Thursday, May 10, 2018

Italian Philospher: “Pope Hires the Worst Betrayers of the Faith”

Edit: this isn’t entirely fair, the House Vaticanist, and Papal biographer, Andrea Tornielli was manifestly bad years before the Sankt Gallen Mafia put their man on the papal throne. He was already pushing Communion for the remarried and divorced at least in 2012. (It was thought he had a personal investment in the issue.)

[] The persecution of the Catholics inside the Church is growing stronger according to Monsignor Antonio Livi, a philosopher who served as a professor and dean at the Roman Lateran University. Talking to, Livi points out that Pope Francis accuses of “heresy” those who are faithful to the doctrine and fight confusion. Livi added that Pope Francis has put at the top of the Church – quote – “the worst heretics” and that he has his encyclicals written by – quote – “the worsts heretics”.

Catholics Are Persecuted in the Catholic Church

According to Livi, those who profess the integral Catholic Faith are now often forbidden to give talks, and their publications are hidden away in the Catholic bookstores. Quote: “All the official Catholic media in Italy ostracize the solid Catholic doctrine.” Livi further states that it has become “habitual” to sack theology professors for beeing “too Catholic.”

Bishops’ Newspaper Slams Its Long-Time Contributor

As an example, Livi cites Avvenire, the daily of the Italian Bishops which – quote – “hosts and exalts the worst betrayers of the Faith”. Livi criticizes this on the Internet and was furously attacked by Avvenire’s editor-in-chief Marco Taquinio although Livi has been a contributor to Avvenire for thirty years, at a time when Avvenire was still Catholic.

Supporting Pope Francis Is Profitable asked Livi how Andrea Tornielli who before Francis’ election was defending Catholic positions, suddently became Francis’ court journalist. Livi replied that Tornielli and others have made the “choice of convenience” in order to become “propagandists”. Livi commented that Tornielli became rich with this choice while, Marco Tosatti, who was working with him at the daily La Stampa, but resisted the temptation to join the Bergoglio party, is now poor. Livi adds: “I am also poor”. The Lateran University refused to pay a pension to Livi. This leaves him with a minimal state pension.



James said...

Can’t wait until that one blasted lung finally gives out.

JBQ said...

Malachi Martin who died in 1999 wrote about a future Jesuit pope that traditional Catholics "would be hunted like doves". This is all about the destruction of organized religion and the creation of a new one world religion with a new belief system based on world unity. Scripture is viewed as outdated. Evidently, the Third Secret of Fatima predicted this.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be ironic, and you could say "God's Justice", that after putting all these heretics, queers, opportunists, radicals etc. in place in high office, and after starting a purge/persecution of traditionalist/traditional/faithful Catholics, Pope Francis were suddenly and unexpectedly to die (like one night he goes to sleep and never wakes up....except maybe in the place he claims doesn't exist). There there's the maneuvering and politicking for position in the next conclave which finally after a few days produces to everyone's surprise.....a CATHOLIC POPE!! Someone very similar in outlook to Benedict XVI but younger and stronger-someone who will last 15+ years. (Benedict would be in 13 years already, if he hadn't wimped out in 2013).
Think of the chaos amongst the heretics. Their champion and promoter and protector would be dead. The new man in charge would very much be agaiunst them. Were will they go? What will they do? They would be hounded and hunted out for their just rewards. Payback time big time.
I hope it turns out that way. Chances are, it will.
Francis is hated much,much more than any of you think. I've been traveling....and it's mind numbing. All the good Catholics, everywhere....hate him. Including priests, monsignors, bishops, etc.
Everything Francis does seems to trigger a backlash. Faithful Catholics (priests included), ignore everything he says and stands for. They keep to the Faith. It's awesome to see the faith....and stunning to see the hate they have for this man. Not violence, just a raw hate.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tancred! Been traveling on photo shoots etc. for several months. I've been literally everywhere....even China(one of my favorite places in the world). India, Israel,Greece,Poland,Italy(six weeks!!) Ireland,France, Chile, Argentina, Canada and Mexico. Worked every place, but also had time to visit sites of interest, even the obscure places tourists don't bother with. Also spoke to and visited many Catholic churches,convents,monasteries on my spare time(1-2 days a week). That's where I discovered how much ill will there is for Pope Francis, his people, and his agenda. Feelings of resentment, betrayal, confusion....and yes, hate.
I know how Francis and company are trying to appease the Chinese Communists by licking up to their "established Catholic Church" at the expense of the underground Catholics who have been loyal to the Papacy and faithful to the Church. Did not meet any of these brave people. China is getting harsher with regards to religion again. Apparently, its not the Buddhists,Taoists or Catholics causing the trouble, but the "bible Christians"(i.e fundamentalist Protestants). So now all religion is under the government eye again because of them.
When I wrote here awhile back, I think I mentioned a good friend of mine who is a young nun in Rome. Visited her and her convent for two days in the guesthouse they operate near their motherhouse. Now they look right out of the 1950's, but their motherhouse has more vocations today (18 novices) than they had for the last 50 years. They lost 10% of their members in all the Vatican II nonsense (200 sisters), but now are slowly rebuilding. Most of the young sisters I talked to would not say anything negative about Pope Francis, but I could tell by their words that they have no devotion or love for him.
Like so many Catholic websites have said in their reports, and here as well....the Catholic Faith is all but dead in Belgium, Netherlands (thank God for their courageous Cardinal Primate who just spoke out against Francis), and Ireland. In France, the Faith is stronger than you would think, especially among young traditional Catholics. Though Mass attendance is about 10%, it's the faithful Catholics who go to Mass.....there's hundreds of "Vatican II" parishes I saw empty, or having 10-15 people for Mass....whereas the churches with the Latin Mass (or both Novus Ordo and Latin Mass), have many more.
The SSPX in France is stable and growing. There's even a Carthusian monastery in France affiliated to the SSPX. Saw it from he outside, but didn't get to see the monks. There are 22 of them though, and 6 novices.
Pope Francis is deeply,deeply disliked (won't say hateed) among the faithful Catholics in France, Netherlands, Ireland, and in Latin America...especially Chile and Argentina. In Chile, despite the good press Francis' meeting with abuse victims in Rome got, people there see him as a hypocrite or worse, who would have done nothing about the issue if not pushed.
Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to mention what I saw in my travels. You are 100% accurate in the posts you present about Francis, and the news surrounding him and his people. And I can attest from first hand, that he is tremendously disliked everywhere by Faithful Catholics. Many wish he would die and maybe a better man succeed him. I tried to tell some angry people in Italy that it's not good (or even Catholic) to wish someone dead like two men wished for Francis...but wound up being hollered at by a older man who said I was an American, and to naïve about Francis. They know him in Italy!
So there you go! Viva il Papa? That's not what the rank and file faithful in Italy wish for the Pope anymore!
Damian Malliapalli

Brendan Bradley said...

Damian, I wish this was the case where I live in Ireland where priests seem in competition to see who can quote PF's woeful spiritually most often. PF says this, PF says that - I lose the will to live when I hear this drivel!Further, they often invite the most liberal of cardinals, bishops, priests and laity to wax lyrical about PF in well-advertised talks, most notoriously by the great gay apologist, Fr Radcliffe. You won't hear of Cardinals Burke or Sara being invited to speak for Catholic orthodoxy. And even to mention these cardinals is to invoke the ire of so-called progressives. I pray I'm wrong but watch out for another sell-out of Catholic teaching on the coming 8th amendment on abortion. On the World Meeting of Families, note the inclusive "families" not The Family, designed to include LGBT+++++ gross imitations of the family as God ordained it. One Irish bishop (Limerick?) maintains that the family having changed means the inclusion of LGBT'families.' They are most welcome at the coming events. And parish bulletins are awash weekly with reminders to book early for the WMOF to avoid disappointment. Ireland, with the exception of the few, has gone to Hell. Protestant Unionists in the North, averse to a united Ireland for fear of Rome Rule, look south and can't believe the extent of irreligion there.No more worries about Rome Rule! And Catholics often are much less in favour of a united Ireland under one of the present faithless regime. Meanwhile Saints Patrick and Brigid turn in their graves to see the land of saints and scholars turn into a land of wimps and sycophants!

Salma Hayek said...

hmm that's a great quote and a great point thanks Tancred for another amazing article good luck

Catholic Mission said...

MAY 12, 2018
This is the non rigid, heretical teachings of the two popes, who are in a schism with the past popes, with their new doctrines, created with an irrational, new theology. They need to go for Confession

Anonymous said...

It sure would be swell if Catholics would pull their heads out of their rectums and stop acting like Sarah and Burke and esp BXVI are some sort of demigods championing orthodoxy. They're all conciliar men of the same cloth, all prop up V2 and the bastard new order rite. They might not be as loose with the canon as Frankie, but they're no saints either. Come to grips with it and wake up to reality, not to mention they're cowards as well.

Anonymous said...

Your're 100% right. Benedict XVI came the closest of post Vatican II popes to admitting its mistakes (he would never say its errors), Burke likewise. Benedict XVI would never repudiate it, because he's one of the last who participated in it. To his discredit, he was a radical during it. To his credit, he recognized many mistakes with it years later. He became somewhat to the right of JPII. But he would never repudiate the Council. Neither would Burke, even though he acts as if he knows much of it was wrong. But you are right. They are cowards. All the Bishops,Cardinals and priests are cowards (except of a tiny minority) for not repudiating Francis and company.
Cardinals Burke,Cafarra, Meisner, Mueller, Eck(Netherlands), Bradmuller, and even Sarah at least have some spine. Even Benedict XVI, who sided with the 7 good German bishops in opposing communion for Lutherans/Protestants.
But their overall weak response is not enough. You're right. They are basically cowards.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Hate...sigh. I really wish I could say I don't hate him 100% but everytime I see his portrait in the church or mentioned in mass, I can't help having negative feelings and end up praying, "May the Church of Shadow leave Rome" desperately.
I also feel my sense of charity being strained severely by PF. Thanks to his rants, I now highly suspect every priest who lectures on the poor and doesn't talk about God equally. When I listen to a homily nowadays, I feel like I'm eating cooked milkfish with poisoned bones in the meat. Meaning feeling every bit (priest's words) with my tongue so I can spit out every poisoned bone.