Friday, June 8, 2018

Argentine National Football Team Has No Time for Pope

(Rome) Pope Francis and the World Cup. On May 21, the Argentine website Doble Amarilla announced that Pope Francis will receive the Argentine national team on 3 June before moving on to Russia for the World Cup.

Yesterday, Vatican spokesman Greg Burke tweeted:

"Pope Francis receives today at 15.30 clock (Roman time) the Argentine football selection in Santa Marta."

A few hours later he had to correct himself:

"UPDATE: The Pope's audience with the Argentine selection scheduled for today was canceled. We are looking forward to seeing you return with the World Cup! "

Like this?

An earlier visit by the Argentine national team to Pope Francis.

In fact, the Argentine national team, according to the Argentine sports side Olé, had already canceled a visit to Rome at the end of May. The message seems to have been passed in the Sacri Palazzi but not to the Vatican spokesman.

In May, there were concrete negotiations between the Vatican and the football team about a visit to the Pope. The coaches moved away from the idea at the end of the month. A whole training-free day was "too much" for the team. On May 29, Jorge Miadosqui confirmed the cancellation: "We have no time for an audience with the Pope."

The Argentine football team is currently training in Barcelona. Tomorrow it will fly to Israel for a friendly match and finally to Russia for the World Cup on Sunday.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Twitter/ (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


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Anonymous said...

Soocer, not football.

JBQ said...

If you call it "soccer", then you are American.The rest of the world calls it "football".

Anonymous said...

LoL Try Jorge disinvites Argentina team after they cancelled the scrimmage!

How dare the Argentina team cancel the match!

No sitting in the Pope´s chair this time comrades!

Ha Poetic Justice since they insolently sat in the Chair of the Pontiff as if he cared then or now!