Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Paderborn Priest Circle Opposes Bishop’s Heretical Proposal for Protestant Communion

“It is part of the nature of Protestantism not to have the full Catholic faith in the Eucharist" - "In a real emergency, the Protestant would first have to be led to the sacrament of penance"

Paderborn ( Paderborn's "Priests Circle Communio Veritatis" comments critically on the decision of the Archbishop of Paderborn, Hans-Josef Becker, to "familiarize himself intensively with the controversial DBK orientation guide and act responsibly in accordance with pastoral care." Becker had allowed that Protestant Christians in confessional marriages receive permission to receive the Catholic Eucharist under certain conditions, has reported. documents the statement of the "Priests Circle Communio Veritatis" in full length:

The Priests Circle Communio Veritatis has intensively dealt with an affront by Archbishop Becker, who wants to make possible the  reception of Communion for Protestant partners in a non-confessional marriages in so-called individual cases.

We note unanimously that this directive is unacceptable.

Our association explains the following:

1. Basically, "To receive Holy Communion, one must be fully integrated into the Catholic Church and be in the state of grace" (CCC 291).

2. In the encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia by St. John Paul II we read:  "The rejection of one or more of the truths of the faith about these sacraments [...] means that the petitioner is not disposed for its rightful reception" (Ed. 46). It is part of the nature of Protestantism not to have the full Catholic faith in the Eucharist.

3. With regard to Canon 844 § 4 CIC, no diocesan bishop can declare the situation in a mixed-confessional marriage a serious emergency in order to facilitate inter-communion. (Cardinal Brandmüller, referring to the seriousness of the plight, said that "the canon relates to extreme situations such as war, persecution, deportation and natural disasters" (, 25.6.2018).

4. Canon 844 § 4 of the Catholic Canon Law provides for the reception of Communion by a non-Catholic Christian, among other things, the necessary condition that a dispenser of their own community can not be present.

5. The right disposition described in Number 1401 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church necessarily implies the absence of grave sin. From this it follows that the Protestant in a real emergency would first have to be led to the sacrament of penance.

6. Regarding eternal salvation, there are, in very rare exceptional cases, the possibility of allowing individual non-Catholic Christians to the sacrament of penance, the Anointing of the sick, and the Eucharist. This presupposes, however, that certain exceptional situations characterized by exact conditions (see above 2 to 5) - whereby all points must apply - are given. It is the duty of everyone to be faithful to them (see Pope Benedict XVI, Sacramentum Caritatis, 56).

The Priestly Circle Communio Veritatis remains determined to serve Jesus Christ faithfully in all things and the continuing Magisterium of the Catholic Church for the salvation of souls.

Paderborn Cathedral - View of the impressive Romanesque westwork

Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

There is an agenda and there is plenty of "bait and switch" to see that it is brought to fruition.

Ana Milan said...

This must be pertinacious heresy which can no longer be ignored by the Dubia Cardinals & their silent supporters. PF is now peddling his heterodox opinions through mainly sodomite-controlled Synods of Bishops in order to break up the Unity of the OHC&A Church. I am tired of reading excuses & volumes on the wrong-headedness of PF which we all understand, but where is Plan B & the visible & so necessary formal debunking of all these heresies, sacrileges, scandals & blasphemies we have had continuously thrown in our faces for the past five years? The formal correction was to have been made nineteen months ago but apparently those proposing such a course have got very cold feet & the zeal for upholding Catholic Doctrine appears to have evaporated. Even the SSPX who reportedly had eighty Cardinals on side, have gone eerily silent. Do they not realise their silence is viewed as complicity by the faithful?

Jim Clancy said...

Econe is the natural home of both you serial belly aches!

John Collins said...

The admission to Communion of the non-Catholic partner in a mixed marriage has been standard practice in many parts of the Church for over forty years. The policy has always been monitored and under limited condition. The non-Catholic partner has always been required to demonstrate that they believe Catholic teaching on the meaning of the Mass and the Eucharist.

Aussietomt said...

...and is that requrement just a nod and a wink to confirm their belief.
No confession, so how do they confirm their belief. Over a cup of tea and a scone apparently.

TLM said...

It's a Trojan Horse if ever I saw one. This is a ploy to welcome 'all' to the 'table' regardless of their belief in the Eucharist, regardless of their belief in the true presence or in the Mass, or of confessing their sins. These men don't believe in the Eucharist, why should they expect anyone else to? To them, this is ONLY a MEAL to SHARE. What a sham.

Unknown said...

Anybody can jump in the Communion line. How is this really a big deal?

JBQ said...

@TLM: You hit the nail dead center. There are rumors out of Germany that a Mass is being prepared without the Consecration.

John Collins said...

Among the very oldest of all the Eucharistic prayers and still in use today in the Chaldean and Syriac Rites is the Anaphora of Addai and Mari. There are no 'words of consecration' or words of institution in this very ancient (2nd- 3rd Century) Eucharistic prayer. Its validity was reaffirmed by JP II when challenged by certain liturgists.

Anonymous said...

"Among the very oldest of all the Eucharistic prayers and still in use today in the Chaldean and Syriac Rites is the Anaphora of Addai and Mari. There are no 'words of consecration' or words of institution in this very ancient (2nd- 3rd Century) Eucharistic prayer. Its validity was reaffirmed by JP II when challenged by certain liturgists."

This of course does not justify the rumored creation of a new rite or new "mass" in Germany where the words and act of consecration are missing. Without them, it is not a Roman Catholic Mass. It is a new Protestant service, and the German Bishops (most of them), seem intent on creating a new Reformation and a new Protestant Church.
Of course the Vatican of Pope Francis will say and do nothing to stop this.
The bottom line is that it is the Vatican and disastrous pontificate of Pope Francis that is to blame for the rebellion in Germany, and so many other issues. The radical Cardinals and bishops who forced Pope Benedict XVI to resign (and he would have clamped down hard on this German maneuver regarding Holy Communion), knew what they were doing in forcing the good but supremely weak Benedict out of office and replacing them with one of their own, Bergoglio, who has wrecked the Catholic Church in a little over 5 years.
Since Francis, my Archdiocese of Philadelphia has seen Mass attendance decline from roughly 18%, to about 15%. In the 1950's it was 90% ! I go to my own parish and see the Church filled for only 1 of their three Masses.
Faithful Catholics can whine and moan about Germany and what is happening there, and regarding other issues...but the bottom line is Pope Vrancis and his Vatican. They are both turning a blind eye to the problems, and in some cases actually helping the radicals.
A good , solidly Catholic and leaning to traditional Pope is what we need before there's really nothing left to be Pope least in Europe and the USA and Latin America. I've seen it first hand, no joke. It's worse than anyone thinks.
Damian Malliapalli

John Collins said...

Catholic Mass participation has been going down steadily in most western countries since the late 1940's. It's taken a little longer in the USA mainly because of immigration from Latin America topping up the numbers. The children of those immigrants will take a walk too and none of this has anything to do with Pope Francis, Vatican II or the Tooth Fairy. People are not walking away from Jesus Christ. They are turning their backs on Church structures, cultures and administration that does not reflect Jesus Christ. All this trumpeting about traditionalism and an 'orthodox' Pope spring from a vain hope for restoration of a Golden Era that never existed.
Go back to College and learn some sociology of religion and social demographic shifts. You'll find some leads that take you away from the blame game into a world of reality that might help you to wake up to yourself.

BTW, Maybe the Germans are translating the Anaphora of Addai and Mari into the vernacular. It still wouldn't have the words of institution but valid none the less.

Anonymous said...

John, you talk of sociology and statistics. It's human, materialistic reasoning. We are talking about salvation of souls, orthodoxy, orthopraxy, fast and prayer. I don't care how small Church becomes, only she is still truly the Mystical Body of Christ. The lukewarmness, apostasy and heresy of the part of hierarchy had a major negative impact on the sheep, or do you disagree?

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't have the words of institution(Consecration), it's not a Catholic "mass". Even the Protestant Episcopalians have the words of institution, and their service is not a true service where the bread and wine actually becomes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
But I must credit them in that they don't go to their Sunday service dressed like the just rolled out of bed like Catholics do. No jeans, t-shirts, shorts, etc. And the kneel at their Communion. It's almost like they think it is the real Body and Blood of Jesus....though we know theirs is not. Of course, there is nothing today more awesome and respectful than seeing the Greek Orthodox Divine Liturgy, and seeing them receive Holy Communion, which to them IS the Body and Blood of Jesus.
But way above any of that, of course, it the Roman Catholic traditional Latin Mass (whether High Mass, Low, or Pontifical High). It is the most perfect expression of a connection between God and his people. Always was, and always will be.
Not the Novus Ordo, or any concoction of the German bishops or Pope Francis and company.
Damian Malliapalli

* BTW--- someone should tell Pope Francis to convert to Islam. The whole purpose of his meeting in Bari with representatives of all the Eastern Orthodox Churches coming up, (Greek Orthodox and all the other Orthodox branches, the Coptic Church of Egypt and also Ethiopia) is to gather them all together not to pray for Chrisian unity, but to pray for the Middle East and for all the migrants,refugees, and immigrants....and to devise a plan by consensus to pressure all the European goverments to accept all the refugees etc. that flood their shores ( nearly all Muslim refugees).
I thought it was a gathering to pray for Christian unity. Nice with the Orthodox, I thought.
NOT. It's Francis' big publicity stunt to pressure Europe to open tier doors to Muslim "refugees". Convent to Islam, love it/them so much.
Damian Malliapalli

John Collins said...

Get some professional help with the stream of consciousness - free association habit. It does nothing for any latent ability to form a rational, coherent line of thought.

As for asserting that the Chaldean/Syriac Rite and their use of the Anaphora of Addai and Mari are not Catholic, you are dead wrong. Check it out.

Catholic Mission said...

What happens when Cardinal Marx knows...will he accept this reality, or will he go into schism?

Peter Stanlich said...

No, Marx will not go into schism though Ray Burke and Lacy Schneiders probably will.

Anonymous said...

When I was in highschool, a prep school run by Augustinian friars, there was a Jewish kid in my class who went into the line to receive Holy Communion as a a joke ,planned by his friends.
He got into line, and was halfway to the altar when two of the faculty grabbed him and physically pulled him out of the line.
That was 15 years ago. I wonder is anyone would care today?
Damian Malliapalli

Thomas Anderson said...

But Jewish twelve apostles also avoided the faculty monitors and made it to communion.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, sir, but you made me laugh. I hadn't seen such a blatantly false equivalence in years.

Tancred said...

We had prods at our High School who went earlier than that. Nobody cared.