Saturday, January 7, 2017

Another Europe: Sunday Mass Attendance Rises in Poland to 40 Percent

The Other Europe:  Polish Mass Attendance Climbs
(Warsaw) There is "another Europe". The latest figures from Poland make it clear. The number of visitors to Sunday Mass has risen to 40 percent in 2016.
According to the statistical institute of the Catholic Church in Poland, the proportion of visitors in the survey population increased from 39.1 percent in 2015 to 39.8 percent in 2016. The number of Communion recipients rose from 16.3 percent to 17 percent, as Pawel Rytel-Andrianik for Zenit reported.
Poland has one of the densest parish nets in the Catholic world. About seven percent of all parishes are run by religious orders. 92 percent of Poles profess the Catholic faith. The number of priests working in parishes is almost 21,000. More than 7,000 religious are also active in the parishes.
In 2015 369,000 baptisms and 270,000 First Communions were offered and 134,000 marriages were consecrated. The figures point to a healthy, positive demographic development.
In more than 60,000 parishes around 2.5 million believers are active. A further 1.8 million believers are voluntarily active in the social sector, in child care, disability facilities, schools and hospices.
Polish catholicity is characterized by a rich Marian tradition and diverse forms of popular piety. The rosary and liturgical functions, which are based on the Marian works of Fatima, play a particularly strong role.
Text: Gerda Weiser
image: Il Timone
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Let's pray they abandon the Novus Ordo.

Constantine said...

Its not 40 percent. Its 39.8
And it is only up from 39.1
Not much of a jump. And the Polish National Conscience identifies itself with both humanist Enlightenment and Catholicism ay the same time. And most Poles don't see any inconsistencies. Poles will fight you if you challenge either one.

Osusanna said...

So that's where the 40% drop in my town USA went! Maybe if we consecrated our town to Christ the King like Poland things would get better? said...

Thanks be to God. said...

OF just as valid as EF of the Mass.

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church is pretty bad off when they have to cheer Mass attendance rising by less than 1%. Also, wasn't Mass attendance in Poland about 85-90% right before Vatican II....and still hovering around 70% when JP II was elected?
Still, close to 40% is better than the 5% in France, Belgium, and Netherlands (Netherlands it was 90% during the time of Pius XI-Pius XII), or the 30% In Italy, 25% in Spain or barely 20% in the USA. In Ireland, where practically everyone went to Mass up until 50 years ago, it's almost down below 25%. Pathetic.
Still, Poland has still many vocations although their numbers are down from the optimistic days of Benedict XVI. But many religious Orders of priests and brothers which are practically extinct in the rest of Europe (Salesians, Capuchins, Franciscans, Dominicans, Cistercians,Benedicitnes, Carmelites, etc.) still are stable and even flourishing in are TRADITIONAL habited nuns.Like elsewhere, the more an Order of nuns has liberalized in Poland, the few and fewer vocations they get. Some Orders of progressive nuns who are habitless dissidents in the rest of the world, have a few houses in Poland where their sisters lead more conservative lives and wear some for of religious habit....and have a handful of vocations whereas these groups have none elsewhere!!
The Pauline friars which staff the Shrine of the Black Madonna in Poland (Jasna Gora) have grown from barely 200 when John Paul II came almost 600 today. Granted, his reign helped them, but they're still growing and even expanding into Australia, Africa, and India.
So, although we might laugh that this repord make a big deal about basically such an insignificant rise, it still shows that the Polish people cherish their Catholic traditions and faith....and where people do, the Faith is at least stable.
If we could only get a Catholic Pope, that might help the situation world wide!

Damian Malliapalli

Woodlawn said...

Dear Osusanna,

Please see the following link:

City of Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, June 2016.

JTLiuzza said...


sarto2012 said...

News like could turn the focus of Señor Bergoglio on them! They'd better watch out. A visitation could well be on the books.

Barnum said...


How do you know that "the Polish National Conscience identifies itself with both humanist Enlightenment and Catholicism at the same time."?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "just as valid" but certainly lacking the precision of Catholic doctrine and a strong sense of sacrality. A good mother does not settle for third rate food for her children---neither should Holy Mother Church. See recent report in Rorate Coeli about paganized "mass" in Brasilia, Brazil. The traditional rite protects us from the arbitrariness and sacriliges (numberless) of the Modernist heretics found everywhere in the Church. So, stop the phariseical argument of validity v/s invalidity: the problem is much larger and serious than that.

Anonymous said...

The apologizers for the Novus Ordo atrocities always grasping at straws to justify the unjustifiable. Thanks are due to God only when the Church is rescued from the enemies that now occupy and pollute most of her ranks, inclding the Apostate Francis. Then we can sing the "Te Deum Laudamus" in earnest and in honesty.

Anonymous said...

There is one Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.'Quo Primum' predates the Novus Ordo (((new order))) by 500 years.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:29AM Amen!!!

Anonymous said...

I think a new Pope who is traditionally minded is the best medicine for the Mass attendance rising not only in Poland, but other places as well. By his good example and fostering Catholic principles and traditions, Mass attendance will gradually rise,

Speaking of Popes, he present incumbent should wuietly quit, or be told to resign.
Yesterday, while baptizing nearly 30 imfants in the Sistine Chapel, he basically tol the mothers to "go ahead and breast-feed. Right in the Chapel. Later today he returned to the theme and said it was great to see women breast-feed and they have a right to.
Maybe in African villages. Maybe in the 12th century. That would have been taken as sick comments afew years ago.....and it's sick now.
First he talks about the notion ofpeople who are addicted to eating human excrement (afew weeks ago), and now promoting breast feeding.

Does he have a brain tumor or something? Or Alzheimers, or dementia?
I've never heard anyone...let alone the Pope, talk about such things.
I think he's actually sick...both mentally and physicially.
Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

I know the Polish mentality,because my family is Polish. The national mentality is schizophrenic. They shout for freedom and democracy, and think it is great, yet they don't know what they fight for is not a Catholic State. The government in power talks about Christ as King, yet they want the EU. America is in many Polish minds the great "liberator". Keep in mind, thst Polish history had 2 traditions: the Enlightenment as freedom from German Austrian and Russian partition. As well as a medieval history with a Catholic State. These 2 national ideals are frequently confused and mixed up. The Polish Constitution acknowledges the Catholic Church AND humanustic values as its source of inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Our era is the result of the masonic Republican revolutions overthrowing the Catholic order.
Every western nation is going through some type of crisis right now,Poland is one of many.
I can't blame the Polish people as very educated folks are just now figuring what has happened in the past 280 years.

allandan500 said...

The new Mass is valid, but it's implementation was not wise. The thousands year old understanding of the Mass as a sacrifice has morphed into a party.