Thursday, June 28, 2018

Priest Paying €1000 to Stop Abortions

A priest has given money to women who wanted to stop their pregnancy first, but then had their baby. There was praise from the Vatican. But not everywhere the initiative was well received.
Italy | Padua - 28.06.2018

A pastor in Italy has caused a sensation with an unusual initiative for the protection of life: Don Marco Sacattolon gave women, who originally wanted to abort their child, but then decided against it, 1,000 euros. According to Italian media reports, a total of six women have received this financial support, who had previously sought help from the priest from nearby Padua and then carried out such a change of heart.

There was praise for this initiative from the Vatican. "Their behavior is a shining example of the immense value of human life and its support and says more than 1,000 sermons and teachings," says a letter from the papal ambassador in Italy to the clergyman, Archbishop Emil Paul Tscherrig. In it, he conveyed in the name of the Pope "sincere appreciation" for the Italian clergyman.

Criticism came from politicians. The deputy leader of the Democratic Party in Padua, Michela Lorenzato, wrote in an open letter, the only correct position in such a situation, is to inform pregnant women about it and then let them decide for themselves. One has to learn to respect the decisions of women. (Well)

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