Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cardinal McCarrick is an Evil Sexual Predator

Edit: now that someone has publicly accused McCarrick, it’s interesting that Richard Sipe is on record very publicly warning Benedict XVI about the evils of Collegeville on TIA way back in 2008. Rod Dreher just wrote an explosive “told ya so” piece wherein he says: 

I never wrote the story about McCarrick, because I could not get anybody to go on the record. That spring, I fielded more than a few calls from Catholic priests from the New Jersey area who had direct personal knowledge of McCarrick’s sexual derring-do with seminarians. They would phone me, tell me what they knew, and then beg me to “do something”! I would tell them that I could do nothing until and unless they provided documents, and/or were willing to put their name to public accusations.

Taking a look at Richard Sipe’s piece will show you just how slippery this McCormick is, but also how negligent McCarrick’s superiors were, since they were already well-informed about his sexual depravity before they appointed him to one of ththe Church’s most important Sees. Dreher says there was a well-known conservative priest had intervened to defend McCarrick. Wonder who that was? 

However much we might deplore Dreher’s apostasy, he certainly was aware of a lot of dirt in the hierarchy that no one, including Benedict XVI and “Saint” John Paul II., effectively addressed.

Here’s Sipe:

[TIA] Your Holiness, I, Richard Sipe, approach you reluctantly to speak about the problem of sexual abuse by priests and bishops in the United States, but I am encouraged and prompted by the directive of Vatican II, Lumen Gentium,Chapter IV, No. 37. “By reason of knowledge, competence…the laity are empowered—indeed sometimes obliged—to manifest their opinion on those things that pertain to the good of the Church.” And also moved by your heartfelt demonstration of concern for victims on your recent visit to the United States I bring to your attention a dimension of the crisis not yet addressed. It is closer to the systemic center of the problem and one most difficult for you to address.

Card. McCarrick gives an appearance of holiness

Card. McCarrick, right, under the appearance of holiness...
As the crisis of sexual abuse of our children and vulnerable adults by priests and bishops in the United States is unfolding, the dynamics of this dysfunction are becoming painfully clear. 

This sexual aberration is not generated from the bottom up - that is only from unsuitable candidates - but from the top down - that is from the sexual behaviors of superiors, even bishops and cardinals. 

The problem facing us in the American church is systemic. I will present Your Holiness with only a few examples: 

Bishop Thomas Lyons, now deceased, who was an Auxiliary in the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. groomed, seduced, and sexually abused a boy from the time he was seven years old until he was 17. When that boy grew into manhood he in turn abused his own child and young relatives. When I asked him about his actions he said to me, “I thought it was natural. Father (Lyons) told me a priest showed him this when he was growing up.” A pattern was perpetuated for at least four generations. 

Abbot John Eidenschink of St. John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota sexually abused some of his young monks during confession and spiritual direction. He admitted this behavior in regard to two of the monks I interviewed. They described the behavior in disturbingly graphic detail. Older monks that I interviewed told me that they knew that John’s Novice Master was inappropriately affectionate with him during his two years as a novice. More than a dozen of the monks of this monastery have been credibly accused of abuse of minors while Abbot Eidenschink was promoted to President of his Monastic Congregation, the American Cassinese. 

While I was Adjunct Professor at a Pontifical Seminary, St. Mary’s Baltimore (1972-1984) a number of seminarians came to me with concerns about the behavior of Theodore E. McCarrick, then bishop of Metuchen, New Jersey. It has been widely known for several decades that Bishop/Archbishop now Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick took seminarians and young priests to a shore home in New Jersey, sites in New York, and other places and slept with some of them. He established 
a coterie of young seminarians and priests that he encouraged to call him “Uncle Ted.” I have his correspondence where he referred to these men as being “cousins” with each other.

'Uncle Ted' pursued several seminarians and priests

'Uncle Ted' allegedly used different pretexts to attract seminarians and priests
Catholic journalist Matt C. Abbott already featured the statements of two priests (2005) and one ex-priest (2006) about McCarrick. All three were "in the know" and aware of the Cardinal McCarrick’s activities in the same mode as I had heard at the seminary. None of these reporters, as far as Abbott knew, had sexual contact with the cardinal in the infamous sleepovers, but one had first hand reports from a seminarian/priest who did share a bed and received cards and letters from McCarrick. The modus operendi is similar to the documents and letters I have received from a priest who describes in detail McCarrick’s sexual advances and personal activity. At least one prominent journalist at the Boston Globe was aware of McCarrick from his investigation of another priest, but until now legal documentation has not been available. And even at this point the complete story cannot be published because priest reporters are afraid of reprisals. 

Your Holiness, you must seek out and listen to these stories, as I have from many priests about their seduction by highly placed clerics, and the dire consequences in their lives that does end with personal distress. 

I know the names of at least four priests who have had sexual encounters with Cardinal McCarrick. I have documents and letters that record the first hand testimony and eye witness accounts of McCarrick, then archbishop of Newark, New Jersey actually having sex with a priest, and at other times subjecting a priest to unwanted sexual advances. 

Your Holiness, you must seek out and listen to the stories, as I have from many priests about their seduction by highly placed clerics, and the dire consequences in their lives that does end in their victimization alone. 

Such behavior fosters confusion and makes celibacy problematic for seminarians and priests. This abuse paves the way for them to pass the tradition on — to have sex with each other and even with minors. 

The pattern and practice of priests in positions of responsibility for the training of men for the priesthood — rectors, confessors, spiritual directors, novice masters, and other clergy — who have sexual relations with seminarians and other priests is rampant in the Catholic Church in the United States. I have reviewed hundreds of documents that record just such behavior and interviewed scores of priests who have suffered from this activity. Priests, sexually active in the above manner have frequently been appointed by the Vatican to be ordained bishops or even created cardinals. 

I approach Your Holiness with due reverence, but with the same intensity that motivated Peter Damian to lay out before your predecessor, Pope Leo IX, a description of the condition of the clergy during his time. The problems he spoke of are similar and as great now in the United States as they were then in Rome. If Your Holiness requests I will submit to you personally documentation of that about which I have spoken.

Your Holiness, I submit this to you with urgent concern for our Church, especially for the young and our clergy. 



JBQ said...

Really, really bad and there are plenty more.

Barona said...

Shocking. We also recall the vicious persecution of Fr. John O'Connor my homosexual infiltrators in the Dominican Order. The wrods that Fr. O' Connor spoke 30 years ago were true. We are seeing them being exposed before our eyes.

M. Prodigal said...

Sodomites with even more influence must have protected him OR he knew too much about them and would "expose" them (pun intended) which is to say blackmail them so they would not come forward. Evil.

Anonymous said...

Didn't anyone know McCarrick was a child predator/abuser before this? Let's not forget that's what this is about: Sexual abuse of a child.

"U.S. Bishops . . . Reverse (McCarrick's) Mandatory Safety-Sex-Ed Policy “Child Lures (traps) ” program . “In a little-noticed, single paragraph released May 15 on its web site, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops reversed the policy adopted by numerous dioceses across America that had subjected Catholic schoolchildren to mandatory “sex-abuse-education” classes. “New regulations issued May 15 by the U.S. bishops allow parents to remove their children from diocesan-sponsored training programs in child sex-abuse prevention,” said the announcement from the U.S. bishops’ Catholic News Service (CNS). The reversal signals a serious setback for liberal bishops and chancery bureaucrats across the country who have routinely forced families to withdraw their children from Catholic schools if they object to mandatory sex-education classes for children as young as kindergartners. And the announcement appeared on the very day that the Vatican announced the acceptance by Pope Benedict XVI of the resignation of Washington’s Theodore Cardinal McCarrick, an outspoken supporter of those education programs. In fact, Cardinal McCarrick had ordered all archdiocesan Catholic schools to expel any children whose parents refused to allow their children into the secular “Child Lures” program that was mandatory until the May 15 announcement apparently reversed it.”

Also let's not forget this man who's now pretending to be a 6 year old girl @28 seconds w/McCarrick [was he abused by McCarrick?].

McCarrick is one who helped elect Francis (along w/that child porn catechist Danneels whom Francis personally appointed to the welcome sodomites to the church synod).

Why is McCarrick gone, but not Danneels or Ricca or Maradiaga? It seems mighty suspicious to me that Francis personally removed him from ministry but NOT Barros (allowed to resign w/a flock of others) or any of his other pals. For some reason strikes me as some type of personal revenge of Francis either because of the papal foundation $25 million fiasco (or some other money issue/power play of McCarrick) or this is far worse than they're telling us or it's something else far worse they know about McCarrick did (I'm still waiting for the real story of why Keith O'Brien was removed right before the conclave for abusing seminarians when McCarrick wasn't and Edwin O'Brien is still prancing around as Grand Master of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre). Let's not waste our time licking our chops but demand the details.

Kathleen1031 said...

What is the number of active homosexuals in the Catholic Church at this time. Is it 80%? 90% 100? It has to be a great number such as these, or we wouldn't be seeing what we are seeing.
What we thought the Church was, was illusion.
Our eyes are opened. One thing for sure, no matter how many are outed, it won't matter, not one bit. No phony "change" is going to make one iota of difference. These men are in charge all the way to the top, yes, probably him too, he's clearly okay with it (Monsignor Ricca alone...). So these guys are all in the club, and this is why they foment such hatred for God and for the Church.
It will be taken care of, but only by God Himself. This is too big, there is nothing we can do about it, with one exception, we can stop financially supporting it. We can't starve it, not as long as the US government continues to give out payments for "resettlement" of Muslims into our nation, but if that stops...these monsters will be hurting.
Let's do it!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there also rumors about another well known dissenting radical, the late Cardinal Bernardin, who in the months before he died denied all? Was anything about him ever verified or published?
Damian Malliapalli

I wouldn't be surprised if things come out about many more rad liberals, especially cardinals Francis has appointed. And his speech writing bishop, alias "The Kissing Bishop" probably is one too.

Larry Dooley said...

Shortly before he died of HIV/AIDS, Cardinal Bernadin's accuser confessed that he had lied. The Cardinal visited the young man and forgave him for the falsehood. All this is thoroughly and independently documented. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Factually, you are correct, larry dooley except was the 'confession' purchased at the price of a $3 million payout to Cook of the faithful's contributions to the Catholic Church? Not to mention at the price of holy communion given to active sodomites living in sin:

"THE SPECIAL CASE OF JOSEPH CARDINAL BERNARDIN The deck was cleared. Cardinal Bernardin Meets With Cook On December 30, 1994 Bernardin met privately with Cook in Philadelphia. The event was heavily publicized by the Chicago Chancery and made headlines around the world. Bernardin reportedly said Mass for Cook and his partner Kevin Nealy. Bernardin gave Cook an expensive chalice as a parting gift. In an April 18, 1996 interview with the Georgia Bulletin, the diocesan paper of the Archdiocese of Atlanta, Bernardin said that not only did he reconcile with Cook at the December meeting, but he also reconciled Steven and the Church. Bernardin said that the dying Cook was very angry with the Church and felt alienated, but that God used him as his instrument in helping him overcome those feelings of isolation and betrayal. He was able to die a beautiful death, concluded Cardinal Bernardin. Steven Cook died of AIDS-related complications in September The estate of the former penniless Cook, estimated to be in the range of $3 million, was divided between Cook s long-suffering mother who never gave up hope that her son would return to the Faith, his sister, and his lover. Cardinal Bernardin followed Cook to the grave on November 14, The Windy City Gay Chorus sang at Bernardin s wake at Holy Name Cathedral the first time that the male homosexual group was invited to perform on Church property. Thus, even in death, Cardinal Bernardin continued to promote the interests of the Homosexual(s)" Collective.

Larry Dooley said...

So far you are offering opinions not proof that Cardinal Bernardin or his office payed this fellow to fabricate a confession.
Assertion does not equate to fact as you will find in any credible legal system. Even the CDF operates on that principle.

Anonymous said...

A cardinal died of AIDS, Larry! What is your point? He was committing sodomy and therefore died in a state of mortal sin. Are you attempting to hold this disgusting homosexual up as a virtuous role model? My mother drunk or sober, huh?

Larry Dooley said...

The point is that it is a matter of natural and divine justice to prove your assertion with irrefutable evidence. All civilized courts in the world require this.
To put it more simply, would you be satisfied if someone brought a charge against you based on conjecture, personal opinion and not on provable fact?

Even more simply: do to others as you would have them do to you!

Benjamin Van Dyck said...


The organised sodomitic infestation comes from the Rampolla-network; it is the same hellish excrement that infests the world of politics, finance, popular 'culture' etc. Victims of SRA know how black an underworld is draining the life out of society like a fat, hellish parasite.

The secret sects must be exposed; otherwise one keeps fighting the symptoms without pulling out the root of the evil.

JBQ said...

It must be remembered that for the priesthood, the problem is not pedophilia. It is ephebophilia or abuse of males going through puberty. In point of fact, children are safe around these types of individuals. That means that seminarians or teens with problems are not.----That is why the network is so hidden. There is a gay network in the Church which is very active in promoting its interests. It would appear that all of the new radical bishops (Cupich, Tobin, McElroy and others suspected) are part of the network. Francis surrounds himself with members of the network. Coccopalmeiro and the mural bishop are sad examples.---Priests no longer are linked with prayer by reading the Holy Office. "An idle mind is the devil's workshop". Psychologically, we have an entire institution with "incomplete sexual development". If an immature male marries, then you still have an immature male. The Church needs to revise how it trains priests. Sure, late vocations is a good idea. However, the recruitment of gay candidates is not.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere there is a utube of Cardinal Gollum commenting on election of Francis circa 2014 snickering and laughing ¨hahaha wait and see what´s coming¨
But lets face it is Donna any better? There is a story of a homo. DC Semarian who propositioned a another DC Sem. who was so shocked he almost left the NJ Seminary. He stayed in his room 3 days. What did they do to the perpetrator? Moved him to another Diocese to complete his formation. Meanwhile at the same time another Sem. was thrown out for a past comment against the Tribe. I think NJ Seton Hall needs to be shut down. Its a disgrace and completely infiltrated.

Anonymous said...

I dislike Cardinal Bernardin as much as any faithful Catholic, but didn't he have metastatic cancer, not AIDS. Although I know from mu uncle who is a doctor that some types of AIDS can trigger cancer.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

Seton Hall is the Catholic University of New Jersey and part of the Archdiocese of Newark and the favored Cardinal Joe Tobin. Tobin was brought in to accentuate the decadence at Seton Hall. There are no reform thoughts anywhere in his vocabulary. This is all a Christian nightmare.

Fr. VF said...

Fr. Charles Fiore and others denied that Cook retracted his accusations. Bernardin told a number of other egregious lies in his book The Gift of Peace. Bernardin's final middle finger to the Catholic Church was having the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus perform at his Wake Service.

Anonymous said...

Is that Archbishop Lori as a monsignor in the picture with McCarrick?

Martin Konig said...

A large number of Jews, African Americans and Protestants also came along to his wake and mourned openly.
One man's poisson is another's poison, eh Faddah?

Anonymous said...

Bernadin died of pancreatic cancer.

Anonymous said...

He may have still had AIDS, and he was carried to the Ferryman by local Masons while being seranaded by Windy City Gay Men’s Chorus.

Peter Damian said...

Funny, I spoke to African Americans who thought he was insincere and vile.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen asked:
"What is the number of active homosexuals in the Catholic Church at this time. Is it 80%? 90% 100? It has to be a great number such as these, or we wouldn't be seeing what we are seeing.
What we thought the Church was, was illusion."

The sad thing, Kathleen, is that we thought that the Catholic Church was a magnificent institution, the True Church, founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and governed by the Successor of St. Peter, the Holy Father the Pope. We also had a vast heritage of tradition, and the True Mass.
Along comes Vatican II, and the rot concocted there began in short order (1970) to destroy the Church faithful Catholics knew, although things were kept up for appearance sake.
Everything was hidden and hushed up....much to the discredit of the radical liberal bishops who either were gay, or welcomed gays into the seminary and ordained them. The blame also lies with Paul VI in the first place, but also with Pope John Paul II who during his 26 years (too long...sorry) reign knew but did nothing. He said (possibly true, possibly not), that he didn't believe the accusations because the same kind of thing was done by the Communists in Poland to bring down good priests who were NOT homosexual, but the Communists wanted to silence and discredit them. So to be fair with JP II, he might have thought this was another game such as that, and thus paid scant attention to the rumors....and even (unknowingly??) appointed more of these evil men who were 1)radical liberals, and 2) either gay or pro-homosexual clergy. But the façade of what we always knew as the Catholic Church remained. The only one who actively tried to start to ferret the gay priests and gay bishops out was Benedict XVI, and he paid the ultimate price for it. He knew of the homosexuals in the Vatican and was trying to expel them. He knew of homosexuals in seminaries and monasteries, and suppressed them. In 2013 Benedict XVI gave up and gave in to the "wolves" he spoke of at his inauguration. The wolves elected one of their own....Bergoglio. Now the Vatican Curia, and many hundreds of dioceses are flooded with homosexual clergy. YET, with a gesture that looks like a papal attack against gays (but really isn't), Francis decreed two weeks ago that gays should never be admitted to seminaries. This is nothing but a cover up....but the gays are already there. And they're not the traditional guys. They're the rads like "the Kissing Bishop", Monsignor Ricca, and others. The gays in the Vatican are probably third wave of homosexuals who infiltrated the Vatican. First wave (1958-78), Second wave (1978-2005)....the doors closed to them briefly (2005-13), but now they are wide open in this third wave (2013-----maybe 2019-20???)
We all have high hopes that a good man the total opposite to Francis will succeed him.....but it will take maybe three fairly long reigns of three good, strongly traditional leaning Popes to clean out the homosexuals and the rest of the rot.
Depending on your age,some people may see the beginnings of it. At 30 I hope to see a big improvement (God Willing!) when I'm 60. But I doubt if even I will be around to see a complete about-face from the rot and corruption and evil of today. Let's all pray that the restoration starts soon.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Kathleen asked:
"What is the number of active homosexuals in the Catholic Church at this time. Is it 80%? 90% 100? It has to be a great number such as these, or we wouldn't be seeing what we are seeing.
What we thought the Church was, was illusion."

Maybe I didn't give a good enough estimate in my first comment. Considering recent Church history, and in various countries that I have been in, and in the USA, and even the 1 priest friend I have in the Vatican(a young cleric who is like what we would call an "administrative assistant)), I would roughly guesstimate 25%-40% in the USA, the same in Europe, much less in Africa and Asia, and about 25% in Latin America. IN the Vatican.....I would guess sadly close to (but not greater than) 50%.
All of this time of thing was predicted by Saint Francis of Assisi, Blessed Ann Catherine Emmerick, and the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself at Fatima. None actually came out and said homosexuals...but they described their actions and deeds, and we know of whom the Virgin Mary and the others spoke. If their description fits these people(including Francis)....and after reading it all I can tell you it's a match,,,,then we can tell who and what they are....even though Saint Francis, Blessed Catherine, and the Blessed Virgin Mary didn't come out and say homosexuals...even though of course they knew what they are.
Damian Malliapalli