Saturday, April 1, 2017

Speaking of Fake News for the Record

[Rorate] Now, this is no April fool's, but quite serious.

Rorate has learned from several different sources in Italy that the recent page "Anonimi della Croce", led by a "friar" named "Fra' Cristoforo" is merely a disinformation website by an agent provocateur, whose sole purpose is to provoke real outbursts of outrage or scandal from pious Catholics out of its fake news and fake rumors.

Though Rorate has never used it as a source, ever, we know people who have and would just like to warn them.
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Anonymous said...

Rand Corp. invented the term Conspiracy in the 60´s and started most of those Conspiracy forums likewise most Catholic Forums whether Marian, Traditional, and so on are run by them. The old adage that the best way to control a group is to lead them. Thus total clampdown on the narrative. Fra Christoforo similiarly is a team effort and not a single person to drum up emotions especially fear.