Monday, May 14, 2018

Holy See Engenders Nothing but Defeat

Cardinal: “The Holy See always encourages surrender, everywhere.”

Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen, talking to Al Jazeera, called Pope Francis’ deal with China a “betrayal, evil and a sellout”. Francis wants to recognize the Chinese Regime Church. According to Zen, a majority of the state bishops are “slaves of the Communist regime” who really have – quote - “no faith”. Zen told Al Jazeera that – quote – “the Holy See always encourages surrender, everywhere.” He points out that – quote - “many people in the universal church may lose their faith in the pope."

Cardinal Kasper Keeps Making Confusion

The Anti-Catholic Cardinal Walter Kasper has claimed in an interview with Vatican Insider that Second Vatican Council’s decree on Ecumenism Unitatis Redintegratio (8) basically allows Protestant Communion. In reality, the passage speaks about “worship in common” and says that this “should not be considered as a means to be used indiscriminately for the restoration of Christian unity.” Worship in common has always been understood as assisting at a liturgy and not as receiving Communion.

Do The Same With Jews/Moslems And All Hell Will Break Loose

Although the recent Met Gala in New York made fun of the Catholic Church, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan participated in it. Piers Morgan wrote about this in the British Daily Mail – quote, “If the Met Gala was Islam or Jewish-themed, all hell would break loose – so why was it OK for a bunch of flesh-flashing celebrities to disrespect MY religion?” About the fact that the Vatican participated actively in this, Morgan replies, “What the hell was the Vatican thinking?”

Christian Holocaust in the Middle East

The Christians of the Middle East may disappear within ten years according to the Syrian-Orthodox Bishop George Saliba. 70% of the Christians have left Syria after the beginning of the under-cover aggression of the Western Regimes against the country. Since the American assault on Iraq, 85% of the Christians have fled the country. At the same time, Saliba notices that the West is about to become atheistic or Islamic.



Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Met Gay-la, how could Cardinal Dolan and Father Martin attend an event where the tickets are $30,000.? Even with someone else paying for them, where is their solidarity with the poor?

Litacanaman said...

Maybe Free or Gratis, Shame on them ,Hoe could they participate in this Mockery? Cardinal Dolan, esp Fr Martin better repent than burned like Judas Iscariot .

JBQ said...

Swarzman is a major contributor to the Archdiocese. He is evidently a billionaire. Obviously, he is of the Jewish Faith. His wife is a former Catholic. This was the second marriage for both. The marriage had both a rabbi and priest present.---There are no defeats only victories when you are talking about anarchy. Anarchy is the first step in destroying the old and then creating the new. Just follow the methods used for the Bolshevik Revolution.---This was a good thing with Alexander Kerensky having his peaceful revolution of March. By October, the real agenda had surfaced. The six apparitions at Fatima began on May 13 through October 13.

JBQ said...

I support you. However, the "new world order" explained by Malachi Martin who died in 1999 just does not agree with you. This is all about utopia on Earth.

Anonymous said...

A jew bankrolling a Catholic diocese. Disgusting. Why in heavens name would you allow the enemies of Christ to bankroll your diocese?

Anonymous said...

Whatchu talkin' about, Willis?!

You mean V2 dox (re Kasper on UR) can be interpreted in more than one way?

Say it ain't so?!

Satan loves him some ambiguity.
Satan REALLY loves him some V2.

Barnum said...

Because you are not only greedier than the proverbial Jew, you hate Christ and His Church more.