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Muslims Attacking Dogs With Knives a Growing Phenomenon

Edit: David Berger is a former instructor of Scholastic Theology in the Archdiocese of Cologne and the Academy of Saint Thomas in Rome. He was among those who helped bring down the best religion website in Europe, if not the world. was legendary, and it also exposed Berger. Since then, however, Berger has been trying to use his journalistic and philosophical powers for good and make up for his past. He was once a frequent lecturer on the traditionalist circuit at various “castles and crypts.”  

Berger’s bio: 
David Berger (born 1968) was a PhD (Dr. phil.) and habilitated (Dr. theol.) Professor for many years in the Vatican. 2010 Outing: It happened on the publication of the book “Die Heilige Schein” about his work in the Vatican as a homosexual man. [He tried to make traditionalists look bad, and this characterization isn’t quite accurate. Kreuznet published his Facebook and dating site activity. That’s what really happened.] Then he worked for two years chief editor of a gay magazine, he was expelled for being too openly critical of Islam.  Since 2016 he has been a blogger at (philosophia-perennis) and freelance journalist (inter-alia for Die Zeit, Junge Freiheit, The European). His bibliography of academic writings comprise about 1,000 titles. July 24, 2017

Muslims hate dogs.

(David Berger) In the small Dutch village of Schiedam near Rotterdam, there has been a kind of knife attack, which are so far rare in Europe, but could soon spread in the context of Islamization.

When police officers entered the apartment of a 26-year-old Syrian with the police dog, he - armed with a large knife and an ax - immediately started stabbing the dog. He repeatedly shouted "Allahu Akbar".

Since the police could not stop the escalation by other means, they shot the man. He was injured and taken to hospital. The dog succumbed to his injuries.

On the hatred of dogs motivated by Islam:

"Unclean": Brutal attacks on dogs and dog owners now also in Europe (the article follows this story)

Yesterday there was an incident in Germany with a knife man, the day before yesterday, a fanatical Muslim in Liege, Belgium, killed two policemen and a pedestrian. The "Islamic State" committed itself to the act and praised the murderers as "Soldiers of the Caliphate".

An ex-policeman and specialist in Islamist terror when asked about the extreme uptick of the already numerous knife attacks in recent days, shrugged to PP: "What do you want? It's Ramadan! "


(David Berger) From Pakistan (see video at the end of the text) and other countries dominated by Islam, brutal cruelty to animals has been known to us for a long time, especially when it comes to dogs, even though the major media in this country are largely silent.

In the process, the fatwa, according to which only black dogs are to be killed, was exceeded on a regular basis - and extended to all dogs.

More and more frequently in Europe there are Islamic motivated acts of violence against dogs and their owners.

So reports - in addition to the newspaper Kronen Zeitung- the Austrian magazine "Wochenblick" recently:

"A 54-year-old dog owner in Vienna was knocked down in front of her garden gate by a Muslim Somali woman. The Viennese’s dog had approached her.

Ingrid T. now has a complicated knee fracture and gets implants. "The animals are impure," said the Somali woman according to media reports.

The incident occurred in a completely harmless situation: The Viennese, Ingrid T. - according to   Wochenschau - "was gossiping with a neighbor at the garden gate. One of her dogs sat next to her, the other marched towards her parents' house. When a young woman approached with a veil, she wanted to get her dog back.

“She knew that Muslims do not like dogs. But immediately the Viennese woman was attacked. Three men had to tear the Somali woman away from the Viennese woman. The husband of the attacker is said to have said:

"We do not want dogs that are dirty".

In fact, there are clear rules for dog ownership in Islam. For example, dogs in the house and contact with the dog's saliva are completely taboo. Muslims who go to prayer and come into contact with a dog must repeat the ritual washing. Incidentally, there are about 60,000 officially registered dogs in Vienna.

The number of those unreported is likely to be higher. Conflicts are therefore inevitable. In cities in many countries with a high Muslim populations, there are more and more similar and other incidents.”

JouWatch reported a few weeks ago about an action in Manchester: "’This area is home to a large Muslim community. Show respect for us and our children and limit the presence of dogs in public,’ said the Muslim public-health campaign group, which distributed leaflets in the English city of Manchester calling for a public ban on dogs.”


Read on to the Muslim attacks on dogs and dog owners in the UK, USA, Canada and Spain

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Academy of Saint Thomas


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