Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Another Removal of Faithful Priest by a Traitorous Archbishop

SAN ANTONIO, Texas ( - A Catholic priest in charge of one of the most important Anglican Catholic parishes in the United States is being removed by the archbishop of San Antonio.
Parishioners of Our Lady of the Atonement (OLA) Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas are claiming Abp. Gustavo García-Siller is removing Fr. Christopher Phillips in order to repurpose the parish, which has a solid reputation for orthodoxy and reverent liturgy.
Siller distributed a letter to parishioners on January 19 stating, "I have asked your pastor ... to dedicate some time to reflect on some specific concerns that I have shared with him."


M. Prodigal said...

I have been to this parish and to the reverent Anglican Use liturgy. It is a shining star! The bishop wrote that Father Phillips did nothing wrong. Well, in novus ordo modernist land, he did. And it is true that this holy parish was not in step with the 'catholic' lite parishes in the diocese. Faithful and orthodox? Blooming and thriving? Can't have it!

Anonymous said...


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wilderness of pain said...

May God strike this filthy pig of a'bishop' dead.

As we say here in Michigan,
they are gansters in Roman collars.

God be with Fr Phillips.

Hold on kids the terror is beginning to ramp up. God please send a chastisement to scour out this rot.

austin said...

Disgraceful situation, a bishop behaving like a predatory mobster. It is time for the faithful to rise up and insist that their shepherds stop behaving like wolves.

AMalek said...

I was brought into the Catholic Church via this amazing parish. In fact, Archbishop Garcia-Siller confirmed me in this church. He seemed so happy to confirm the new faithful. What a mystery. Reminds me of the false mercy coming out of Rome...

Unknown said...

There is more at this link:

Anonymous said...

I don't think the bishop there gives two figs about the poor souls in that parish. I also found the tone taken with them to be condescending and saccharine towards their pastor. Perhaps he should also spend a little time in prayer and reflection, and consider why so many of the modern parishes are not doing as well.

Anonymous said...

One should not curse another, especially a bishop. Cursing is the act of wishing evil to another.

Anonymous said...

For those not familiar with the San Antonio Archdiocese, it's not exactly a shining start of hard-line Catholicism. It's a fairly liberal ArchDio and it shows in the parishioners and Liturgy.

I'm Eastern Orthodox but I did know quite a few Catholics in college from SA, even the practicing ones were questionable in their beliefs

Anonymous said...

Good! There is no place in the Roman Catholic Church for married clergy.

PaxTecum77 said...

Anonymous, Your an Eastern Orthodox, thanks for coming to this great site. Many Catholics today are questionable on their Catholic beliefs. This was caused by Modernist heretics. I being Catholic have questioned why many Catholics know so little about their Catholic Faith. Traditionalists have worked hard to instruct them on the Truth, but they find what the Church actually teaches strange. They praise Vatican ll, a Council they know nothing about, that baffles the mind. I remember when the Eastern Orthodox warned Pope Paul Vl that tampering with the Liturgy would be an obstacle to the desired unity of East and West. I have hoped that the East would put in some more words for us in defense of Tradition. This would force Rome to listen, I believe this would be very fruitful. Thanks for defending the Church of the West.

wilderness of pain said...

Dear Anonymous,

I dont think I cursed anyone.

As for rotten bishops. Are you familiar with the horrible conditions inside the Catholic Church for about 50 yrs now?

Faithful priests, nuns and laity have been and are still being crucified by bishops.

Many of us Catholics believe somehow and in God's Providence he's chastising the institutional organization of the Roman Catholic Church.

The messages of Our Lady of Fatima, Akita in Japan and Our Lady of Good Success in Quito Ecuador are unfolding before our eyes.

There are enemies inside the church wearing miters and Roman collars and they persecute the faithful Catholics.

I owe no Allegiance or deference to any Bishop that does not defend the Catholic faith.

Bekalynn said...

But you only know one side of the story. Gustavo has always struck me as a really Holy man when you meet him. Father Phillips is great too.

I knew a Priest who worked with him closely when he was a bishop in Chicago. The priest praised him saying he worked tirelessly especially amongst the poorest of Parishes.

This all may have more to do with the Ordinariate. Honestly I am iffy on the whole thing. I have no problem with Anglican Use in Parishes but whatever happened to one Bishop one diocese this is the ancient historical Principle. We have Easern Rite but many Orthodox view it as stumbling block and I think Ordinariate could be that too.

Different Spiritualities are a cool thing but One bishop one diocese existed historically for a reason.

Please don't get me wrong I like Atonement for its reverent Mass.

The end of the day we don't know the whole story. All that went down between the Archbishop and Father Phillips. I have a hard time thinking the Archibishop would do this with no reasons.

We don't know the motives of either mans heart and so I think maybe it would be best to quitely let the Church work it out. It's fine to wonder about the Archbishops decision I do to but to curse him or read bad motives in his heart is not right. We should not be so quick to take offense. Or demonize either one.