Monday, February 27, 2017

Two New Benedictine Orders of Tradition Are Recognized

(Rome) On March 21, the Order of the Benedictines of the Immaculate will be canonically erected  by the Bishop of Albenga-Imperia. The Benedictines of the Immaculata are a religious order of strict observance, founded in Liguria in 2008. Its charism includes Benedictine spirituality, tradition and the traditional form of the Roman Rite.

Benedictines of the Immaculate

The young order was founded by two monks from the old-rite Benedictine abbey of Le Barroux in France, which, in the diocese, were established at the request of the then Bishop of Albenga-Imperia, Monsignor Mario Oliveri.
Bishop Oliveri was unjustly forced out of office by Pope Francis and replaced by Bishop Borghetti. The canonical recognition of the young order had already been provided for by Bishop Oliveri, but had been restored by the change at the head of the diocese. The Franciscans of Immaculata, a Franciscan order of tradition, had three branches in the diocese and was also called for by Bishop Oliveri. After the Order had been placed under a commisar's administration by the Vatican in July 2013 and Bishop Oliveri had publicly defended the Order, the Apostolic Commissioner dissolved all three branches.
According to a statement by the Benedictines of Immaculata, the new bishop only had only to get to know his diocese. On March 12, 2016, he paid the first visit to the young Benedictine community. On several occasions, Monsignor Borghetti emphasized, the statement goes on to say that, although there is no personal sensitivity to tradition, be he respects the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Benedict XVI.
The numerous Mass locations of tradition in the diocese were left by the new bishop. "On March 21, he will be able to erect our Order canonically and accept our vows."

Benedictine of the Eternal Worship of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar 

The Benedictines of the Eternal Worship of the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar were erected canonically on 25 February, 2017.

Last Saturday, another Order of Tradition was canonically recognized in Ireland. In the Irish Diocese of Meath, theBenedictines of the Eternal Worship of the Most Holy Altar were erected according to the Church law.
The first monks came from Tulsa in the USA in 2012. According to the press release by the Order, this was the first foundation of the Order in the Diocese of Meath since the abolition of the Order in 1536 by King Henry VIII.

The Prior of the order is Dom Mark Kirby.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: Il Timone / Diocese of Meath (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

If their bishops aren't consecrated/ordained in the traditional rites by a valid traditional bishop,they're spinning their wheels.
I disagree with certain factions but I will give Bishop Fellay credit for being an unquestionably valid catholic bishop.

Tancred said...

Your sniff test really means a lot, thanks for your valuable opinion.

GMUA said...

Well said. Same goes for their current priests.

Anonymous said...

Haha!! Touche!

Anonymous said...

Very true about bishops and priests. The Vatican II consecration ceremony/rubrics for Bishops is certainly invalid, and a break from Catholic tradition before it. I'm not sure about priests, although since I think their hands are no longer blessed/consecrated on ordination day, I think it is invalid....and for other reasons as well.
These two new Orders of tradition are wonderful. Especially for Ireland...where religious life is just about 100% dead thanks to Vatican II, the priest abuse crisis, and the discarding of tradition.
One thing I'm disappointed in about these two Orders though, is that they have not adopted a distinctive habit for their congregation, but have stuck to the basic Benedictine black. Time was, when a new Benedictine congregation was founded, their habit was distinctive. For example the Olivetans wear white, the Slyvestrines wear blue (being restored in afew monasteries), the Vallombrosans wore until Vatican II, grey. There are other congregations which no longer exist which wore tan, and another brown. It would have been a nice change to see a variation in habits with these two groups also.
Damian Malliapalli

Tancred said...

Yes your majesty.

Unknown said...

If the new bishop consecration rite is invalid---most priests are invalid. The Eastern rites were untouched so their priests are definitely still valid. And of course there were bishops like Thuc who rejected Vat 2 and kept an apostolic line going.

Anonymous said...

Since these new Benedictines in Italy are called "Benedictines of the Immaculata", I presume that they have the same Marian Vow as do the Franciscans of the Immaculata, which is excellent.

The Godbearing Virgin Mary is preparing her troups in the sacred silence of monasticism. Lepanto!


Anonymous said...

New rite of ordination is extremely doubtful too.
There isn't one passage on absolving sins,etc..
Doubtful sacrament must be treated like an invalid sacrament.

Tancred said...

Glad we have anonymous high-powered ecclesiastical authorities to clear that up.

M. Prodigal said...

I would not assume they have the same vow as the FFI whose Franciscan/Marian charism draws from the Franciscan Saint Maximilian Kolbe.

Catholic Mission said...

State allows Benedictine monks in Italy to live the Rule of St.Benedict but not his theology

The monasteries of St. Benedict at Subiaco are the property of the State and the monks are only allowed to live the Rule of St.Benedict but not his theology.Theology is controlled by the Italian State.When the Catholic Church is not free to teach the theology of St. Benedict it reminds me of Communist China.
Image result for Sacro Speco Subiaco Photos
According to the theology of St. Benedict every one needs to be incorporated into the Catholic Church as a member for salvation. This was his theology during his missionary drive in Europe.
Since every one needs to enter the Church as a member to avoid Hell,the Social Reign of Christ the King over all social and political legislation was a priority. There was no separation of Church and State.
But extra ecclesiam nulla salus (EENS) is not the theology today permitted by the State and Satan, represented by the political Left.There is a new theology in the Church today which has been approved by the State and the Vatican.

Half-trads said...

I believe the Benedictines also have the Marian vow, as the F.I. did.

Interesting to note that after the ceremony of erection, the Bishop of Meath proceeded to offer the Novus Ordo on the altar of Dom Mark Kirby's chapel (as can be seen on NLM blog). The priests of Silverstream don't refuse to offer the New Mass occasionally, and the community's first priest, Dom Benedict Andersen, was ordained a deacon and priest in the New Rite.

They also have the changes used in Fontgombault and Clear Creek for their High Masses. Fr. Kirby used a mid-60's Lectionary for the readings at daily Mass in Oklahoma. Wouldn't doubt if this is still the case.

Anonymous said...

No problem Tancred you're welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to buy every one of them a pair of trousers.

Anonymous said...

Re the vailidity of the post Vatican II rite of ordination, I attended an ordination in recent years and paid very close attention to the whole rite. At absolutely no time at all was the word Mass mentioned nor any reference to the transubstantiation of the Sacred Species or even an oblique reference to the new priest being empowered to offer the Holy Sacrifice if the Mass. I would have thought that was a pretty important part of the rite. I have my own views about that but in fact we cannot know in this life where that leaves a young sincere priest much attached to the Mass of all Ages,

Catholic Mission said...

Two new Benedictine Orders of Tradition have been recognised since they reject the ecclesiology of St. Benedict on extra ecclesiam nulla salus

Athelstane said...

What would we do without our Sede peanut gallery?

Athelstane said...

"The Vatican II consecration ceremony/rubrics for Bishops is certainly invalid"

The SSPX disagrees.

Athelstane said...

"And of course there were bishops like Thuc who rejected Vat 2 and kept an apostolic line going."

And more than a few of us don't accept the legitimacy of the Thuc-line cansecrations.

Albertus said...

The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X admits the validity of the post-consiliar ordination rites. As does Bishop Fellay, of Course, being its head. What do you ''sedevacantists'' think of that? As for me, there is no essential difference between the old and new ordination Rites. They are both valid. THere was simply no need whatsoever to revise the Roman Rite ordination ceremonies. The act of revision was needless, harmful, and against Tradition... but the revised Rites themselves are without a doubt VALID. They are no less valid then any of the Eastern Rites, which do not contain many of the ceremonies of our own old Roman Rite ordinations.

Anonymous said...

The Thuc line is valid.
The SSPX (I don't belong to the SSPX) had Fr.Bruno Schaffer as pastor at a large church outside Paris.
He was ordained by Archbishop Thuc.
Thuc was offered a job by Lefevbre to run Econe in the mid 70's.Why he didn't take that position is mind boggling.
The sins of the consecrator are not passed onto the candidate.Unless you have access to Thuc's mind & can prove he did not have proper intention to confer the sacrament,validity is presumed.The burden of proof is on you to prove he did not have proper intention.
He disavowed Palmar de Troya months after he consecrated those 3 men.
Palmar didn't go insane until Paul VI died.Archbishop Lefevbre looked into Palmar circa 1975.According to him they were fine solid Catholics but didn't have time to attend to their needs.
They pulled the wool over many peoples eyes including doctors,lawyers,and the valid priests who were working with them prior to 1978.
Did Thuc make some bad decisions,yes!
However,5 of the men who claimed to have received consecration from Thuc have no proof the ceremony ever took place.Look at a site called

Tancred said...

If you say so. I guess they were.

Trads living in Reality said...

Some odd ideas here. As a community they do not offer the Ordinary Form, period. But they also live in the real world and in that world the bishop in whose diocese they reside does not know the Traditional Mass.

I suppose some might think it better to offend the bishop who so generously welcomed them into their diocese and has nurtured and defended them? In the real world reasonable and charitable churchmen don't pick fights over the use of approved rites observed by the vast majority of the Latin Church.

Dom Andersen was indeed ordained according to the new Pontifical — again, because in the realm of the real, this is what the bishop knows — but the rite (save for the interrogations and the lessons) was entirely in Latin, which might well be the first ordination in the Latin language by an Irish bishop since the introduction of the new liturgical books.

They do avail themselves of some, not all, of the concessions to the Fontgombault family. I am close to the community and there is no such lectionary in use.

Unknown said...

We are dismayed by the want of charity, respect, and probity evidenced in the remarks made concerning Silverstream Priory.

Tancred said...

Many who regularly comment here are little better than the people who jeered at Christ on His way to Golgotha, perhaps worse.