Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Vatican Denies Claims by Incoming Marxist Mexican Government

Mexico wants to stem the rampant violence in the country. Therefore, Pope Francis will speak at the planned conference "Peace Forum", says the new government. The Vatican, however, knows nothing about it.

Vatican | Mexico City - 17.07.2018

Pope Francis, contrary to the statements of the future Mexican government, should not take part in the planned "Peace Forums" to curb the rampant violence in the country. "The message that the Holy Father will be attending this conference has no foundation," Mexican media cited Monday (local) Vatican spokesman Greg Burke.

Coordinator Loretta Ortiz had previously stated that Francis would be connected via videoconference. Around 40 events are currently planned in the various states of Mexico, with a particular focus on countries that are particularly affected by drug-related crime. The interview formats should be accessible to the public. The forums are scheduled to start on 7th August and end on 30th November, one day before President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador took office.

Most dangerous country in the world for priests

The left-leaning Lopez Obrador will take over the affairs of state in Mexico on 1 December. He had been elected as the new president with about 53 percent of the vote just over two weeks ago. One of his key campaign promises was a new security policy. In the past twelve years, approximately 150,000 people were killed in the "war on drugs", according to human rights organizations.

Mexico is also considered as one of the most dangerous countries in the world for priests. Since 2012, the Catholic Multimedia Center (CCM) has documented a total of 24 murders of clergy and church officials. The number rose sharply with the beginning of the "war on drugs" under President Felipe Calderon (2006 to 20012) and remained at a consistently high level, even under the incumbent President Enrique Pena Nieto. (Bod / KNA)

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JBQ said...

Marxism goes hand in hand with "redistribution of wealth". The biggest industry in Mexico is illegal drugs. The new Marxist leader cannot exactly put a tax on something that is illegal.----Francis is obviously a Marxist as well. He is brilliant in his maneuvering to set up a world socialist government. Nevertheless, he has to make allowances for the creation of wealth.--- His disgust with Donald Trump is palpable. Instead of creating a middle ground, it is more than obvious that the Vatican was involved in all the secret negotiations to sabotage the candidacy of the crude pro lifer. The reasoning that Republicans create a "climate" of exploitation which leads to abortion just doesn't wash.---Pope John Paul II warned of the dangers of socialism from vast experience both with National Socialism and Communism. Francis doesn't care and his bishop appointments are top heavy with gay friendly and abortion challenged leadership.

Anonymous said...

Nah he is just testing out the new Mexican Government Officials to see if they are kosher enough to pass muster but with Mount PoPo Volcano that could go pop anytime highly doubtful they would recognize Jerusalem as Capitol.