Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Critic of Pope Francis' Visit: "Many Are Convinced, That He's Connected to Freemasonry"

Criticism of the Pope's visit to Colombia: it concerns the repression that Francis is imposing on the Church, but also the political attitude he takes to the domestic political conflict with the Marxist guerrilla organization FARC. A priest told RCN Radio: "Many pray for not coming."

(Bogota) The evidence of priests who are dissatisfied with the direction given by Francis to the Church is the result of the large number of reports on the forthcoming visit to Colombia from the 6th to 11th of September. A priest, who will participate in a direct encounter with Francis, will present his reservations to him on this occasion and also say that "many" are convinced that Francis "is connected with Freemasonry."

RCN report

The radio network RCN Radio reported on the weekend of this criticism by a priest who wanted to remain anonymous because of the "revolution of tenderness." There is still another reason for anonymity, however. He is only one of "at least 90 priests," who are personally known to him, who are "dissatisfied" with the path taken by Pope Francis for the Church. RCN Radio reported under the title:
"In the Catholic Church, there is also rejection of the Pope's visit."

"At least 150 heresies" - "Believers pray that pope does not come"

The broadcaster reported:
"Even Catholic priests are among the people who oppose the papal visit to Colombia, because they are convinced that Francis has damaged the church's Magisterium with his testimony, especially on issues such as homosexuality and the family."
"For 20 years," he has been a priest and works in Bogota, according to RCN radio,
In Bogota, Medellin, and Bucaramanga, he knows at least 90 priests who think as he does and do not agree with how Pope Francis holds the reins of the Church in his hand. "
The priest assured the broadcaster that "there are believers who pray for the pope not to set foot on Colombian soil."
The priest said:
"Priests of different dioceses, I can not name their names for obvious reasons, are completely against the visit of Francis. Many prayer groups pray that he will not come. "
In the statements made so far by Francis as a pope, at least "150 heresies" are contained: "claims that contradict the religious doctrine."

"Many believe that the Bishop of Rome is associated with Freemasonry"

Great damage had been done, above all, to the authority of the Church to judge things and to give guidance.
"In my parish, a homosexual came to confession and told me that he was homosexual and lived with another man. I told him that this is sin. He then replied that the pope said something else, that it was not for me to judge. "
As the example shows, the Pope prevents me from fulfilling my task, because my authority is undermined in moral questions, to be able to say what sin is."
The priest will be a group that will meet with Francis on the first day of the Pope's visit. He would avail himself of this opportunity to present his reservations. He was determined to tell him that "many believe that the Bishop of Rome is associated with Freemasonry." In order not to miss this chance of being allowed to address the pope, he could not give up his identity beforehand.

Political criticism of the Pope's visit: "Many consider him a Communist"

Criticism of the Pope's visit comes not only from the inner church side because of the way in which Francis performs the service of Peter. In Colombia, there are reservations about the Pope's visit because of his political attitude to the "peace agreement" between the government of the left-wing Prime Minister Santos and the Marxist guerrilla organization FARC.
There is "much" in Colombia, according to RCN Radio, who consider that Francis is a "false pope", others who consider him a "communist" who "only" comes to Colombia to legitimize the agreement with the FARC." The FARC had been founded as an armed arm of the Colombian Communist Party in the early 1960s.
The radio network RCN Radio was founded in 1948 on the occasion of the Eucharistic Congress held in Colombia and covers the entire country. The Radio network has belonged since 1973 to the Colombian entrepreneur Ardila Lülle.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: CEC / RCN Radio (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


James said...

Praying that this horrible, grotesque pontificate ends soon!

Anonymous said...

This gives support to the comment I made a few weeks ago after returning from a visit for work purposes to Mexico. I think I stated how much people there hate Francis. I had heard that this feeling is widespread in Central and South America, and that it is particularly thousands of young priests, and also younger Catholics, as well as middle aged, who are suspicious of Francis and hate his agenda for the Church and political leanings.
I hope, that Francis gets the surprise of his life in Colombia. Not only to I hope courageous traditional priests and faithful confront him and oppose him, but I also hope the faithful who go to see him are far,far fewer than those who would have gone to see the great popes, Benedict XVI especially, and also John Paul II.
Francis IS widely hated.....this ill will in Colombia for him is strongly manifested in Italy as well, and also in strong Catholic countries like Poland.
The good priests who stand for thefaith like this magnificent priest, and the faithful, are starting to rise up against Francis.
Like the first contributor here, I too, hope this disaster and heretical pontificate is over soon, and they elect a traditional,Catholic pope.
It could be true.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

And even the Catholics in Burma, Myanmar,sorry, are very critic, even in France some voices are rising against him. Cardinal Caffarra died this morning, RIP and now they're only two remaining. God, have mercy on us.

Anonymous said...


JBQ said...

I hope and pray that Cardinal Burke has a "food taster". Francis believes in the dialectic. This allows for two opposing ideas to clash and form a new stable entity. This is his Jesuit way of breaking down long standing divisions in society.----Jesus the Christ shot pretty much from the hip since He and not Mohammed was the divine messenger from the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

The stated purpose for the Pope's visit is peace, the environment, and "the way forward" whatever that is.
God forbid he would come for the Church and to proclaim its traditions and the teachings of Our Lord Jesus Christ!!! What a loser (and a heretic) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

No, it couldn't be true that Bergoglio is THE antichrist, although he is certainly an antichrist and a false prophet. Other than that, I agree with everything you have stated. And the word "grotesque" used by another poster for this *pontificate* is perfect.

Anonymous said...

He is NOT a FreeMason. He criticized the Craft on 2 or 3 occasions eg. Turin visit.

Ask his own Yiddish mother he is NOT a FreeMason or his own handler-mentor, Esther.


The Tribe and the Craft don´t seem to be getting along lately.

Constantine said...

The next Pope will probably be like Bergoglio, maybe worse. The "Political Machinery" of the Vatican is controlled by lefists. Even at the last conclave it was reported in the beginning, that it was in opening statements that the Pope the Cardinals should be looking for, and what Rome"needs" is a "pastoral" Pope, that focuses on "people", "down to earth:, and tries to keep in touch on "people's needs"

Anonymous said...

Thanks be to God that there are some good common sense, faithful Catholics left in Colombia and it's not all liberation theology wack jobs.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, his common man riding the subway with the hidden hand pic disagrees with you.


Anonymous said...

I would not be surprised if, at the next Papal conclave, if someone like Bergoglio or even worse is elected, there is a split in the Roman Catholic Church, with the traditional, faithful and orthodox Catholics going their own way with their own Pope, and the Vatican Ii Bergoglio II Church going it's own way to ruin. Only when the Vatican II Churcn has shrunk down to nothing will the traditional, Catholic Faith be remaining and will reclaim the Church and the Vatican and the Papacy.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Here in Ireland most good catholics despise bergoglio.

He is certainly evil.

He is also very very UNpopular everywhere. Yes UNpopular.
Crowds are sharply down on the John Paul and Benedict eras.
Vocations are down.
Visitors to St. Peter's are down.

Only the Soros media pretend he is popular because of this disgusting pope's support for homos.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Worldwide, priestly vocations are down about 20,000 since Bergoglio took over.
Consider that there were approximately 200,000 seminarians world wide at the time of the death of the great Pius XII in 1958, and stayed about the same thru the short 4 1/2 years of John XXIII. Then came Vatican II and Paul VI all the changes and reforms and the number of seminarians went from close to/roughly 200,000 to 67,000 in fifteen years(1963-78).
Thru 26 years of "somewhat" better rule of John Paul II, seminary enrollment world wide when back up to 120,000 by the time of his death. Benedict XVI saw it go to about 128,000.
BUT, Bergoglio comes along with his warped radical agenda and seminarian totals are now down to about 110,000. Another few years, and he will have wiped out all the good gains of his two previous satisfactory predecessors....Benedict XVI was somewhat above satisfactory.
My Archdiocese of Philadelphia is quick to cheer their seminary enrollment this year, of about 170 (which is up from their total in May,,,139....but about the same as this time last year! Also, the only reason for the gain, is recruiting seminarians from outside the Archdiocese to attend. They even have students from Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Of about 170 students, only about 50 are for our Philadelphia Archdiocese. Their cheering about an increase is so phony.
In 1955-thru 1963 there were 545 seminarians enrolled...98% for Philadelphia.
The success of a diocese/diosecean seminary is how many men you can recruit for our own diocese....not how many outsiders you can recruit to keep the place open. (That's what they are doing).
Before Vatican II, we had 35-55 new diosecean priests every year. Since 1990, it's been an average of 3-4.
The "Francis Effect" is taking hold across the Church......declines and turn away from the Church everywhere.
That's what he intends, and that's what he and his people want. He truly is evil. It is good the people if Ireland and many other places are opening their eyes to this man for the evil, almost anti-Christ he really is.
Damian Malliapalli

John Collins said...
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Anonymous said...

That's good to hear that my cousins across the pond are holding it (the Faith) down and aren't letting this nut or the EU shake your faith. You are descended from a people that literally chose starving to death over error. May God Bless you and we'll have some resolution in the near future, he can't live forever, hopefully God knocks him off his horse for his own soul's sake and so he stops leading people astray..
John O

F M Shyanguya said...

Pietro è una piccola pietra. Pope Francis speaks, Catholics scratch their heads. - https://thewarourtimebitsandpieces.wordpress.com/2017/08/29/pietro-e-una-piccola-pietra-pope-francis-speaks-catholics-scratch-their-head/

F M Shyanguya said...

The Illuminati has the papacy - http://wp.me/p2Na5H-ZM

Anon said...

And Ganesh has your soul, FMS.

Blotto said...

During the Famine (1845-1849) and Penal Times, there were many in Ireland who apostasized in exchange for a bowl of soup. Many of the descendants of these "Soupers" can be recognized today in those Protestants with Irish/Norman surnames.

And let's not forget that only one constituency (Roscommon/Leitrim) voted by a majority against same-sex pseudogamy and even then by only 52%-48%. That parody of a nation deserves its Faerie King.

F M Shyanguya said...

You would know Anon if you were the prophet of Ganesha and the demon-god/idol told that to you.

thewarourtime.com said...

Cf. The Pope is a Mason? – https://goo.gl/fY85SZ