Monday, January 30, 2017

"Divisions, Controversies and Disputes" -- A Pope Who Confuses and Gives Me Cause for Great Concern

 By Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña *

I do not read the countless words of Pope Francis, for various reasons.
First, because there are so many that it is simply impossible for me. I have no intention of spending my life reading the pope. My faith does not ask it of me. If he should take one day, to proclaim something ex cathedra that will find all my attention.
Secondly, so as not to be offended in what my Church convictions are. After all, I did not invent them. Rather, they are what the Church has always taught. Me and everyone else, and that for two thousand years. Beliefs that go back to the words of Jesus Christ Himself. Or were they not His words?
Thirdly, because some of the things he says or of which he is said to be speaking to me are questionable, and I have neither the time nor the desire to deepen my studies in order to clarify these matters.
Fourthly, and this is a very strong aspect for me because I observe that all the enemies of the Church are satisfied with the Pope, while really good sons of the Church, some of them of great learning, are not a little worried.
The Pope, who is now the Pope, and in this I have not the slightest doubt, is no angel. And if an angel came ...
Today I read the article in a newspaper ( ABC ), which is clearly not against Francis, but very fond of him. Since the Vatican did not deny the statements made in it, I believe it to be true. ABC is not such a meager blog like mine, where you "read nothing". It is a newspaper that is read a lot by the Catholics of Spain.
According to ABC, the pope has called for "fewer divisions, clashes and controversies", which is very good. But something is lost in the transmission when these divisions, clashes, and controversies are generated by the pope himself.
Let us revisit what is in the newspaper Aurora borealis: One should "not be back drilling on their own opinion," we must "listen with respect and accept others' opinions."
This statement seems to me, with all due respect, a papal stupidity. Respect is and always is recommended, but the beliefs of others can only be valid as a rule, if one of these opinions persuade and one therefore renounces one's own. But if they seem to be completely misleading, then one is well advised to make it known. One thing is to respect the one who expresses an opinion, it is something else entirely to respect his opinion. However, Pope Francis usually seems to be little happy in the choice of words. In contrast to him I do not think that proselytizing is something bad.
I think, therefore, that it is better not to read everything the Pope says, plainly speaking, almost nothing. I will limit myself to reading the titles of the media. And, of course, I am always willing to take everything back if I have deceived myself. Nothing is more beautiful to me than to speak well about the Pope, my Pope. He is, however, very much concerned that this is not the case.
* Fernando Fernandez de la Cigoña Núñez, from a noble family of Galicia, studying law and economics, a journalist, like his father, with a focus on the Catholic Church, the publication of several books mainly on the history of ideas and Church, married, father of five children, La Cigüeña de la Torre is one of the most read Catholic blogs in Spain. His grandfather was murdered in the Spanish Civil War by the Popular Front.
Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La Cigüeña de la Torre
Trans: Tancred
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