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There are Almost 50,000 Victims of Genital Mutilation in Germany

Edit: this was reported by Richard Dorn at Nurk Eine Kreuzmappe the other day who is worried, he jokes, that he will be accused of being culturally insensitive for pointing out what most of the media ignores, so he cites stories where the issue is discussed by the media. He's shocked that this fact isn't given more attention, it's only small wonder why.

Genital mutilation: Almost 50,000 victims in Germany

In Germany there are an estimated 47,300 victims of female genital mutilation. This can be seen in the first study on the national spread of this phenomenon, which the Federal Ministry of Families has presented today. Today, 6th February, is a day of action for the United Nations and numerous relief organizations against its practice spread mainly in Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula, but also in Indonesia in Southeast Asia.

In the case of mutilation, girls under five years are often circumcised of their external genitalia. The clitoris as well as the labia are amputated and partly sewn. Millions of women are experiencing severe complications and trauma during sexual intercourse and later. While the circumcision of boys better hygienic possibilities and disease prevention is argued, but there are no medical arguments for the genital mutilation of girls.

According to the study, the number of affected women and girls in Germany rose by just under 30 percent between the end of 2014 and the middle of 2016 as a result of immigration from countries where this cruel tradition is practiced. "Female genital mutilation is a serious violation of human rights. It causes incalculable physical agony and mental distress," said the State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Ralf Kleindiek.

According to the study, between 1,558 and 5,684 daughters of migrants are threatened with genital mutilation. According to German law, this torture is also punishable if committed abroad. In order to prevent parents from subjecting their daughters to "holiday circumcision" in the home country, the Federal Government had decided in December 2016 to amend the Passport. In the future, people who wish to travel abroad for a genital mutilation with a girl or a woman can be removed from their passport.

Progress has been made in the global struggle against female genital mutilation. Regions and village communities with a total of 8.5 million people publicly committed themselves last year to stop the cruel practice, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) today reported in Geneva.

According to estimates, 200 million women worldwide are genitally mutilated. Half of them live in Egypt, Ethiopia and Indonesia. In Somalia, Guinea and Djibouti, more than 90 per cent of women are affected. UNFPA stresses that the mutilation is partly a religious prescription. But there is no basis for this. The practice is partly a thousand years old. Often, older women insist on maintaining the tradition. The UN wants to stop the practice completely by 2030.

More and more African countries have supported face finding campaigns, said Adebisi Adebayo from the Inter-African Committee on Traditional Practices. Since 2008, according to UNFPA data, 13 countries have been subjected to genital mutilation. Last year, four other African countries provided money for education in the national budget. The World Health Organization (WHO) puts pressure on physicians who do not report cases of a genital mutilation. Some perform them to prevent girls from being circumcised under unsanitary conditions, said Christina Pallitto of the WHO. However, the practice violates all medical ethics. (Ke)


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Now there is something the MSM is conveniently not reporting

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You forgot to mention, sir, it's almost exclusively an islamic problem. There are authentic Hadiths on which the practice is based.

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Couldenhove-Kalergi plan
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