Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pope Calls Divine Wrath Upon Sandinista Thugs

Pope responds to an attack by Sandinista troops against the nuncio and bishops in Nicaragua -

Edit: the Church is no stranger to hostility from the Communist Sandanista regime. And none of the news stories I see are covering the Communism angle and the apparent end of the romance.

Managua ( On Monday, in Nicaragua, in an attack by pro-government thugs on the Cardinal of Managua, the apostolic nuncio and several bishops, including Managua suffragan bishop Silvio Baez, were injured. Demonstrators against dictator Ortega and his wife's government, who were attacked by Sandinista paramilitary groups, retreated to the Basilica of San Sebastian in Diriamba. When the bishops learned of the fate of those trapped there, they immediately went to Diriamba to prevent further violence. In front of the basilica they were attacked by the group loyal to the government. Among the bishops was also the representative of the Pope, Nuncio Archbishop Waldemar Stanislaw.

The Pope has now reacted sharply to the attack. As oppositional media reports, Ortega received a pontifical letter from the Pope, including: "God will take justice from above, but I as his representative will do it from the earth."

More than 300 people have been killed in the clashes between demonstrators and Ortega Sandinista forces.

Nicaragua: Government-friendly thugs attack bishops and the apostolic nuncio

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JBQ said...

Mayor Bill DeBlasio has a history of service with the Jesuits in Nicaragua when Ortega was president previously. The mayor of New York City is biding his time until he can bring the same turmoil to New York City. There is already a move to rid the environment of Timothy Cardinal Dolan. "Nighty, night" Tobin is sitting across the Hudson in Newark like a vulture.---Ortega had a number of priests in his administration. We have a pontiff who is from a background of Liberation Theology. Can he really be that surprised at the turn of events in Managua especially with a Polish pro nuncio? ---Pope Francis is adept at the use of dichotomy and the playing of one group off against another. This violence against the Church is not surprising. What is surprising is the "hint of surprise" on the part of our left wing pontiff.

Unknown said...

Very well and good! But, now will PF also send this letter to the Islamic extremists who are terrorizing, raping and murdering our fellow Christians, and Yazidis, in the middle east?

Constantine said...

The Islamic violence is unjustified. But in a way I could understand them as seeing themselves as a kind of Cristero. They don't see the distinction between Cristian infidel and Liberal Masonic secularist. They see the secularist as a Christian, becaue, quite frankly they still are nominally Christian. They see the Christian as the West promoting feminism, abortion, gay rights, and anticlerical. They dont see the anticlerical person as anti-Christian, but as another branch of democratic humanism that sprang out of the Christian Enlightenment culture that assumes humans have some kind if dignity in front of God. The Enlightenment separated Christ from this alleged dignity, but still continues to force others to accept this dignity, regardless of its politically-correct understanding of what this dignity consists of, or is derived from.