Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Archbishop Sample Praises Notes Youthful Fascination With Immemorial Mass on EWTN

[Catholic Herald] Young people are drawn to the Traditional Latin Mass by its “beauty”, “sense of mystery” and “transcendence”, Archbishop Alexander K Sample has said.
Speaking during a Pontifical High Mass in the Extraordinary Form at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, Archbishop Sample praised Pope Benedict XVI for the “great gift” of Summorum Pontificum – the document that allowed the traditional Mass to be more widely celebrated – and said the “reverence and sacredness” of the old Mass would enrich the Novus Ordo.
The Archbishop of Portland, Oregon also noted how many young people were in the congregation, saying: “You are a sign—a great sign—of encouragement and hope for the Church tossed about these days on the troubled waters of secularism and relativism. As they say: you ‘get it.’”



JBQ said...

As someone from a traditional background, I support Archbishop Sample completely. Nevertheless, the "Old Mass" is toast. Francis is a radical socialist who wants a "Mass of the People". I have it on good authority here in the Midwest that churches themselves are at risk as barriers to the reaching out to the people. This is all about a merger of Communism and Christianity and a radical redistribution of wealth and the creation of a one world government.---The holiness and faith development of the individual is no longer relevant. It is all about a group mentality and massive behavior modification techniques which are reminiscent of the two Josephs. This would not be the faithful husband of Mary but Goebbels and Stalin.

Anonymous said...

"...the "Old Mass" is toast."

If St. Athanasius (whose feast is today) held a similar view in re to the Divinity of Christ and the Catholic Faith, the "Old Mass" and everything else would have been toast long ago.

Thank God that he did not share such a view. That's why St. Athanasius is a Saint today.

GKC once said that Christianity has died many times and has risen again, for it has a God Who knew the way out of the grave.

Ssuggestion: Read some GKC as well as Scripture.

Anonymous said...

Summorum Pontifucum?!


That motu proprio props up and validates the bastard rite.

What we REALLY have to thank is Pope Saint Pius V's QUO PRIMUM.