Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Immigrants Engage in Brutal Attack in Belgium

The attackers resorted to stones and knives to torture their victims.

[Tag 24] As the Polish news site Interia reports, two Poles were recently attacked during the night from Wednesday to Thursday and brutally beaten. This has also been confirmed by a spokesman for the Belgian police.

The two victims were taken to hospital. One could be released soon. The other man has suffered such severe head injuries that he still needs to be treated. He was not in mortal danger.

The two Poles (25, 26) are employees of a company in the port of Zeebrugge. When they were walking around Blankenberge around 4 am, "they noticed three immigrants trying to get into a truck," Interia says. The Poles shouted at the migrants and drove them away. Apparently they had prevented a truck hijacking.

But a few meters away, the three migrants of unknown origin lurked for the Poles. They first threw stones at them. When a Pole fell to the ground, they threw themselves upon him with a knife and gave him dangerous blows to the head. When his colleague attempted to help him, they also blocked him.

The immigrants were able to flee unrecognized. The police spokesman said that they are probably "illegal immigrants" who "probably wanted to go to the UK". There is currently a police search. The police have also warned the population not to act on their own and inform the police instead.



Anonymous said...

No surprises here.

This type of behavior should be expected and it will increase...

Ignorance would be bliss, if what is going on was merely ignorance. This is not ignorance, it is stupidity, which is a DELIBERATE, CALCULATED choice.

"You ain't seen nuthin yet"!

Bill Murphy said...

The Polish heroes probably recalled the Dec 2016 hijacking of a truck in Berlin. The Polish driver was murdered before his truck was used to kill several other people at a Christmas market.