Thursday, August 3, 2017

A New Mexican Martyr

Priest succumbed to the wounds received in knife attack at cathedral in Mexico City

Mexico City ( "On Wednesday the head of the Intensive Care Unit of the National Institute of Medical Sciences (INCM) announced that Pastor José Miguel Machorro's brain is no longer functioning and we now wait until the heart stops beating." Pastor Machorro was the victim of a knife attack last May 15 following a service in the cathedral of Mexico City. Since then, the state of Father Machorro has continued to deteriorate, so he was taken to the Institute of Medical Science at the beginning of August (INCM).



Anonymous said...

Only chaste and immaculate Virgin, who conceived God without seed, intercede before Him for the salvation of his soul.

Panakhyda, Theotokion


Anonymous said...
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Osusanna said...

Prayers for the safety of all priests.

JBQ said...

Priests are symbols of the truth. They work on the guilt of those who are evil. With so much evil in the world, the devil has been released to a more active role in suppressing what is good.

Anonymous said...

It is good to offer a Holy Hour for the priests, every First Thursday, and a Rosary every Thursday.....they desperately need our prayers, lest they become a 'prey' for Satan.....God forbid!

Dearest Mother, keep thy priests close to thy Immaculate Heart!