Friday, February 3, 2017

Condom Knight Boeselager Triumphs Over Good With Pope's Help

Edit: the Order of Malta's condom distributing Grand Chancellor, Albrecht Boeselager, has given a public address wherein he avoids any explanations of the totals capitulation of the Order's sovereignty and praises Pope Bergoglio's autocratic takeover. If you listen to this public sinner's address, he offers no contrition for distributing condoms, and even expresses his own disapproval of the increasing border security in the face of Islamic invasion. Unlike his predecessors, he is surely a friend of Islam, and an enemy of Christ.

He virtue signals thusly:

We are alarmed and concerned by the proliferation of discriminatory positions towards immigrants, not least, based on their national origin. History has already provided us with plenty of examples showing the dramatic and monstrous consequences of policies based on origin and race. Likewise, the Government takes a strong stance against the increasing disregard for the humanitarian laws encoded in the Geneva Conventions ratified by the family of nations.


  1. As in the days of old, if the mohammedans ever conquer Malta, he will probably allow himself to become a pet boy to whichever sultan rules there. Instead of fighting to the death he will allow unspeakable and unnatural acts to be committed against his person. He has already betrayed Christ why shouldn't he go all the way.

    1. The heroic Jean de Valette, commander of the Knights against the 16th C Turkish siege, must be spinning in his grave.

  2. I gabbed this from another new report from "Lifesite" which a pro-life website. After this, I really will have nothing to do with the Catholic Church. It should the evilt,corrupt demon in control of the Chair of Saint Peter and his thugs for what they are. This soapopera was done for only one discredit a good man. I hope Pope's Francis' game explodes in his face.
    see below for the quote:
    " In an explosive press conference today, recently reinstated Grand Chancellor Albrecht Boeselager of the Knights of Malta thanked Pope Francis for his “guidance” that helped end the Order’s “crisis,” while blaming Cardinal Burke for the unrest. Boeselager emphasized the pope’s actions upheld the “sovereignty” of the Order, despite evidence suggesting the contrary.

    Boeselager who was held responsible for distribution of contraceptives by the Order's charity arm and therefore removed only to be reinstated by action of the Pope, singled out the Order’s former Grand Master Fra’ Matthew Festing as well as the Order’s Patron Cardinal Raymond Burke, blaming them as the instigators of the crisis. "

    I hope the Vatican of Pope Francis sinks. If good Cardinals and bishops had any spine (and not jellyfish like Benedict XVI), they would rebel and remove Francis.
    Damian Malliapalli

  3. Fra' Festing just declared to the Tablet that the saga involving him, the Vatican and his leadership of the order is “by no means finished”.
    He has stressed the complex dispute is far from over, raising the possibility of him trying to make a comeback as Grand Master or even a legal challenge to the validity of his resignation.

    Let's hope that the unexplainable and sudden resignation of the SMOM's Grand Master will be soon rescinded since it was extorted under pressure (which one?) by the Pope in a scandalous manner alike to the italian mafiosi methods, in blatant contradiction against several articles of the Sovereign Order's status.

  4. This man only proves just how evil Jorge Bergolio is,maybe i am wrong, perhaps Jorge has shares tied in a condom factory or perhaps someone he knows works for one and the company supports the fantasy of global warming. Waiting for the immaculate heart of Mary to triumph.

  5. Damian.The Catholic Church is going through its Purgation and suffering because of the corrupt Council with its Devilish Minions such as Bergoglio et al.Dont give up on The Faith!I see Hope arising in England alone=we are Blessed with Latin Masses accessible to all;Traditional orders such as the SSPX and FSSP in Warrington etc.Go along to any of these organisations and refresh your Faith.You have a strong Faith otherwise you wouldn't be bothered about what is going on in our Church.I am ever hopefully that we will see Tradition boom in our Church whilst the Liberal Modernist sharks and Heretics fall away.

  6. Perhaps the SMOM should defy Pope Francis & re-elect Fra Matthew as Grand Master. He acted (IMHO) quite correctly in dismissing the officer responsible for the distribution of condoms in total disobedience to the laws of Holy Mother Church. Let us pray that Holy Michael the Archangel may be sent to help us in this hour of need.