Thursday, September 14, 2017

Catholic Traditionalist Rapper Attacked With Hammers at Paris Cafe

Edit: the following is a report from a music journalist who took note of the event and is concerned by the thuggery, and well he should be.  The event took place last year in March.

We've known about this entertainer for a while. It looks like he's continued to be active in the years since his big hit celebrating France's tradition and religion.

Being hit in the head by a hammer is always a life changing experience. He seems to have been very quiet in the year since this happened:

Publié le 15 mai 2016 - par Kevin Morvan - 29 commentaires - 8 912 vues

While all the media were bashing us with "Black M" [He is a French rapper of African background.], that the politicians of the left (Taubira, Cambadélis, Lang ...) and the pseudo-philosopher but real cosmopolitan Bernard Henri-Lévy were whining about the cancellation of the concert planned in Verdun in the context of the commemoration of the centenary of the war of 14-18 and shouting at the return of a fascist fantasy, a rapper called "Goldofaf" (mixture of Goldorak and faf) was brutally assaulted on May 13 in the evening at the terrace of a cafe in the 15th arrondissement of Paris by individuals armed with hammers and truncheons who left him covered in blood.

What is the difference between "Black M" and "Goldofaf"?

There is a fundamental opposition between these two individuals, one spitting on France and the "kouffars", was dubbed and widely promoted by the media system. Less popular, the second poses as an unconditional defender of France and the Catholic tradition. While "Black M" is greeted with open arms everywhere and can give concerts where he wishes (after the Verdun episode, maybe things will change slightly but I doubt it), patriotic rappers such as " Goldofaf "or" Kroc Blanc "can not occur on stage, except in private events whose address will of course be disclosed at the last moment in order to prevent ultra-left nervis from playing the cries of "No pàsaran", "No freedom for the enemies of freedom".

We have the right not to love rap at all, not to be a Catholic and counter-revolutionary like "Goldofaf". However this rapper, and the same goes for the other singers of the movement, disturbs the oligarchy. The aggression he was targeted with is unacceptable (if "Black M" had been beaten, I would have also condemned the act but all the television stations would have spoken of it certainly blaming the occurrence upon the intolerance of the "fachos." This is the silence of the media, and as the saying goes, which does not say consent.) This is enough of the impunity of the ultra-left, of these sectarian groups that behave like real militias and manipulate idle youths and then push them against an imaginary threat. An embrigade that is being done at the moment, including in the lycées, against the backdrop of fighting the El Khomri law. Although I have no illusions, I urge the authorities to react to find the perpetrators as quickly as possible and wish a sound recovery to this artist for this crime committed in behalf of the current ideology.

Here is the famous reprise of "Engraved in the rock" by the anti-French group Sniper, which Goldofaf had released a few years ago and which allowed him to gain notoriety.W



susan said...


Kathleen1031 said...

As an American, I can't really follow what is going on here, but I do understand that Christianity, Christians, and anything "good", is enough to cause Satan to send minions in to attack it. The world has gone MAD, and evil thrives. In the media, society has an enemy. They promote evil, violence, mayhem, and all for progressive (satanic) causes.
We are under attack people, and most citizens are so incredibly complacent. Look at London, just another attack against Christians, and the government and media do nothing at all but make sure you don't say anything negative about Islam, and the people, have just...given...up. Before they ever fought to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

There are Europeans who resist the tidal wave of Jewish machinations, but we are confined to grassroots levels and we are very much scattered abroad and isolated. What we need is Don Pelayo-type leaders to gather Catholics into on-the-ground political forces in the various European countries. The children of men need leaders. That is human nature, and is thus the same for Europeans and Americans. You Américains have a natural advantage against the Saracens to some degree with the Atlantic Ocean that they have to cross in order to tread foot upon your shores, whereas the lands of Aenea are easier for them to reach (they also want to conquer us most because we have the Apostolic See amongst us). Nevertheless, they would surely concentrate their focus on your nation, concealed behind the waters of the great sea, should Europe fall into their hands.

Hopefully the Poles and Magyars will help us sabotage Jean-Claude Juncker and the Judeo-American proxy-regime called "European Union" so that we can soon take our altars, hearths and soil back from the Hebrews and from the children of Hagar.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Tancred said...

Rome is their next target after Constantinople.

Anonymous said...

"There are Europeans who resist the tidal wave of Jewish machinations, but we are confined to grassroots levels and we are very much scattered abroad and isolated."

This person who keeps brings up/blaming the Jews for everything is nuts.
Rather, it looks like something the thugs and radical liberal goons who are supporters of Pope Francis and his warped agenda would do.
There is talk/rumors that Cardinal Cafarra and Meisner were both done in by Francis' supporters, and Cardinal Cafarra said before he died that he was being watched and his telephone tapped by the Vatican. Pope Francis and his people are evil and sick. This is exactly something they would do.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Would you also categorise Pope Saint Pius X as insane, since he praised Monseigneur Henri Delassus for his work in exposing, among other things, the leading role of the Jews in the Revolution that overthrew the Pontifical States and the Catholic thrones, and which has in our times orchestrated mass foreign invasion into Europe? This prelate (who was a doctor in theology, an Honorary Prelate of the Pope, subsequently a Protonotary Apostolic, and highly reputed among the great French ecclesiastical writers) received a letter of praise from Cardinal Merry del Val, in the name of Pope Saint Pius X, for publicising his important research.

Here is an excerpt from the letter: "The leading ideas of your beautiful work are those that have inspired the great Catholic historians : The action of God in the events of this world, the fact of the Revelation, the establishment of the supernatural order, and the resistance which the spirit of evil opposes to the work of Redemption. You show the abyss whereto leads the antagonism between the Christian civilisation and the pretended civilisation that retrogresses towards paganism."

It is even possible that Pope Bergoglio himself is of Jewish ancestry (though it is an open question that requires research before any conclusion), since his family originates from a place in Italy that was historically known for its Jewish presence.

It would be wise for you not to speak so belligerently on subjects of which you are ignorant.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Anonymous said...

"Rome is their next target after Constantinople." [Tancred]

Exactly. It is their old dream. And no pandering to Mahometans coming from Pope Francis will change that.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I am ignorant about the issues, but constant comments by yourself or others about Jews (the Jews this or that, etc.) sounds too much like the kind of thing that would have come from the mouth of Hitler , Goebbels, Himmler, etc. during WW II. It creeps me out to hear or read it because of the terrible things done to the Jews in WWII. The whites supremacists here in the USA (KKK etc.) spew the same things.
My neighborhood where I grew up is/was 60% Jewish, and many were very fine people. MUch better than the 1 family of bible-thumping Christians (unfortunately our next-door neighbors), who tried to organize a hate campaign on the street against a family of Japanese Buddhists who moved directly across from their house. They encouraged the street to shun them, and they were excluded from all the Christmas, New Year's and Labor Day parties these people threw at their house, which is the biggest on the street.
But our Jewish neighbors have been always among the best neighbors one would want to have.....which is why I get annoyed by the anti-Semitism appearing here from time to time.
No offense, but I'm not anti-Jewish. :)
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Muh anti-Semitism!!!

Anonymous said...

Hitler? You mean the grandson of the Jewish Salomon Mayer von Rothschild in Vienna? Apparently the pious Chancellor of Austria, Engelbert Dollfuß, discovered these family origins of Hitler through an investigation that he had ordered to be opened on the subject of his lineage, which was surrounded with a shroud of mystery. That is possibly why Hitler had his henchmen assassinate him.

Hitler was most likely an agent of the Rothschilds to lead a false opposition (the present day rise of KKK- and National-Socialist sympathies in America seems like exactly the same kind of thing) with the aim of placing the Holy Land into the hands of the Jews after the war. After all, the Tel Aviv regime was created by the Rothschilds, as the Balfour Declaration shows.

Is it a coincidence that they have attacked Syria, which is one of the few countries that do not have Rothschild-controlled banks?

"Anti-Semitism" means hatred against the Jews and other Semitic peoples based on their race. The term understood as such does not apply to me. I venerate the Hebrew saints, Saint Alphonse de Ratisbon and Saint Theresa Benedicta of the Cross, but I will not bend my knee to vile satanical oligarchs that have drenched the Occident in a mire of occultism, depravity and apostasy.

My great-grandfather was imprisoned in a German prisoner camp because he had fought for God and Belgium, and actually managed to escape from that camp. Has Hitler put even one Rothschild in a prisoner camp? I do not think so. Only more or less non-influential Jews, it seems, and Catholic Hebrews like Saint Theresa Benedicta.

As Mgr. Ernest Jouin (another Protonotary Apostolic) rightfully said before the Second World War, there were at that time two major forces in the world; the Catholic Church and Judeo-Masonry, intrinsically and necessarily opposed to each other. And, since Hitler was inimical towards the Apostolic See, and the Apostolic See towards him, it must have been Judeo-Masonry that made him rise to power in Germany. After all, who financed him?

It is important not to succumb to emotional reactions when talking about the Jews, because the internationalist oligarchies have conditioned the population to scream, so to speak, hysterically whenever criticism against Juda is expressed.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Anonymous said...

If Hitler was Jewish, then WHY did he send millions of Jews, Catholics et al to the concentration camps? Do you have any sources for this?

Anonymous said...

Documentation regarding Hitler being a Rothschild is found in, "Inside the Gestapo: Hitler's Shadow over the World", by Hansjürgen Koehler. The results of the Austrian Chancellor's investigation were sent to the Gestapo, most likely in an attempt to counter Hitler with the threat of publicising the evidence. Walter Langer wrote a psychological analysis of Hitler for the OSS, based on the documentation of Koehler's book.

Benjamin Van Dyck.

Tancred said...

Thanks Mr. Van Dyck

Anonymous said...

Jew, you can pretend to be dutch all you like, but no human will ever believe you. Humanity has your number now, and Christian Crusaders will march into Jerusalem beside our Muslim brothers to wipe you out forever... there.... and then across the entire world.