Monday, March 27, 2017

Benedictine Monastery Hosts "Drag Show"

Edit:  we've heard of Benedictine hospitality, but is that extended to the Devil? Given the atmosphere of decadence, malignancy and outright evil, isn't it just possible that Collegeville wouldn't be this open about its depravity? This monastery and school were caught before for attempting to host a naked retreat. The naked retreat was cancelled.

Now a student organization funded by the school is promoting a "drag show". From the school funded website:

By Meredith Jarchow – mgjarchow@csbsju.eduTalented performers, dramatic makeup and high heels will ensure that this Friday isn’t a drag. 
For several years CSB/SJU People Representing the Sexual Minority (PRiSM) has hosted an annual drag show at CSB/SJU. This year’s show will take place on Friday, with the theme “Life is a Drag” which will include student performers as well as professionals. 
This year, the drag show was preceded by a few different events including a drag makeup tutorial and Ally training with the Institute of Women’s Leadership to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ women for Women’s History Month. 
“During this month, oftentimes [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning] (LGBTQ+) women are forgotten or aren’t part of the conversation,”

PRiSM co-president Anna Peichel said via email. “We wanted to just provide information about how to be allies and create safe spaces for LGBTQ+ women and LGBTQ+ folks in general.” 
The PRiSM drag show provides students with an opportunity to try drag in their own style and perform for an audience. 
“Doing drag is really dependent on the person, one person might create a long routine and another might want more crowd interaction,” Peichel said. “We really let the students do whatever they are most comfortable with.”
For CSB senior Paige Maki, this year will be her second performance in the PRiSM drag show. 
“I enjoy truly becoming my persona as Danny Deeper, and being able to dance in a ridiculous fashion but not feel any shame or embarrassment for it,” Maki said via email. “I also love the audience that comes because they are all so encouraging and don’t care if you mess up or aren’t the best performer.” 
In addition to the performances, the drag show will also provide the audience with a 21+ area that includes a cash bar. PRiSM hopes to create a welcoming atmosphere for all audience members, according to Peichel. 
“Drag queens and kings are amazing and great at their jobs, they shouldn’t make you feel uncomfortable in any way,” Peichel said. “They are usually very funny and put on very humorous performances. Be ready to laugh, cheer and have dollar bills ready for your favorite performers.” 
While this is not an experience many students on campus may have ever had, Maki and Peichel hope that those who have never attended a drag show to learn more about it this Friday. 
Maki says this event is important to the CSB/SJU community “to become more open minded, meet us, see that we are here and we aren’t that different from anyone else,” Maki said. “This event raises awareness about a community that not many people know about, and it shows that anyone can do anything they put their mind to.”
The biggest misconception about drag shows? The makeup, according to Maki.
“The makeup isn’t as easy as many would think for both drag queens and drag kings,” Maki said. 
There is no cost to attend the drag show, which will begin at 8 p.m. on Friday in Gorecki 204.


Anonymous said...

Just bulldoze the place with the occupants in it. Sorry, the Church has just had too much of this garbage.

Anonymous said...

You're quite rightly scandalized by this. St John's (Benedictine) Abbey in Collegeville certainly has its internal problems. This event, however, is occurring not at St John's, but at the (Benedictine) College of St Benedict in St Joseph, Minnesota, some 6 miles away. That institution is under the similarly troubled Benedictine religious sisters there.
- Fr A

Tancred said...

Thanks. It's one institution effectively with two separate campi.

Unknown said...

The lack of correction by governing "Catholic" authorities is both astounding and edifying. So very glad to have escaped all this as a sedevacantist. The Novus Ordo church is a cesspool.

Seattle kim

Anonymous said...

Actually I am ashamed to say, I attended that sorry institution (St. John's University). And the poster who said that this event is being held at a different college down the road is not entirely accurate. As the story mentioned CSB/SJU is a joint venture of the Benedictine monks of St. John's Abbey & the Benedictine sisters of St. Benedict. Though they are two separate campuses they share faculty and classrooms spaces. The set-up is that the men are housed at St.John's and the women live at St. Benedict - but the school is co-ed with both male and female students enrolled in courses at both locations - shuttling back and forth. Of course in our gender-bender society, who knows how long this arrangement will be allowed to last? I can see it now "live at the campus according to the gender you identify with"!!! This group PRiSM was very active at St. John's when I was there and was big in pushing for all the usual liberal causes, especially regarding the Church - i.e. women priests, acceptance of same-sex activity, etc.

Anonymous said...

Also an alum of SJU from the 70's -- nothing ever changes but appears only to become more entrenched. Christ weeps over Collegeville -- or is it Collegvile?

Memento Mori said...

I always wondered why has there been no sedevacantism movement recorded during the age Pope Alexander VI or Pope John XXII?

Or why for example Francis of Assisi after Christ's vision to rebuild His Church didn't just say reply, you know what God, I think I'm fine by resisting from the outside!

What if you are the other side of the liberal coin, slapping Christ by failing to recognise the visible head of the visible body of Church??

Christ didn't leave as headless body, remember that!

Let me tell you something. Animals smelled badly in Noah's ark to the point of unbearable stench, but guess what-all outside perished.

Situation is miserable in Church today, nobody is denying that but how is your fight on the outside helping the cause, is beyond me!

And finally remember this! ! !

St Vincent of Lerins - “God gives some Popes to the Church, God tolerates some Popes in the Church and God inflicts some Popes on the Church.

Kathleen1031 said...

This was bad enough, but this is at a purportedly Catholic college? This, along with lots of other evidence, indicates that really, the Novus Ordo Church is dead. There is an entire, maybe even predominant, segment of our church which is really and truly dead. You can't be a follower of Christ and have this stuff going on, not possible. We wondered for years why nobody further up the food chain was doing something to stop all this, only to find out, they are as bad or worse! Let's face it, our church, the one we love, is filled to the brim with sodomites and effeminates and butch lesbians and all other manner of weirdo.
Want to hear something heartbreaking? This LGBT stuff is hitting a particular segment of the population hard. The middle/high school special ed population. I met a group of young kids in SPED the other day, all about 11 or 12 years old. A lovely but sad young lady told me not to call her by her (feminine) name, because "I'm not a girly girl!" a theme I hear often. She also announced to the room that she is a lesbian. Rejecting femininity is something I hear a lot. A little masculinized girl in grade TWO told me the same thing a few months ago. These kids are being manipulated by this mess.
It is confusing for young people, and it is very confusing for kids who have difficulties with language or reasoning. They simply don't have the faculties to make sense of this stuff and sort it out for what it is. I am hearing this same garbage as a recurring theme. It is perhaps easier to explain your problems are because you are a boy trapped in a girl's body, or vice versa, than that you have a pervasive developmental problem, which is tough to deal with. What these kids are told about themselves, they often believe.
The innocent victims in the war between good and evil. God bless and help these young people who have to contend with so much, and now this. It's madness.

Anonymous said...

There have been drag contests/shows" for centuries. Some of it had an this probably does. Other times it was just entertainment with no sexual undertones. There was a tradition of women impersonators in early Vaudeville, and it was done in a spirit of fun and humor. Older people might remember the great comedian and TV show host Milton Berle often dressing up as a woman. It was all done in fun, and no one thought anything sexual about him.
So if done just as a joke, or for humor, there;s nothing wrong with drag.
BUT, when it is done like Ru Paul and his TV show, which has an underlying gay agenda/message , or at St. Johns or the Benedictine College, it is wrong, and evil.
When I was a male model full time, now 2 years ago(I onl do it part time now...when it's a good project/sponsor), there were guys who dressed as women ALL THE TIME, and pretended to be women. Some were so expert at it that some guys fell for them. The joke (if you can call it that), was on them. I left the industry partly because of seeing things like that, and worse. Unfortunatly, homosexuality is a huge undercurrent in the modeling industry (men and women), and the kind of thing St. John's etc. is trying to present is nothing compared to what goes on.
BUT St. John's and Benedictine College is not doing it for fun, or for laughs...I don't think...but to promote the same kind of filth that is in my former industry. And for that reason, just like the naked retreat was stopped, so this should be as well.
The promotion of the homosexual agenda unfortunately runs very deep in this country, and in the USA Catholic Church. Benedict XVI tried to squash it in the Church....Francis by his words/inaction, promotes it.
Alumni of both schools should organize to stop this, just as they did the naked retreat.
Who was the pervert monk or nun who dreamed up something like a :naked retreat" anyway? Sick stuff.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

St.Vincent isn't infallible nor is he perfect.

Anonymous said...

Don't bulldoze the bldg!!
Kick out the non-catholics,replace them with Catholics,and have a valid Catholic Bishop with traditional holy orders perform a traditional exorcism throughout the bldg.
Dominus Vobiscum

Anonymous said...

Don't be ashamed,its not your fault this is going on.

Anonymous said...

The president of this college looks like a lesbian and she is a methodist. let me guess, "interfaith" meaning pagan and gay. The various hotlinks throughout this article took my poor eyes to places I really don't need to see ! So sad. I'm emailing this to the bishop in that jurisdiction, who knows, maybe he is gay with all the homosexual monks and they have big orgies together. These people will never understand the pain they put us traditional, honest and straight Catholics though. I wish they could all be forced out, I mean physically forced out.

Anonymous said...

They'll be gone when we have a Pope who is Catholic, and who appoints bishops who are Catholic. Many probably think we're in for a long wait, but it may not be such a long time that we have a real Church and Pope and bishops again after all.
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

What needs to also be said is that this is the first year that the percentage of Catholics at CSB/SJU has dipped below 50%. As bad, is the fact that 20% of those now reporting as first year students are reporting no religious affiliation whatsoever, and thus these institutions keep pitching towards secular darkness (yet another performance of the Vagina Monologues preceded this sinfulness). And don't forget that St. John's Prep School is now an International Baccalaureate school, that every day flies are large United Nations flag in front of the school.

Tancred said...

I was dismayed also when George W. Bush received the Armor of Light Award when he visited the school a few years back. How utterly Masonic and dark that place is!