Sunday, October 29, 2017

Guest Post: Priest Attacks Latin Mass Community for Not Doing Their Part in Heartland

Edit: the following is a Sunday guest post from Laramie.

Sharing The Love On Fatima's Anniversary

By Laramie Hirsch

You would think that on the centennial anniversary of an apparition foretelling the world's doom, a Catholic would expect to hear a homily discussing either apocalyptic themes or perhaps a call to repentance with heavy emphasis on the use of the confessional. Or, if you are attending a Novus Ordo parish on the anniversary of Fatima, you can perhaps expect to hear a lovely little sermon about "the beautiful Miracle of the Sun." Myself, I can imagine a priest droning on and on about the beauty of God's miracles without even once mentioning a thing about the messages of the omen.

None of this was the case at a certain diocesan parish that I sometimes discuss. Though this parish has been hosting a TLM community since the reign of Pope Benedict XVI, it has recently been coming under fire under the tenure of Tulsa's latest Pope-Francis-installed bishop.

Instead of mentioning anything at all about Fatima, the Latin Mass community was roasted by the priest for not "pulling their weight" with the collections. The overall message was this: Look folks, you have a nice Latin Mass thing going on here, but it ain't gonna pay for itself. We're in the red, and you need to pick up the slack.

Of course, the parish in question has been in the red before, so there's that. But on the other hand, this parish is in a very low-income part of the city--usually the kind of parish location where the TLM community is funneled to. But this sermon was given in spite of the fact that this year's collections were a substantial improvement from the previous year's collections.


According to the parish church bulletin I've obtained, the facts and figures are thus:

Anglos (28% of the parish) contribute 40%
Hispanics (60% of the parish) contribute 46%
Latin (12% of the parish) contribute 24%

(The term "Anglos" is the priest's terminology, not mine. The priest even went in to comparing the annual income of the parish's neighborhood with the more well-off neighborhoods in the city.)

Now, consider how treasured the Hispanic community is to our bishops. Consider how they are embraced and welcomed with full love by the liberal Church hierarchy and Leftist priests throughout the United States. Consider how these priests will gladly stand outside the church to greet the Hispanic crowds with a smile. And then, consider the disdain that is showered upon those who take Catholicism seriously--the Latin Mass laity--who is considered the black sheep of the Catholic world.

In this situation, we see that the Latin laity brings in TWICE the amount of money that would represent them. Even when counting for sacramental donations and annual Kermes, the Hispanic community still cannot "carry their own weight." (A kermes is a sort of Hispanic festival that's held as a parish fundraiser.)

Nevertheless, the priest will continue to be stern, giving the congregation veiled threats of parish failure if they don't bring in more money.

The indelicate "sermon" was a slap in the face. To add insult to injury, this was only the second time the newly-installed priest--who is hostile to the TLM--gave any kind of homily to the Latin community. And, perhaps as expected, he did not help the Latin priest distribute communion.

Moral Of This Story

The New Order Church has it out for all remnants of the Catholic Church as your fathers knew it. It is easy to read about this sort of thing on the internet or in a book. But I must say, to witness this spectacle in person--the blackballing, the passive aggressiveness, the icing out--to see it all live and up front is quite startling to hear about.

A priest has recently been cited to say that:

"It's no use hankering for that 'Sunday Catholic' lifestyle which Traditionalists made a great effort to restore after the earthquake of Vatican II. Both the 1950s and the 1970s are gone forever. By this crisis God is purifying His Church, which may be reduced to numbers and to a lifestyle close to those of the early Church."

This same priest warns us that the beautiful buildings, relics, artwork, and museums will all be lost, so we should brace ourselves. Latin communities are holding on to the treasures of the Church by their fingertips. But at the end of the day, the laity doesn't carry the authority of a priesthood. We are told by Our Lady of Akita that the only arms which will remain for you will be the Rosary and the Sign left by my Son. This is not hard to imagine in a Catholic Church that now intends to celebrate Martin Luther.

The wolves are circling, and our previous pope fled in fear of them.



Anonymous said...

What a giant, steaming load of cow fertilizer. If this bishop would make an effort to have the the Traditional Mass in Latin said in more places in the diocese, more money would come into those parishes. Instead, he's offering up non stop novus ordo messes which are dwindling with fewer and fewer blue hairs alive to attend and young families not finding any spiritual consolation at those masses so they also don't want to attend. Young people themselves are completely turned off by the new mass and don't even attend. Don't believe me? find more than a few young people who attend regularly, they don't exist. Instead he's focusing his ire on the TLM community which brings in double what a normal mass at that same parish brings in.
Also, lets take a look at how that Bishop is spending the money in the diocese shall we? Is he giving money to resettle refugees who believe in a faith diametrically opposed to Catholicism? Is he giving money to groups like Acorn or Catholic Charities that have been caught RED HANDED subverting the faith? Lets check on the Bishops residence shall we? Is it a moderate/suitable house for a Bishop or is it a fancy palace with granite countertops and stainless steel chef's kitchen?
Dear bishop, please show us how you're spending the money of the faithful.

susan said...

Good to see you writing are missed.

Have you any news of Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God and her nuns?....what a horror is happening in Tulsa.

Anonymous said...

I would just to say,.. the wolves are for a while already, not just circling any more, but they are now eating the flock, alive! Alive, because the sheep are unable to recognize the wolves because they are for long time inside the herd, and masked with the sheep's fleece.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean the wolves are in the Shepherds' clothing.

Anonymous said...



JBQ said...

Here in St. Louis at Mass last week, it was stated that the Archdiocese had raised 100 million for "capital improvements". The little guy of about 17 stated that the parishes would be given back 40 million. He then said that this particular parish had received 12,000 for a security system in light of an attempt last Christmas to burn down the Church by setting the crib on fire. The church was shut down for a year.---The obvious question is just where did the 60 million go? What are the secret funds in use by the Archbishop and to what purpose are they funneling money?

Laramie Hirsch said...

No problem, Susan. Just contact me through nobious1 at gmail dot com, and I will register you to have access to The Hirsch Files.

I'm still writing every week. While I've been posting in different places since my lockdown, I still archive stuff over there.

When I go to that parish, I've continued to see Mother Miriam show up for that diocesan TLM. But I don't know if or where she'll move her operation.

Catholic Mission said...


OCTOBER 30, 2017

Two popes must ask Franciscans, Domincians, Jesuits, Benedictines, Carmelites and other religious organisations and lay movements to affirm Vatican Council II (premise-free) and then do it themselves

Anonymous said...

Yes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As a Dominican tertiar, I affirm concisely and willingly, without any kind of surmise that the VCII has produced a non-catholic results, which are, with that saying, against the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church. As in its parts, so in the very end, in the long run.
Certainly not intentionally by every responsible cardinal and bishop and priest and layman involved, but that's not the question now and here.

I really hope the time is ripe for that. But I wonder how many clerics and lay people, are still because of their lack of ignorance, or laziness, or what ever the real reason might be, for their deception, still can give only a totally wrong affirmation.

JBQ said...

EWTN is well known as a faithful supporter of traditional Catholicity. The CNA, Catholic News Agency, out of Denver has recently been taken into their abode. Until recently, one could comment on their articles. Of late, it is noted that this is no longer so. All of the articles of recent vintage are labeling Francis as a faithful servant of the traditional Gospel.---So, what happened? The devil likes nothing better than to "infiltrate and destroy" the most faithful of his supporters. That appears to be what is happening at EWTN. Mother Angelica is no longer around to keep the organization on the "straight and narrow".

Anonymous said...

Amen Ivan! Recently read an interview with Brian McCall that I thought was somewhat relevant to this discussion:

Can traditionalists ever get along? Or will it be a fruitless struggle between all the varying camps?
Christians have always faced the temptation to strife and sins against charity. St. Paul is already correcting and warning the early Church. Yet, when the shepherd is struck the sheep will scatter. Scattering sheep will inevitable crash into each other. Thus, the temptation to strife and disagreement is radically greater when there is a collapse of authority as we have experienced since the Council. The only hope to curb this tendency is for all traditionalists to unite under a legitimate authority. If all traditionalists had remained united under the authority of Archbishop Lefebvre, many of these problems would not have arisen. This is why the Roman authorities have worked for decades to keep traditional leaning groups divided and pitted against each other. They know that if they were united under a single authority, they would wield incredible influence in the Church.

Given Pope St. Pius X, Fr. Malachi Martin, Cardinal Biffi and Archbishop Lefebvre all stated the Antichrist was close why do Catholics have such a hard time accepting this declaration?
Accepting reality is often frightening and so denial and delusion are emotionally easier. It is a fact that since the coming of Our Lord, every single day brings us closer to the last days. How much farther away are they specifically? None of these great Churchmen knew for certain. What they did know was that the spirit of the Antichrist, the spirit that would be necessary for the world to be seduced by him has been growing steadily since the sixteenth century. The more this spirit of Antichrist, the more prepared is the world to receive him. It is this that Catholics should accept and not merely a sensationalist millennialism.

So many Catholics are falling into despair. What can Catholics do to keep in Faith and preserve unto the end?
Find a good traditional spiritual director. Only through developing a deep interior life fortified, when possible in this crisis, by the Sacraments can we avoid the pitfall of despair. Developing a deep relationship with Our Lord is the only way we can stay rooted to the truth that this is His Church and the partisans of error who pillage it do so only so long as He permits them. Without the anchor of an interior life guided by a traditional spiritual director we are in grave spiritual danger. We have to make every effort, including the prudent use of modern technologies that can be used to transcend space, to find and place ourselves under the direction of a traditional spiritual director.

Anonymous said...

A small point, but an obvious error: 40% + 46% +24%= 110% of collections.

Woody said...

Byzantine (Ruthenian) Community of Tulsa
Meeting at:
St Augustine (Latin) Church
1728 E Apache St
Phone: 918-585-8280

Tom said...

Eventually, those Catholics who are assisting at TLM Masses being offered in Novus Ordo and FSSP parishes will learn that the "modern" popes, bishops and priests abandoned far more than simply the TLM when they imposed the teachings of Vatican II on the faithful. The TLM offered by the "modern" bishops is merely a teaser that will soon slip back beneath the surface in the very near future. The "Ecumenical Mass" is coming, and when it does the Summorum Pontificum will be abrogated.

If one does not have access to an SSPX Chapel today, perhaps the TLM offered by the Vatican II-inspired priests is there only opportunity. But if I were in their shoes, I would move. The cost and aggravation incurred as a result of starting a new life where an SSPX community is strong (like Florida, is a small price to pay for pleasing God and saving one's soul.

NIdahoCatholic said...

I cannot imagine the four priests in my (FSSP) parish who celebrate the Pure Oblation will have anything to do with an "Ecumenical Mass."

Anonymous said...

Please do not call it Mass. At least, do not write it with the Big letter. That kind of crap, can NEVER be even close to the HOLY CATHOLIC MASS, where we are attending to the Most Holy Sacrifice of our God and Lord, our Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ!
eCUMENICAL mESS can only and just be an unjust term of an unjust, reverted, perverted tHING! Which came, as we know, from devil himself, and his servants and minions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us read this. Very good article indeed. It is for sure, that times where we live now, are for many Catholics already the times without a true Catholic spiritual director, leider, helper, - the Catholic PRIEST. Many may have some kind of priest somewhere not too far around them, but some of them they should better avoid than follow or listen to them.
This means that many of Catholics have right NOW, a very difficult times. Therefore are very blessed all those Catholics who have a solid foundation of the Catholic Faith embodied in the tradition of our Mother Church, and all the true Saints of God, and our Church fathers from past centuries.
Because only that is a real, a true a solid fundation of the real true Catholic FAITH.

Irenaeus said...

Thank you for this! I will be sending you an email to gain access to your files.

Catholic Mission said...

OCTOBER 30, 2017

Double- speak continues with Ecclesia Dei and the CDF : Vatican Council II is not the real issue for the SSPX reconciliation
Ecclesia Dei and I interpret Vatican Council II and all magisterial documents differently. What if I was an SSPX bishop for example, or what if an SSPX bishop interpreted the Council as I do, would it be acceptable for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.
No.It would not be acceptable. Otherwise they would have informed me about it a long time back.
The issue was never Vatican Council II. The issue was always ideology.The SSPX had to accept the leftist ideology in the interpretation of magisterial documents and only then they could be given canonical status.
For me Vatican Council II is not a rupture with the strict interpretation of the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus. For Pope Benedict and Cardinal Ladaria it was always a rupture.
But they just couldn't create a rupture, there had to be a theological means.
So they accepted the false premise used in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 to the Archbishop of Boston.This changed the traditional interpretation on EENS.
They then interpreted the hypothetical cases in Vatican Council II as referring to known and objective people saved outside the Church.So LG 16 because a rupture with the dogma extra ecclesiam nulla salus as it was interpreted over the centuries. It was no more like it was for the missionaries in the 16th century Pope Benedict confirmed it last year for any one who still had doubts.
I however have found out their mistake. I am not going into sedevacantism and nor am I going to be a traditionalist who rejects the Council since he does not want to accept a breach with Tradition( Syllabus of Errors etc).
So now if there was an SSPX bishop or priest at the St. Benedict Center or an FSSP priest who announced that they accept Vatican Council II just as I will not be acceptable.
The SSPX could state that Pope Benedict said that the issue was doctrinal and so they are now affirming Vatican Council II and they have been given permission to offer the Latin Mass with Summorum Pontificum.
No way.
It has to be Vatican Council II in which LG 16 refers to visible people saved outside the Church even if practically there are no such cases.
So the Nicene Creed to has to be changed.
EENS has already been changed in the 1949 Letter with invisible for us baptism of desire etc being a visible exception to the dogma EENS.
This is how Cardinal Raymond Burke ,Joseph Shaw and the signatories of the Filial Correction interpret Vatican Council II.
In the 2012 General Chapter Statement the SSPX affirmed EENS without the irrational premise, it was a Feeneyite version of EENS and Ecclesia Dei did not announce that they had accepted it.
So now we know that Vatican Council II is not the real issue for the SSPX to receive canonical status.The SSPX has to interpret invincible ignorance (LG 16) etc as referring to known cases,visible people saved without 'faith and baptism'. So then LG 16 is a break with the Feeneyite interpretation of EENS, it is a rupture with the magisterium of the 16th century.This is how they do it at the Bishops Conferences world wide.It is only then that Vatican Council II will be acceptable to Cardinal Ladaria and Archbishops Pozzo and Di Noia.There has to be a hermeneutic of rupture while they in public speak of a hermeneutic of continuity.
In March 2016 Pope Benedict announced that there was a hermeneutic of rupture with EENS (Avvenire) and it was caused by 'the development' in Vatican Council II and all along he has been speaking about a possible hermeneutic of continuity with Vatican Council II.
-Lionel Andrades

Tom said...

Nidaho Catholic-- That may be wishful thinking, because the FSSP priests are living a charade. They profess the true faith, publicly; but have taken an oath to uphold Vatican II teachings.

But a day will come when they will have to choose: follow the true teachings of the Catholic Church like the SSPX, or follow the false leaders of Rome. They had the choice once in 1988 and chose to follow the leaders in Rome. Perhaps the next time they will make a better choice, but you fool yourself if you refuse to see that the day when they will be forced to make that choice is fast approaching.

JBQ said...

Today's news profiles Cardinal Mueller commenting on "Amoris Laetitia". He defends Communion for adulterers. He uses the tact of exceptions being the rule. Francis is quoted by Scalfari as being in favor of anyone who wants it.

Laramie Hirsch said...

Interesting. These numbers were transcribed straight from the Sunday bulletin. Very interesting. Good catch.

JBQ said...

We have a Byzantine site here in St. Louis as part of the Eparchy of Parma. It is staffed with priests from the Archdiocese of St. Louis. The current administrator has a full time position as pastor of a suburban rich parish. This same parish last Christmas was almost burned down by evident BLM fanatics. They stacked material on top of the crib and set it on fire. The church was shut down for a year.---Just how much influence can this pastor be with a full time pastor position which is 30 miles away? The Byzantine site had been on the property of a former monastery which was used as a parish. The parish was moved to join the school which had been separated. The Byzantines had to move. The Notre Dame nuns gave them a space. The archdiocese had them move out over a year ago.---The monastery and its close to 9 acres is now for sale. The archdiocese has a history of turning one church into a theater and another into a skateboard indoor stadium. I am pessimistic just where this is going. The archdiocese also has a habit of turning over former church property to minority groups in order to integrate previously stable neighborhoods.---About 3 years ago, I attended the Byzantine service just as I had attended one in Orlando. The services are shallow when run by Western minded priests. They are really there to "infiltrate and destroy". St. Raymond of Maronite origin is a combination of ascetic and Latin. It is really impressive. I thought that this would be contained in the two Byzantine sites that I attended.---Instead, attendance was a joke with maybe two families at both venues. While at the service in the Midwest, the Jesuit celebrant did not like my response to the "bread on a spoon". He grabbed my face and forced open my mouth and actually physically assaulted me. I came close to punching him in the face. He also was noted to make a point of making sure that women had an equal slot in the service. This just doesn't happen in any Orthodox service of any kind or kin.--The bottom line is that after the service, I enjoyed the splendor but never looked back and never returned. If the Byzantine service is not held by a Byzantine priest, then you do not have the same flavor. There was no doubt that the presence of the Jesuit was a sign of "infiltrate and destroy". You obviously do not see any Jesuits having any influence with the Lebanese Middle Eastern Maronite rite.---If Francis takes them on, you have a physical war. In Lebanon, the Maronites have a unity government with the Shia and Sunni sects. There have been violent confrontations between the groups. Here in St. Louis. the Lebanese mafia had a war with two factions killing each other 20 years ago.---The Maronites do not believe in homosexuality. The Western Church has been infiltrated. Let's see where this goes and just how violent that the resistance will be to the "kinder, gentler" version of the Gospel.

Brian W said...

Mueller is very flexible.

James Joseph said...

susan said... a Russian gymnast.

Laramie Hirsch said...

Wikipedia is run by Leftists. Forget them. Try this one, instead!

Anonymous said...

He is like a double-sided coin. But the question is,- what is it worth? I don't trust him neither. It seems, he is calculating,... he probably will keep such position that he may count on many leftist voices, to get some higher position in Vatican. He is calculating. Instead, his own calculating, he should better leave calculating to God, and he may just do his own job, which he is not doing properly.

Anonymous said...

This suppose to be under the comments of JBQ, Brian W, and susan.

Cathy D said...

And what will the Archdio do when it sells the Kennedy property? Who will benefit financially? That's pretty lucrative piece of real estate. But the Archdio supports Catholic education dontcha know. Tell it to my 8th grader who should have become a Celt next fall