Thursday, October 5, 2017

A Million Poles Will Pray on the Anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto With the Action "Rosary on the Border"

A Million Poles will pray on the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto on the border of their homeland for God's intervention for the people and fatherland and the conversion of Europe
(Rome) Pope Francis referred in his greetings to Polish pilgrims on the occasion of 100 years of Fatima,
"In each of the six appearances, the Mother of God asked, 'I want you to pray the Rosary.' Let us pray, by responding to their request, together for the Church, for the Chair of Peter, and for the cares of the whole world. Let us ask forgiveness for sins. Let us pray for the conversion of the doubtful, for those who deny God and for the souls in purgatory. I sincerely bless you for all of you who pray the Rosary."
A priest translated the words into Polish.

One million Poles to pray the rosary on the border of their land

Next Saturday, a million Poles will gather along the borders of their land and pray the Rosary. A laity initiative has called for a Rosary Celebration (Feast of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary of the Rosary) to a rosary of expiation. The idea comes from the foundation God Alone is Sufficient and has the full support of the Polish Episcopal ConferenceWith a statement, the bishops called on Poles to participate in the action and to secure the borders of the country with the Rosary. The action was intended to emphasize the foundations on which the Polish state of affairs rests, and to procure the Divine Assistance for its people and land.
The action is called "Rozaniec do granic" (Rosary on the Border). More than 300 churches near the border are involved in the action, as are churches at the most important airports in the country and in other countries where Polish communities abroad are located. On the website of the action it reads,
"The Rosary is a powerful weapon in the fight against evil, so powerful that it has not only changed the course of history once. There are thousands of testimonies and proven miracles that prove its exceptional effectiveness."
"As a salvation for the world Our Lady shows the prayer of the Rosary."
"This is why we believe that when the Rosary will be prayed by about a million Poles gathered at the borders of the country, this can not only change the course of events, but open the hearts of our countrymen to the grace of God."
"The powerful prayer of the Rosary can influence the fate of Poland, Europe and even the whole world."
"In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph."

"We pray for the people and the Fatherland and for the conversion of Europe"

Maciej Bodasinski, the founder of the God Foundation alone, and one of the initiators of the prayer campaign, told LifeSiteNews that "for the conversion of Poland, the conversion of Europe and the conversion of the whole world to Christ" has been prayed, "so that as many souls as possible are saved from eternal damnation and find the way to God." Bodasinski also referred to the "growing danger of war and terrorism." The Rosary is also an "act of expiation for the Communist past of Poland and the curses and wounds inflicted on the Immaculate Heart of Mary."
The Poles will pray for the people and the fatherland, and it addressees also the European Union, which is leading a more or less open march against the countries of Central Europe because they oppose the just as illegal, unrestrained mass immigration leading to an Islamization of Europe.
The Vaticanist Marco Tosatti talks of a Catholic, Polish resistance, against an attitude which has generally replaced the group's interests and lobbying interests. The Islamization, which the initiators of the Polish prayer campaign want to prevent in their country, is - according to Tosatti - a fact.

Islamization is a fact: in Vienna from 0.4 percent to 28 percent

The Vaticanist refers to two reports. In the past two days alone, 5,000 boat migrants had arrived in France without being reported by the media. In order not "to not disturb business", says Tosatti. He also published figures on the Islamization of Vienna, the capital of Austria. The share of Muslims in the population:
  • 1971: 0.4 percent
  • 2011: 11.6 percent
  • 2017: it is not known (but 28 percent of the students are Muslims).
To this says Tosatti:
"The undersigned personally has nothing against Muslims, but how should one describe the phenomenon of an increase of such magnitude, if not an invasion?"

Prayer action on the day of the Battle of Lepanto

Battle of Lepanto 1571

The prayer campaign "Rosary on the Border" will take place on October 7, as the initiators announced, because on 7 October 1571 the Christian fleet commanded by Don Juan d'Austria defeated the Turks in the Battle of Lepanto and because it was a first Saturday of the month. The Mother of God asked in Fatima for the worship of her Immaculate Heart and the daily prayer of the rosary, but also for reparation on five successive first Saturdays of the month. The 7th of October, 2017 is such an Immaculate Heart of Mary Sunday. The Rosary Festival was introduced to thank Her for the victory of Lepanto.
The Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, owned by the US billionaire George Soros, is trying to spoil the prayer campaign, according to Tosatti.

The program

The action begins at 10:30 am with prayer and catechesis in all churches. At 11 am Holy Mass will be celebrated and Eucharistic Adoration will be held from 12 noon. Afterwards there will be an opportunity for lunch, then the participants go to the nearby border where the rosary will be prayed at 2 pm.
The prayer action is going to be broadcast by Radio Maryja .
"The Poles at least have limits," says Tosatti. It would also be time for other peoples to pray.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Rozaniec do granic / Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

For Francis, the 28% is a very good thing. He is calling for intermarriage. In point of fact, my ethnicity derives from just such a mixture. My father's father was from Vienna. His wife was German.---I talked with a Hungarian priest about my ethnicity since I traced my heritage to Hungary. He told me that he was born in Hungary. He then told me that back in the Middle Ages, the wars killed plenty of Christian Hungarians. Germans were brought in to fill the void. He then said that my name told him that there was intermarriage with Islam. In America, my ethnicity is unusual. In Austria, there is page after page in the Vienna phone book of that surname.---That is what Francis wants to do. If you intermarry, then the children will be products of both belief systems. Francis has it all figured out. Just what could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

This is good. But please, only the Joyful, Sorrowful & Glorious mysteries. These three parts have been given & taught to us for centuries. The other one is a JP II initiative to glorify humanity. Popes prior to Vatican II in the 20th century did not deem it necessary to add anything to the rosary. The "O my Jesus forgive us our sins, save us..." said at the end of each decade is commanded by the Lady of the Rosary herself at Fatima.

Anonymous said...

The Transfiguration and Baptism of John the Baptist glorify humanity? By what stretch of the imagination? So were the Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious Mysteries declared ex cathedra, never to be added to??

Constantine said...

When the mother of God refers to the Rosary as 3 sets of mysteries, that is the rosary. Whatever phosphorescent, dayglow or luminous mysteries are added, its not a traditional rosary. Moreover, it implicitly glorifies the evil sinister forces of religious pluralism, religious dialogue, and religious liberty which was backed by the leftist proDemocracy John Paul II.

Anonymous said...

Please, do not write about Polish neo-Catholicism if you do not have enough knowledge to understand its problems. The above action is organised by two lay people who founded a private foundation supporting pseudocharismatic movements, Medjugorje fraud, etc. For unknown (or rather know reasons - for Polish Conference of Bishops support days of talmudism and islam in churches and islamization of Europe) the above private action has gained the support of Polish church hierarchy and top politics (is there any Opus Dei in the backgrund).
Furthermore, the action is a modernist provocation forcing Polish Catholics to say so-called luminuous JPII mysteries contradicting the long tradition of the Holy Rosary - on the day of Holy Virgin and St. Pius V victory of Lepanto.

Tancred said...

Start your own blog, and you can talk about your weird life and personal preferences there.

Anonymous said...

When labeling me as "weird" I wonder if you support the so-called "slayings in the spirit" actively promoted by the organisers of the Polish action. Strange - I've thought that this is the Catholic blog looking for Truth. I must have been mistaken I guess. If you want to follow modernist popular myths - of course this is your blog you are free to do it even as "Catholic Royalist".
You wrote "the foundation God Alone is Sufficient and has the full support of the Polish Episcopal Conference" - and it's true because Polish Episcopal Conference is very modernist, promoting Medjugorje, Neocatechumenate, pseudo-charismatics and such events as annual days of islam (sic!) and judaism. It's the "weird", to use your words, life of the Church in Poland and my "personal preferences" have nothing to do with actual events that you try to shut your eyes wide at.
PS In the prayer book prepared for the event there was no mention about islam, islamization or Lepanto battle.

Anonymous said...

You are right - and the event was organised by the laymen foundation Solo Dios Basta. Members of the foundation in their representations and movies actively promote "slayings in the spirit", para-pentecostal "charistmatics" in the Church as well as Medjugorje fraud.

Anonymous said...

One more thing to clarify. In Poland the "mainstream" (I think I can use that term in the age of heterodoxy) Church is divided into two levels:
a) hierarchy: most members are conservative (but not traditional) in the question of morals (following JP II's moderate conservatism - but also his so-called "theology of body) but revolutionary (as JPII who tried to extaltate the VII to the doctrinal level) in questions of doctrine (I wonder if you know that almost 20 years ago the Polish Bishops have introduced such annual events to Polish churches as the Day of Islam - the first in the world and Day of Judaism, the Primate of Poland several months ago declared his access to the Committee of Commemorating the Reformation - together with Swedish "bishopress" Jackelen, the present president of the Conference of Bishops is one of main long time one friends and supporters of the American Jewish Committee and the inventor of the above-mentioned day of Talmudic Judaism in Polish churches, one of main archbishops [of Gdansk] said Mass in his cathedral with La Marseillaise played as Introit and rabbi & imam speaking from the pulpit by the post- conciliar altar, another was the major protector of Neocatechumenate - Crd. Rylko, presently his place took bp Kiernikowski, etc.); traditional priests are outcasts (to small parishes and villages) despite some post-indult "museums" of traditional Rite, precisely limited - to prevent too much growth; the hiererchy disagree with simple faithful in several questions including approach to the today mass immigration to Poland,
b) the simple faithful is a mixture of cream-cake JPII sentimentalism (very dangerous - because closing eyes to the problems of the Church) and some remnants of the long Polish Catholic tradition (thus - good impulses such as devotion to the Holy Virgin and the Holy Rosary shown on Saturday, unfortunately utilised by modernists). The second element can be summarized in the IV-century words of St. Hillary of Poitiers in Contra Auxentium Mediolanesem: "ears of the faithful are holier than the hearts of the bishops". It's not only a compliment from the part of the Doctor of the Church but also a rebuke that the faithful do not see what Arian priests do with them. The same case is with the Polish church.

Tancred said...

Get lost.

Tancred said...

You can nitpick all you want. This is clearly a salutary initiative.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Canada a mother of three children is jailed for 6 months for praying the Rosary