Thursday, February 2, 2017

Suspension "A Divinis" of the "First Martyr of Amoris Laetitia" Lifted

Supsension Against Don Uribe Lifted.  Did Bishop Corredor do this after reading Cardinal Schönborn's heretical interpretation?
(Bogota) Don Luis Carlos Uribe Medina, the priest of the Colombian diocese of Pereira, was reinstated by the bishop in his office. Don Uribe has become the "first martyr of Amoris laetitia."
Because of his criticism of Amoris laetitia and his pastoral implementation was characterized as an attack against the indissolubility of sacramental marriage the priest had been treated by his bishop as a heretic and schismatic. He had "apparently" had detached himself from "communion with the Pope", so he was suspended by his bishop a divinis suspended .
Don Uribe's suspension from the priesthood attracted worldwide attention because he had not committed any fault, except to defend the past [and immemorial] doctrine and practice of the Catholic Church.

Don Uribe statement

The sensation seems to have produced an effect. On January 31, Bishop Rigoberto Corredor Bermudez, diocesan bishop of Pereira, reinstated Don Uribe in his priestly power. For this, the Bishop and Don Uribe signed a joint statement. Therein it is explained that Don Uribe, after a "fraternal conversation" with the bishop, has declared of his "free will" that he would "remain obedient and respectful towards the Holy Father Francis and my diocesan bishop in the Apostolic teaching and tradition of the Church."
With "permission of my diocesan bishop, I resume my priestly service from today, January 31, 2017".
An image of the original document signed by Don Uribe and Bishop Corredor about reintegration into the diocesan clergy was published by Secretum meum mihi with the explanation that Don Uribe finally confirmed only what he had said anyway.
As Radio Rosa Mistica Colombia reported, Bishop Corredor had corrected his penalty after he had come to a full understanding of Don Uribe's statements. Specifically, the radio station, points to the Amoris-laetitia -Interpretation of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of 8 April 2016. Pope Francis had a few days later referred to "the Schönborn-statements as the authentic interpretation" of the controversial post-synodal letter.
Don Uribe had criticized and rejected Schönborn's interpretation. He also criticized Pope Francis, because the latter had described Schönborn interpretation as "authentic" and thus made his own.
After Bishop Corredor had read the Schönborn-text, he had changed his mind about Don Uribe and withdrew the sanction, says Radio Maria Mistica Colombia. The station cites its own source which remains unnamed.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Secretum meum mihi (Screenshot)



  2. "...that he would "remain obedient and respectful towards the Holy Father "Francis and my diocesan bishop in the Apostolic teaching and tradition of the Church." This, of course, is not possible if Francis is not respectful of the Apostolic teaching and tradition of Christ's Church.

  3. I don't mean to change the subject but. Great News!!! According to roratecaeli blog, though the SSPX is still working things out for signing, Rome has mentioned 2 dates for the hopeful reunification of the SSPX with Rome (not that they have ever been separated). May 13, 2017 Feast of Our Lady of Fatima or July 7, 2017 Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum. God the Holy Ghost, Mercy!

    1. That's NOT great news. That's like letting the foxes into the henhouse.

    2. The SSPX will descend upon the NO like wolves upon the sheep!

    3. Sennacherib however got too cocky after 732 BC and his swoop on the fold backfired. The SSPX don't want to bill themselves as favorites.

    4. Francis & the conciliar church are akin to Mafia Don's who grew up on the streets,slowly working their way to the top decade by decade.
      Translation - Francis & his men are sly,savvy,educated,polished,
      street smart,cosmopolitans.
      They may see Bishop Fellay as a naive,small time cleric who is being led into a nice clean comfy alluring trap,that's impossible to escape from once the deal is sealed.
      Hope I am wrong Ladies & Gentleman.

    5. People objecting to this deal have no idea how the Society will react if the Pope engages in his usual non-sense. It's really an effeminate attitude, and completely unfounded, since the people objecting to it aren't decision makers anyway.

    6. I'm not objecting to anything as I don't belong to the society.
      This has potential to do serious irreparable damage to the Society & Bishop Fellay.
      "Have no fellowship with unbelievers"
      Wish you all luck,it could get really bad in 24 months.

  4. An interview with the priest translated into english here:

  5. If regularized, the SSPX will be signing its death warrant and the death knell of Catholic Tradition. Mark my words---and please, do not belly-ache in coming years when all that is left is the occasional vagus or sede-vacantist priest to say the Immermorial Mass; it seems the childish stupidiy of Catholics never ends. BERGOGLIO DOES NOT WISH US ANY GOOD AND HATES TRADITION; HE IS A LIAR AND A TRICKSTER. One deals with that at one's own peril.

    1. Who are you that we should mark your words?

    2. Sedevacantist is a masonic term meant to denigrate Roman Catholic people.
      We Roman Catholic people keeping tradition alive are no different in practice from the SSPX the past 35-40 years.
      Day to day chapel life,we all operate the exact same way.

    3. And who are you that we should mark your words, since you seem deranged when someone does not agree with your strategy and resort to name-calling---irrational name-calling like the totally unhinged "effeminate" insult above? In matters of strategy we are free to disagree and express that disagreement.