Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Priest Says Amoris Laetitia Was Conceived to Normalize Aberrosexuality

Editor's note: This analysis has been written by a priest who asked that it be published anonymously over concern of being disciplined for raising concerns about a papal document. 

May 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – I said it right from the beginning, when Amoris Laetitia was first published, with its infamous Chapter 8 that allows individual conscience to trump objective moral law and thus effectively eliminate the notion of intrinsic moral evil: The real issue is not Holy Communion for the divorced and civilly remarried. After all, Pope Francis had already streamlined the annulment process, to allow declarations of nullity which were generally easy to attain, to be even easier. The real issue is all about sodomy, and normalizing — even blessing — this behavior called by the Catechism “intrinsically disordered.” In what follows, I’ll try to “connect the dots” in order to clarify the bigger picture.

Recall that no. 50 of the first draft of the document for the first synod on the family in October, 2014 stated that, “Homosexuals have gifts and qualities to offer the Christian community,” and then asked if our communities are “capable of . . . accepting and valuing their sexual orientation” – implying those who practice homosexual behaviors have special “gifts and qualities” over and above everyone else, and that their same-sex attraction — called by the Catechism “objectively disordered” — should be “accepted and valued.” (1)

Although this language never appeared in Amoris Laetitia (AL), the fact that it was inserted into a preliminary working document with Pope Francis’s approval and was then read to the assembled bishops in his presence, is most telling. This language provides a key to understand how Chapter 8 of AL has been interpreted, so as to allow not only those in second civil marriages (and committing adultery) to be admitted to Holy Communion, but also those in same same-sex unions (and engaging in sodomy) – as long as they are “accompanied” by a priest, engage in “discernment,” and follow their “conscience.” (2)

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Ana Milan said...

It is past time that the School of Cardinals stopped fooling around & called for a general council (or whatever) to declare which one of the dual papacy holds the Keys &, with it, infallibility. There cannot be TWO POPES. Until this is settled neither one is doing his duty to God or His faithful followers & is leading us all into the greatest schism known to man. It is their duty to protect the CC from its enemies & collectively they must act in accordance with the wishes of the Holy Ghost - not Satan.

Anonymous said...

Benedict XVI is he true Pope, no question. He was forced out by the crowd of radical liberals lead by the late,infamous Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini,SJ. Among others were Cardinals Sodano, Re, Danneels, Schonborn, Murphy-O'Connor, and lesser names as well. Since there was an acknowledged campaign to have Bergoglio elected, which is illegal, that nullifies his election straight away. A false pope has wrecked the Church for five years and should be thrown out on his posterior (to use polite language :)
But everyone read the big news today, which has about 6-7 newspapers and magazines highlighting the story(not gossip magazines or articles...but the real deal...NYT, Washington Post, CNN, Fox etc. saying that yesterday AM Pope Francis gave a homily in which he stated he was considering "taking leave of his flock), i.e. resigning. Granted, he was quoting scripture, and a letter of St. Paul about the duty of a shephered of the flock to know when to step aside (resign). But Francis went into big detail about his thinking about quitting. Sudden news. The A.H. Pope used to be enjoying himself as Pope so much that he never considered it. But now with all the scandals (sexual, theological,moral) and the confusion wrecking the Church because of him and his crew....maybe now its gotten too much for him. Maybe there's more scandals brewing of his making and he's preparing to turn tail and run into hiding. His appointees will flee too.
Before the year is out, I bet Francis does one of three things:
1) resigns because the corruption and scandals of his making has gotten out of control and the opposition from good Cardinals,Bishops and Catholics is growing.
2) He's unceremoniously told to resign by over half the College of Cardinals
3) He dies unexpectedly.
I personally think that it'll be #2, but it will be presented by the Vatican that Francis made the decision himself.
And after two weeks of good-bys closing out a disasterous pontificate, Francis will fly off to Argentina to talk liberation theology and sip mate tea with his Jesuit cronies, while meanwhile, to the surprise of the world, the new conclave of Cardinals in the Vatican after 2-3 days actually elects a CATHOLIC pope....someone who loves the Church and all of Her tradition (though not a 100% traditionalist himself) He might be an Italian (te first in over 50 years). He might not be a cardinal! He may be a non-Italian who is very well known as favoring Catholic tradition.
One thing pretty much for certain....he won't be Cardinal Parolin the present radical Secretary of State, or another Francis. When even some of Francis' cardinals are now objecting to his agenda....or at least not coming out to defend/support know there's a problem for him.
I'd say by his Tuesday little speech, he's preparing the Vatican and the Church for his unceremonious departure.
Damian Malliapalli

Melanie said...

First of all, how can this be a Papal document written by a Pope when it goes against Church teaching? Secondly, if this Priest can no longer be openly Catholic in the organization which claims the title, he better start being openly, not anonymously, Catholic and expose this situation. We’re with Christ or the Devil and the Catholic Church IS the body of Christ. I don’t think these guys in Rome have anything to do with the body of Christ; they oppose the Church. Say what’s true Father and let us see that they persecute you for being Catholic. You can’t be persecuted by Antichrist if you pretend to be one of them, right?

Anonymous said...

In answer to your first question, since Bergoglio was in fact not legitimately elected as pope, but rather his honorable predecessor was forces out by a cabal of radical liberal cardinals who then campaigned to have one of their own...Bergoglio...elected Pope (contrary to conclave rules), he can't be a legit Pope. So the document is not a legit Papal document even though presented as such. It's no better than some gossip newspaper you buy on a news stand, or a comic book.
Like I said in an above post....I don't think Francis will be here for long. It's really weird he made such a fairly obvious comment about stepping down, out. I think something is happening behind the scenes.....something tremendously bad (for Francis and company), but ultimately good for the Church. I think it's something to do with very many cardinals (some traditional, some orthodox/moderate, and even some liberals), who are sick and tired of Francis and his unscripted comments, his interviews where he denies Hell, his documents like Amoris Laetitia, the episodes of sodomy in the Vatican among Francis' associates and career clerics, his radical liberal appointments, his mismanagement of the sexual abuse issue in Chile and elsewhere, his disrespect for Catholic devotions,traditions,liturgy, Catholic sensibilities, etc.
I think there's a mounting movement among the Cardinals, and also bishops around the world who oppose Francis, to pressure him to quit.
And I bet he will....sooner than we think.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Praised be Jesus Christ! If only it happens!

Anonymous said...

FYI: The Lifesite News website was down. It's now back up but only goes up to May 9. This article was originally posted May 14, which makes one wonder if LSN was targeted because of this article.

Re the "resignation" of Pope Francis: Be careful what you wish for - it could be worse. #3 is traditionally how papacies end.

Read 1 Cor. 1: 10-18.

Barnum said...

He and his retinue of publicists and Freemasons are going nowhere. Some advertising shrink suggested this tried & true trial balloon. Remember the earlier one during a session of the so-called Synod over AL, when he has lung cancer or something?