Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cowardly Ryan Caves on Firing Evil Jesuit

Edit: of course he caved. The first decent thing he’s probabaly done in his entire life, and he fails.

[Raw Story] Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has reversed his position on firing a liberal Catholic Chaplain after the priest, Father Patrick Conroy, rescinded his forced resignation Thursday afternoon.

“I have accepted Father Conroy’s letter and decided that he will remain in his position as Chaplain of the House,” Ryan said in a statement Thursday evening.

 “My original decision was made in what I believed to be the best interest of this institution. To be clear, that decision was based on my duty to ensure that the House has the kind of pastoral services that it deserves. It is my job as speaker to do what is best for this body, and I know that this body is not well served by a protracted fight over such an important post. I intend to sit down with Father Conroy early next week so that we can move forward for the good of the whole House.”
Father Conroy is a liberal Jesuit Catholic priest who supports same-sex marriage.



Bill said...

"The first decent thing he’s probabaly done in his entire life, and he fails." So, you disagree with Ryan's decision? May I ask why?

Anonymous said...

Do he really need to spell it out?

Bill said...

Yes. I need your reason(s) to be spelled out.