic/Modernist/Sodomist gang of thieves?

Anonymous said...

"Why don't we hear from ++s Burke, Sarah & Müller about the extraordinary position the OHC&A Church has been reduced to by PF & his Masonic/Modernist/Sodomist gang of thieves?"

Because they are all mouth and no action....cowards.
The press, and the faithful traditional (or at least ordinary Catholics with a sense of outrage regarding all this), will have to do it. Dig deep. Ferret out the dirt on these people....which apparently is already being gets worse with revelations on McCarrick etc. every day.
Bottom line is Francis can't run, or cower in a corner and let someone else take the blame...or have his Info. office and mouthpiece Greg Burke try to explain it all away.
Pray it gets bigger every day...enough that Francis can't function as legit Pope, and decides to call it quits and run away. (Like Benny XVI did).
Damian Malliapalli