Monday, May 21, 2018

Cardinal Sarah Sees Promotion of Married Clergy as an Attack on Tradition

Curial Cardinal warns at a Pontifical High Mass for a Chartres pilgrimage: When the sacrament of Holy Orders is given to married men ("viri probati"), it leads to serious consequences and a definitive break with the Apostolic Tradition

Chartres Vatican ( "Dear brothers in the priesthood, always keep this certainty: to be connected to Christ on the cross, because priestly celibacy gives witness in the world! The resumption by some of the efforts to separate celibacy from the priesthood by giving the sacrament of ordination to married men ('viri probati'), which, as we have said, 'for pastoral reasons or necessities', leads to serious consequences, a definitive break with the Apostolic Tradition. Then we would establish a priesthood according to human criteria, but not continue the priesthood of Christ, obedient, poor and chaste. In fact, the priest is not just an 'alter Christi', but he is truly, ipse Christ: ‘Christ Himself! Therefore, the priest who follows Christ in the Church will always be a sign of contradiction!" Curial Cardinal Robert Sarah told the pilgrims in Chartes / France at a Pontifical Mass. Sarah is Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Order of the Sacraments.

Almost 12,000 pilgrims came to the traditional Pentecost pilgrimage to Chartres.

Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

I really like and respect Cardinal Sarah but not necessarily. The Orthodox allow marriage up to the deaconate and then no remarriage. I have made an acquaintance with an Orthodox monk who has never been married.---Maybe Cardinal Sarah sees the "grafitti" being written on the wall. In Western Culture, there is a massive rush to legitimatize lesbian marriage and thence force lesbians into the priesthood. Africans are way ahead of African-Americans in their ability to discern the truth of the Lord and not of the devil.

Constantine said...

I think that in attacking celibacy in the Roman Catholic Church is an attack against tradition because once longstanding customs are abolished, it will clear the way for other time-tested customs to be challenged.
Moreover, to make a married priesthood one will certain waterdown by fasttracking the priestly training and create a dogmatically clueless priesthood more dependent on leftist bishops and Leftist Popes guiding them.

El Codo said...

Well, the current issues in the Church have arisen with a solely celibate clergy! The Irthodox priests are married men....are they less spiritual than ours? Do not confuse tradition with Tradition!

Tancred said...

Yes, they are less spiritual, because they’re focused on their families, often more engaged in village power struggles, for example.

Ken Bailey said...

A good Gnostic would say that wouldn't he, Tancred?
Ever heard of the Incarnation, old chap?

Tancred said...

I thought someone murdered you in your jail cell.

Glad to see you survived.