Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Evil Dominican Lashes Out at "Tyranny" of Tradition

Edit: I ask you.  Why hasn't this degenerate been at least relegated to a monastery or declared no longer the responsibility of the Catholic Church.  Even if they sent him away with a small pension.  It's the height of irresponsibility that this refugee from the sixties should have a position of authority in the Church.

BRISBANE, Australia, August 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A Dominican priest who previously said sodomy can express Christ's "self-gift" criticized "the tyranny of tradition at the exclusion of creativity" in a recent talk about Amoris Laetitia
Dominican Father Timothy Radcliffe, appointed as a consultor for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace by Pope Francis, has a history of downplaying or outright contradicting the Catholic Church's teachings on sexual morality. He was the Master of the Order of Preachers from 1992 to 2001.
An article published at the Dominican Order's official website said Radcliffe addressed "absolutism and 'the tyranny of tradition at the exclusion of creativity'" in a May 10 talk in Brisbane, Australia.


susan said...

OK, let's watch the fireworks....


Anonymous said...

Not worried about the tyranny of sin.

Anonymous said...

The only thing worthless radical liberal Pope Francis and his like minded henchmen are doing with this tyrade against Catholic tradition and discipline is to create an enormous and growing backlash of ill will among faithful Catholics.
Just got back from a photoshoot (modeling job) for a major fitness magazine in Mexico (5 days of work, but also sight-seeing ). When to Mass in Mexico city, at an ancient former(sadly) Franciscan monastery which is now just a parish church. Spoke to the priest, and several parishioners that my friends introduced me to. One of my friends (a priest from Mexico), asked them what they thought of Pope Francis. Of the maybe 20 people who crowded around us, 80% had a negative opinion of him...the rest were either positive, or didn't care one way or the other.
I went to a priory of a distinctly traditionalist group of friars from a new Mexican Order later in the day, and we asked the same question. Of the 11 novices we saw, most were either hostile to Francis (some made a face when we mentioned his name), or were confused as to "why he is even Pope".
So, there you have it. Francis is creating ill will and bad feelings for himself and his agenda....and unfortunately for the Papacy...even in Latin America.
Some people think he is crazy ...which could very well be true!
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

So, now morality is based on tradition rather than the moral law. Arturo Sosa, the new director of the Jesuits who is from Argentina, stated that Jesus the Christ spoke only within the context of the time. Morality is then relative and based only on the "current of the times" instead of being immutable like the "current of the Themes".

Wendy Melon said...

While it is understandable that such things would be upsetting, I would caution about posting articles in which wild claims are made against anyone without direct quotes. This article does not give full or direct quotes of what Fr. Radcliffe said. We have a moral obligation to justly protect the reputation of others. One way in which we do this is being careful and cautious in reporting such stories. I would like to see further investigation and full quotes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is willing to give someone like Radcliffe the benefit of the doubt is living in fantasy land, or Candyland...remember that kids game for ages 3-7. My older relatives played it. It's a magical land where everything is sweetness and light. That's where you belong, if you're willing to believe all the sweetness and good of Fr. Radcliffe. Sorry....but I'm just not that naïve ;)
Damian Malliapalli