Sunday, June 24, 2018

Saint John Cantius Priest Exonerated But Won’t Return

Edit: our instinct for this was correct. Father Zuhlsdorf has reported on the echo station of Father Frank Phillips.  The local ordinary does mean to chip away at this brodgehead of tradition after all. Meanwhile, Father Michael Pfleger at St. Sabina’s blathers heresy incessantly from his pulpit with impunity in a kind of ecclesiastical minstrel show.

Yesterday I posted that Fr. Frank Phillips who founded the Canons of St. John Cantius in Chicago, who had been accused of immoral behavior and suspended pended an investigation by a board, had been exonerated of all charges.The board issued a letter.

I wrote, in an update to that post, that people in the Chicago would not make a mistake to attend Sunday Masses this weekend.



M. Prodigal said...

Another holy founder persecuted from within the Church. Many Saints have had the same thing happen.

JBQ said...

It doesn't make a lot of sense to have him "exonerated" and then not allowed to return. If he had been allowed to return, there would have been an explosion of emotion and a negative tide against the archbishop. In order to avoid a swelling of support, AB Cupich just could not have tolerated the embarrassment.---It also makes it appear that the target was his removal in the first place and not his guilt or innocence. The not so good archbishop "yelled fire in a crowded theater" and emptied the building. He then had the building boarded up.---There is no doubt any longer that our radical pontiff is attacking traditional Catholicity "by any means necessary" in order to establish his Church of the people. The traditional Church believes in the "children of God" and the chosen few. PF believes apparently in "universal salvation".

Anonymous said...

I think was evidently borne out of envy by someone in his Redemptoris Order or the beaucrats in the ArchDiocese. If they are trying to hurt the TLM at the same time well not to difficult to figure it out.

As Proverbs says Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?

Thanks for clarifying. He is innocent where the other one is not. The McCarick debacle does indicate that a cleansing of AmChurch has begun. Te Deum.

TLM said...

I knew this was nothing but a witch hunt all along, and so did many at SJC Parish. And now we know that indeed it was. Fr. Phillips (just a btw) was traditional in every sense, and spoke out about the true teaching of the Church in regard to homosexuality many times.....and now he's gone regardless of his innocence.........Hmm....funny that eh?

James Carlton said...

It seems to be an ironic coincidence that many of the most vociferously denunciators of 'sodomites' find themselves caught out with their trousers down.
If people want to know why Fr Phillips continues to have his faculties withdrawn and banned from public ministry, it would be better to request the Vatican to lift the 'Pontifical Secret' (Pope Paul VI's 1974"Secreta continere"). Card Cupich and Phillips' superiors are probably gagged by it so people need, in justice, refrain from venting against them.

JBQ said...

@James Carlton: Of course, there may be lots more to the story. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that Phillips is gone and the unstable Pfleger remains to fulfill the Cupich agenda.

Tancred said...

By this logic, you must have a normal sexuality.l and be possessed of the kind of orthodoxy that would get you disinvited to seminary coming out parties.

James C said...

Don't let a reasonable explanation ever get in the road of a robust, pre-determined bias. BTW, Tancred, you obviously have an extensive first hand knowledge (experience?) of 'seminary coming out parties.'

Catholic Mission said...

The problem is that this founder of the community and traditionalists in general, especially those who have had their formation under Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, interpret the baptism of desire etc in the Catechisms of Pius X and Trent as referring to known people saved outside the Church. So there is a split with Feeneyite EENS. This is appreciated by the present two popes.
All of them do not realize that even a priest who offers Mass in English can affirm Feeneyite EENS and the past ecclesiology without there being a rupture with the past Catechisms or the popes and saints of the past on exclusive salvation in the Church.
So the result is, because of this confusion, the traditionalists affirm EENS in a vague and confused way ( I call it EENS (Cushingite) and reject Vatican Council II(Cushingite). They do not know about Vatican Council II (Feeneyite).
So the Vatican and the Jewish Left pounce on the traditionalists believeing that they are a rupture with the new ecclesiology based on Cushingite baptism of desire, baptism of blood and invincible ignorance which is important for the one world religion.
It was important for this priest and traditionalists in general to show the Vatican and the liberals that they can affirm Vatican Council II and EENS Feeneyite and so be traditional - and so all priesst at every Rite, every different Rite, can do the same.
Then may be it would be difficult for the Left to target only those who attend the Tridentine Rite Mass. Since even at the Novus Ordo Mass the ecclesiology would be traditional.

Tancred said...

Having lived in the shadow of modern, pretend religious communities throughout my life, it hardly seems unlikely. I’ll bet all your friends at Sant’Anselmo would be really scandalized by your deep orhodoxy and love of relics.

I’ll bet you even have a lot of first-hand knowledge of a rigorous spiritual life of deep meditation, a love of the rosary, contemplation and evangelical love, the way you attack Catholicism with your wry, 1969 era Soho cloister wit. Your favorite band probably isn’t even Depeche Mode.

Anonymous said...

It's lucky that Cupich will be 70 in March, not 60. Only 5 more years to put up with his crap. Hopefully a lot shorter time to have to put up with his boss, Pope Francis, who has done the same thing as Cupich with much worst consequences for the Church.
Happy times when they are both no longer in seats of power
Damian Malliapalli

Prayerful said...

A bishop who shows an hostility to the true Mass can be certain of a long post 75 career in the Bergoglian era, an era where the rotting corpse of (the Spirit of) Vatican 2 has been re-animated.

Boris C said...

Kopronymos has reverted to his moonlighting job as grave digger for Pope Francis, Card Cupich and any other prelate he despises.
Bring out your dead!

Elizabeth said...

News on that front. Apparently Fr. Phillips has retained an attorney and the pursuit of justice is on.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Boris C.!
I think I figured you out, Buddy Man. You are suffering from Disassociated Personality Syndrome. It's a mental illness where a person takes on multiple names/personalities. You gave yourself away with that Kopronymos nickname you labeled me with. A guy who called himself "Clement" was really into that name Kopronymos a month or so ago. I'm sure you've used other names on this (and other blogs/websites) as well.
I always sign my own name. I understand some people using a fake name because their afraid of identity theft, etc. That's legit. But what you do, using 2-3-4 fake names is sick, Buddy Man. Totally.
Maybe it's not to late to see a doctor??
Damian Malliapalli

Boris C said...

Clement is a person of great insight into the dysfunctional psyche exhibited by the delusional, narcissistic and self-referential Kopronymos. The world needs a great deal more of the kind of perception shown by Clement and people like him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bud Boris/Clement (or whatever name you wanna go by today):
Don't ya' think tossing insults is little bit childish? You're possibly (probably or definitely), much older than me (I'm 30). Time to man up & grow up.
Usually, I don't care, but it's gets kinda tiresome. I like to contribute on Catholic websites, especially traditional ones. After a long business trip (and male modeling is business/work buddy, even though you think its just "narcissistic" crap), I like to read the Catholic news I missed for 7 months. I saw 22 countries in 7 months (two or three I could have stayed the whole time there....China...Italy...Mexico). Never tired of that trio.
But, I'd like to think that the 1-2x I contribute a day in the AM is thoughtful, intelligent commentary....not below the belt insults.
I don't like to insult people going after their looks, their religion, or their character. I'm not a narcissist. God made me look the way I am, and I am always happy to be me. I have tried to improve myself. I work out every other day, I speak 6 languages (3 Indian languages which admittedly are not much use except in India :) But I acted as translator when we were in Italy because my road crew didn't have anyone who spoke Italian (bad planning..duh).
With regards to the Catholic Church, I like to express my opinion as I see it, and as I have seen it first hand around the world talking with friends and ordinary people. When I worked in L.A. two years ago, I contributed to a Catholic dioseean newspaper, and that got me an opportunity to speak to 2,000 traditional/conservative Catholics as a forum sponsored by the Archdiocese of San Francisco. The people listened attentively when I presented my piece as part of a panel of three and I was the only one who got a standing ovation when I spoke of how it's illegitimate to talk about a "reform of the reform". Won't work no matter how you slice it.
I don't like to get into fights either on websites, blogs, or face to face .....tough I will face to face if I have to. Did a few years ago when my family and I were touring Richmond Va. and around Civil War sights and a "good ol'boy " called my much younger brother(now 21), "Mohammed". That Bubba will be wearing false uppers for the rest of his life.
Which reminds me, Just one question before I go, Boris/ Clement Was he a relation of yours? Course I'll never know if you have that classic Southern twang in your voice, but sometimes you write just like they speak.
Damian Malliapalli

Catholic Mission said...

The Canons also celebrate Mass in what is now the ordinary form of the Roman Rite, the Mass of Paul VI, in both English and Latin. Their services are known for using traditional, largely Pre-Vatican II, music with both forms of the Mass.-Wikipedia

So if Fr. Phillips wins his case according to Church Canon Law or the secular law, he will go back to his community and parish and interpret Vatican Council II with Cushingism instead of Feeneyism, as does Cardinal Cupich.
Then he will interpret the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus with Cushingism instead of traditional Feeneyism and so there will a rupture with the ecclesiology of the old Mass. Cardinal Cupich does the same when he offers Mass in English.
Then Fr. Phillip and his community will affirm the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 which assumes invisible cases of the baptism of desire, baptism of blood and being saved in invincible ignorance are physically visible examples of salvation outside the Church and exceptions to the traditional Feeneyite interpretation of the dogma EENS.This is how the rest of the Archdiocese interprets BOD, BOB and I.I.
So BOD, BOB and I.I mentioned in all the Catechisms would be a rupture with the dogma EENS as it was interpreted by the Magisterium in the 16th century. This would be a plus point with Cardinal Cupich.A schism with the past popes on EENS.
So the Nicene Creed would be changed and the Profession of Faith and Oath of Fidelity will have a new understanding theologically.The Oath Against Modernism would have become irrelevant.
So after winning his case Fr. Phillip will go back to all this?! And this where is community is presently and is acceptable for Cardinal Cupich ?!
-Lionel Andrades

Boris C said...

Like the Clement said, 'narcissist, self-referential.' It's all about the 'me-me-me' in Kopronymos' disordered psyche and you're not alone. There is an entire generation of self-absorbed, over indulged twerps like you in the world. The ills of the Catholic Church are insignificant compared to this cross cultural disaster.
Wake up to yourself, read a book and get a decent job.

Anonymous said...

"cross cultural disaster."
If, Boris, you're referring to the fact that my Dad is Indian and my Mom American (Irish-American), you're more of an a.h. than I thought. I won't use the word of a good sight like this. You ARE a lot older than me, I can tell by your writing. At least 50 I'd say. Probably middle class, maybe having hard times financially. There's a lot of bitterness in your writing Buddy. Go seek help.
I'm not going to apologize for myself. Certainly not for my heritage and background. I'm proud of it. Much more than I would be if I came from the same bigoted, ingnorant, undereducated, ill-informed, white-supremacist ,xenophobic, USA chanting, flag waving, bible-thumping, foaming at the mouth Trumpite Bubbas from the hills and hollers of rural Virginia,Kentucky or Tennessee I encountered. My "cross-cultural" heritage is the future in the USA, not a threat. In twenty years, the middle class, white WASP "Archie-Bunker" type of bigoted Americans will be a significant minority, not the 85% majority they were in the 1950's. Blacks are not growing very much as a cultural group in the USA, but like it or not, Latinos and others (including people of mixed ancestory, like me) will be a much more significant group.
Thanks to people like Pope Francis and his breed, the Catholic Church, already seriously ill since Vatican II, is all but dead across 95% of Europe, and heading that way in the USA too. So Clement and you (unless you are the same guy, which I think is true because he hasn't made an appearance but you have...which makes me think you're the same), are the ones who should wake up. There's no defense for what Pope Francis stands for or has done or the people he has appointed in the Church. It has sped up the dying process of the Church, not arrested it (as Benedict XVI tried to do).
I read lots of books, and the INternet. And I do have a decent job. I'm 30, and have done it for a few years. Probably won't be able to do it at 40....maybe not. That's the nature of the business. But I have other plans. There's no better job almost than being a teacher, which I did, and can always go back to. But you don't have to worry be working. I'm well set for the rest of my life if I wanted to thanks to my present job, and can help my family whenever they need it no problem.
Hope u can say the same.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

What’s creepy and disordered is how you like to make these venemous pop psychology offerings, and seem to have a lot of time to repost them when I delete them, sometimes as many as ten times. Seems to me that you’re the obsessive, narcissistic l, overindulgent and insinicere twerp.

Tancred said...

He’s not interested in you as a human being, he just wants to harm you in any way he can. Archie Bunker would never be as malicious as this transatlantic catamite.

Boris C said...

Read what I wrote, Kopronymos. It's all about you and nothing else matters. All the opprobrium you hurl at Pope Francis is nothing more a defection from your own inability to think your way through what authentic Catholicism has always been: "Fides quaerens intellectum."

If you did that you might grow up a great deal quicker and more confidently than you are at the moment. What is typical of your generation across all borders is that the Millennials won't take responsibility for own their way they think, for their self-centered actions, their craving for attention and the toxic culture of entitlement.
Tancred is not much better with his constant need to deflect attention away from his own massive ignorance and unbridled contempt for authorities who don't or won't validate views. Even more worrying is that he lends his support to the appallingly dishonest practice of disengaging from rational conversation with those who disagree with him/them and take the sloppy, lazy way out by taking refuge in the old 'catamite' 'homo' retreat. This is Mundabor tarted up to sound half decent.
Get help.

Anonymous said...

I take it back that I labeled you from the USA South... your comment......."This is Mundabor" tarted up" to sound half decent. " This is pure British talk. Are you British? I was there. Great country dude! Great people. Great Queen! Awesome Prince Phillip. Broke his hip at 97, had surgery( which few even survive at that age), and walked down the aisle at Harry's wedding to Megan without a walker...or even a limp. Too bad the Queen is ill today. Hope it's nothing serious at 92...but remembering my grandparents....everything is serious at 92.
Thank you Tancred for your comments too. Your site is about the most accurate and informative about Catholic issues I know. And truthful too.
Too bad you like to hurl insults, Boris/Clement. I disagree with your views on the Church. There is no excuse for Pope Francis or what he is doing to the Church. More and more Cardinals and Bishops are turning against him, contradicting him. Just this week....Cardinals Mueller, Turkson, and Bishop Galatino (who is a flaming rad liberal but who disagrees with Francis on immigrants).
Mueller, Turkson are not conservative/traditionalists like the great Cardinal Burke (who you or Clement I remember degrades with a slur here and there). But if you have these Cardinals now questioning and contradicting Francis (and from what I read, he ain't pleased), there's something wrong in his house.
I don't wish him illness or dead. But I do believe he should go....and before to long, if he keeps it up, I think enough of the Cardinals (even his own....some of whom are not tremendously liberal), will encourage him to quit. Or, on the other hand, he might just suddenly die.
Just to set you strait....(if possible), I don't HATE him, I don't want him dead, etc. I just think he's a genuinely evil personality, surrounded by the same type and they're destroying the Faith. If you like that crap, fine. But I'm honest when I write my comments. I don't like what Francis is doing. That's all.
Damian Malliapalli

Boris C said...

QED, 'me-me-me' teenage auto-fixated flummery. You're way out of your depth, Kopronymos and incapable as yet of much if any serious, informed reflection on a 'Faith seeking understanding.' The initiative by Pope Francis to reestablish the teachings and vision of the Second Vatican Council will not go away but rather, its energies will continue to intensify.

The restorationism and nostalgia agendas along with the 'New Evangelization'/TLM faddist movements introduced by Benedict XVI and, to a lesser extent by JP II, are coming apart and falling over very rapidly. You're in denial about this so you transform and elevate your rage into blame of Pope Francis and other prelates. You're running out of them fast now and they will continue to disappoint you and let you down. I believe that you are well and truly now into a final spiral of insanity, even despair.
Get some help, urgently and do some volunteer charity work to draw you out of your own inflated sense of importance.

Anonymous said...

I tried to be nice to you, Buddy, but you're sick. No use talking to you anymore.
But I think I put the puzzle of you together. Took me long enough. I had to think a bit.
I bet you are ,1) British (which is 100% ok with me), but also I am willing to bet that you are......a priest......a rad liberal disciple of the late, ungreat Cardinal Basil Hume. I'll bet your anywhere between 68-76 and that you're an unconvertible disciple of the present despot on the Chair of St. Peter, Pope Francis.

I won't go so far as to guess that you're also gay. But I've know/heard from/argued with several people who write like you, talk like you, and are members of the shrinking Pope Francis fan club. They're all around the same age as I guessed you to be, and they are all burt out priests more willing to whine for LGBT's, Muslim immigrants, women priests,married priests, gay marriage , protection of the Earth, climate change, than they are willing to say a prayer.
I argued with them at various times over the last few months before and after I was overseas working. They are a bunch of desperate men, clinging to the vestiges of Vatican II and cheering every time the aged, slowly dying Pope Francis rallies his thinning troops with a speech or action extoling Vatican II and declaring it "unstoppable". HAHAHAHA! Don't make me laugh. Most Catholic my age either 1), don't know what Vatican II was unless they studies religion like me, or 2), hate what came from it (what they're stuck with now), when they find the treasures of the TLM and all our Catholic heritage taken away from them. In my travels, I've visited traditional Orders of priest,friars,monks and nuns(active and cloistered), that have more vocations that the rad liberal bunch. In Rome, I saw two Motherhouses of 2 famous Orders of nuns. One which was traditional had 20 novices . Doesn't sound like many, but the neighboring liberal house one of the sisters told me, had not had an Italian vocation in 35 years, and the two that were there in training were both from Madagascar! They are the Sisters of Mary Reparatrix...maybe you heard of them. They're rad liberals, and just about extinct in he USA, and most places.
I feel sorry for you, Boris/Clement. The Church you cheer for with Francis has had its day, and has nearly wrecked the Church. This brief reign of Francis...about to go your vision of the Church's last act...not the wave of the future. I know, because I'm young, and speak with young Catholics....and almost 100% they hate your version of the Church....and Francis' version. Italian Catholics hate him....especially when he whines for Muslims and immigrants.
So you can call me any name you want, Father (I bet you are a priest. Really I do). Your vision is a losing vision. I dont' hate you like you do me. I feel sorry for you. You and your people who stand with Francis are the rad liberal lay-clothes nun who is the parish administrator(secretary) at a neighboring parish, but walks around as if she's the priest! (give me a break).
Francis and you and her live in a dreamworld. A dream of a Church that has failed, and which average Catholics have turned their backs on.
Reconcile yourself to that fact, return to the traditions of the Faith and maybe you get some consolation and peace in your old age. I've seen all these radical priests and lay clothes aged nuns standing with Francis. They're a sad , bitter bunch. Just like you.

Damian Malliapalli

Boris said...

Yes, you're definitely in the downward spiral and spinning at what is probably an irreversible rate. However, you're probably just the kind of recruit some of these ultra rad conservative Pius V groups would welcome.