Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mass Raids Against Organized Crime in Germany

LEIPZIG. The police in Leipzig on Thursday proceeded with a large operation against the organized crime. More than 500 police officers and revenue officials searched offices and apartments throughout the city. Roads were blocked because of the bust. The mission lasted until the evening.

Because of the measure was a decision of the district court of Leipzig, said Bild citing the State Criminal Office of Saxony representative, Tom Behrend. The proceedings were concerned with the infringement of weapons violations and the suspicion of tax evasion.

"United Tribunes" Clubhouse Searched

One of the main points of the raid is at EisenbahnstraßeThere, at the noon, the clubhouse of the so-called street gang "United Tribun" was searched. The Leipzig vice-chief of the associated rock group from Baden-Württemberg is an Iranian. [United Tribune is involved in white slavery, and prostitution.]

The searches were not related to a shooting in June 2016 on EisenbahnstraßeAt that time, there was one dead and three seriously injured, all four belonged to "United Tribunes". 14 persons, excluding members of Hells Angels, were later arrested for the time being. (Mec)
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