Friday, May 18, 2018

Pope Receives Resignation of All Chilean Bishops

Edit: he should resign too since he protected abusers in his own Diocese, and promoted enablers like Marx and Daneels to positions of prominence. This is absolute hypocrisy.



Fr. VF said...

This would be a good thing, if Bergoglio couldn't be depended on to find someone ten times worse to replace each and every one of them.

Ana Milan said...

PF has stated that he was part of the problem (the greater part) but it would be amazing if he were to accept these resignations & then resign himself. If he doesn't (& he has recently intimated he might) resign then he is a hypocrite as well as an apostate & heretic. Finding a Traditional Cardinal amongst the present Hierarchy with the spiritual determination to bring back Tradition to the CC immediately will be practically impossible. Cardinal Eijk who has removed the table from his private chapel might be worth considering, especially if he orders all tables removed from his Diocese & a return to the original altars.

Anonymous said...

Why did they resign?
Not for nothing but the Novus Ordo has been in very bad shape since the early 70's.
The show will go on as before & nothing will change anytime soon within the N.O.

Anonymous said...

Bishop Frances Slupski died on May 14th in Chicago,IL.
Bp.Slupski was ordained 1961 in Poland.
Bp.Slupski was consecrated 1999 by
Bp.Robert McKenna.
Please pray for repose of his Soul.
God bless.

JBQ said...

So, what are they going to do with all of the "picnic tables"?

JBQ said...

PF is a monstrous tactician. He could be the most intelligent creature to ever live with all due respect to the dark and rebellious angel.

Blotto said...

So the man who as recently as January called abuse victims' assertions 'slanderous' can now be portrayed in the media as those same victims' champion and defender courtesy of this collective clerical mea culpa. I've always said you can never have too much irony in life but I may now have to rethink my position.

Anonymous said...

Oh contrare: I'm a NO mass goer due to lack of options. We have recently been assigned a 27 year-old parochial vicar out of St. John Vianney in Denver and he is orthodox and tells me that his classmates are, too. He would have went on to FSSP but felt he could do more in the NO world. So hopefully the next crop of priests will be orthodox.

Also, NO gets grayer and grayer. It will either revive by hewing to tradition or die out.

Anonymous said...

What a pathetic joke.

Anonymous said...

They will try to portray Pope Francis as a hero now, who convened a special assembly dealing with abuse, and then the bisops offered their resignations. I am glad I was not the only one who thought that this was a hypocritical circus, a pathetic attempt to shore up Francis' image and to paint him as the hero of the sexual abused, a "man of his word". Now they have the movie just out glorifying Francis. What a load of manure (I could say what I'm really thinking but won't)
But if these bishops offer their resignations and are accepted, as Ana Milan said, it would only be right for Francis, who was the biggest offender because he ignored it and brushed it off, to resign himself. If not he is a bigger asshole than I though, as well as a hypocrite, heretic, and underhanded, backstabbing dirty player in Church affairs. He and his people are as slick as they come.
The good thing, is that rational, thinking, faithful Catholics will see right thru this b.s. and know Francis for exactly what he and his people are.
Believe me, Francis won't come out of this spotless. He's covered in filth from head to toe....and should quickly be told by the faithful Cardinals to pack his bags and go.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I was a history major in college, before I got a job as a male model on a dare. So afew weeks after I graduated college (9 years ago I sent my portfolio to an agency in NYC and LA on a dare from friends who thought I should. They meant it as a joke, sure I would be rejected....but to their surprise, and MINE, I was contacted, interviewed and was signed all within a month. BUT, I do have a degree in history...Western Civ. and Asian history....also Asian art history. And I know that this BS (and that's what it is folks), in the Vatican with Pope Francis, abuse survivors/victims, and the 34 bishops, was all staged. It was quickly arranged by the Vatican to shore up their leaders reputation.
The same thing happened in Russia in the early 60's with Kruschev, after the Bay of Pigs incident. Kennedy was humiliated, but Kruschev was more wounded. Party officials tried to shore up his image and authority, but within 18 months, he was sacked and replaced by Leonid Breshnev, a real hard-liner who marched Soviet troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968 when the Czech's began a movement for more freedom. Breshnev initiated a huge purge of Kruschev's people. A few committed suicide, fearing they would be hauled off to Siberia.
The same thing happened with Mao tse Tung. When the "Great Leap Forward", and later the Cultural Revolution produced economic and political disaster, there was a huge purge of the party of those responsible, and at the same time, a huge effort to glorify and almost deify Chairman Mao.
Now it's happening with Francis. This was all planned. It was all staged....100%. The resignations of the bishops is the worst act of all. Pathetic. Actually horrifying. It's what offending officials in Mao's China did, and in the North Korea, and Russia....and even further back, Nazi Germany (except those people were all executed, they didn't have a chance to offer a resignation). Mass purges happened in the Mafia too, and in Iran. Wherever a tyrant rules.
Pope Francis is truly evil. So are his people. The first person in this tragic show who should resign in Francis. He is the most guilty. He has the most dirt on him, because he knew about it for years and brushed it off.
If Francis comes out of this unscathed, and doesn't resign, but rather is presented as a hero, then know that the Catholic Church as it always has been up until five years ago no longer exists. It is now the cult of Francis (and his agenda). I don't want any part of that crowd...or "church"
Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

then again Brian, you have bergoglio stacking the college with a new crop of little monsters in his image. If the new crop of young priests is indeed orthodox, they will simply be chum in the water for the bergolionistas to chew up and spit out on the pile with the FFI, and they'll thoroughly enjoy every minute of the mutilation. The college is nearly fully far left (uber-modernist), with new appts. named soon. Only God can help us now....and it would appear that He has withdrawn nearly all grace. The remnant is very small, and will soon be very persecuted.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for:

Anonymous said...


The Chilean cardinal who's his advisor should resign too. I don't think PF should resign. We have one pope who resigned; we don't need two imo.


Anonymous said...

Show of Force by the Chilean Bishops hitherto the most dramatic tour de force against his Holiness.

Epic crisis of proportions surrmounting extreme delicate handling of this situation which is not his forte.

It is fairly obvious that Rome must have requested 1 or 2 Bishops to resign and well this didn´t go over well. If only the whole American Episcopate resigned in 2002-03 due to the horrendous handling of the abuse crisis we wouldn´t be in this fix!

Another factor is the Chile vs. Argentinian bias had he been an Italian Pope perhaps things would be different.

Pedro Regis´s message a week ago stipulated a command or order would come from the Palace that would shock the Faithful. Will he accept all their resignations? If they didn´t do that for the decadent N. American counterparts why would they be hyprocritical to do it now?

I hope he doesn´t do it but the likelihood is that he just might.

Carl J said...

Bull shit from a quitter who doesn't know the truth from a hole in the ground.
You have forfeited your right to a voice, Big Noter.

Tancred said...

Why do you always claim all this power to yourself?

Anonymous said...

Odd that Sky News reported 20 Priests perished in the Cuban 737 flight last week. This was incorrect it was 10 Pastors and families in this tragedy. However, Cathinfo which is not run by Catholics connected Chilean Bishops resigning amass and the Cuban flight tragedy within 24 hours of the Chile Resignation. It is as if they were expecting something? Very strange.

Unknown said...

It is obvious that the Catholic Church is no longer what it used to be. The most visible part is not Catholic at all, but anti-christian.