Saturday, March 17, 2018

More on Benedict’s Letter

Edit: looks pretty bad for Viganò and the Bergoglian spin machine. It looks like anti-Roman theologians hostile to Benedict and John Paul II were prominent in the multi-volume Bergoglian theological paperweight.

[Sandro Magister] The end has not quite been written on the story of the “personal” and “confidential” letter written February 7 by Benedict XVI to the prefect of the secretariat for communications, Dario Edoardo Viganò, and partially made public by him on March 12.

Not only was there a key passage in it that was purposefully omitted in the press release sent out by Viganò himself:

> The Double "Foolish Prejudice." The Complete Text of the Letter by Benedict XVI

Not only had the beginning of this paragraph been manipulated to make it illegible in the photo of the letter released by Viganò’s secretariat:

> Vatican doctors photo of Benedict’s praise for Francis

There’s more. The letter by Benedict XVI that Settimo Cielo published on March 13 in its complete form was in reality not complete.…/?refresh_ce


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