Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Child Abuse Scandal is Coming for Pope Francis?

Edit: we've pointed out that contrary to what this Pope has said, that there are sexual abuse cases that arose during his tenure in Buenos Aires.  We've also pointed out that Cardinal Marx, who lives luxuriously in Rome, has appointed a priest convicted of having thousands of child porn images on his computer tomparish work. Let's take a moment to reflect on the obvious double standard. Now Francis and his clique are trying to invalidate the CDF's hard line against these deviants.

[The Week]The Catholic Church has long been plagued by sickening scandals involving priests abusing children. And there is reportedly another scandal coming — this one of the pope's own making.

Two people with direct ties to the Vatican tell me that Pope Francis, following the advice of his clubby group of allies in the curia, is pressing to undo the reforms that were instituted by his predecessors John Paul II and Benedict XVI in handling the cases of abuser priests. Francis is pushing ahead with this plan even though the curial officials and cardinals who favor it have already brought more scandal to his papacy by urging him toward lenient treatment of abusers.

In 2001, the Vatican instituted a massive reform in how it handled the cases of priests who abused children. The power to deal with these cases was taken away from the Congregation of the Clergy and the Roman Rota (the Vatican's Court), and placed in the office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF). Subsequently, the volume and speed with which the Catholic Church.



Anonymous said...

Luciferians and (((the tribe))) practice sex magick & rape.
Considering the centuries long infiltration of the Catholic Church,the top tier hierarchy on down to the small town Novus ordo 'parish' are infested with these 2 types.
This story,saddening as it already is,doesn't surprise those of us who have been in the chase for the truth.
Kyrie Elesion
Christie Elesion
Sanctus Maria Ora pro nobis

Anonymous said...

I have said this several times on this website: the right, judicious people have to do a thorough research (hopefully to be published in book form) on the history of this monster in his younger years (dating back to seminary days) and his abusive administration of the Buenos Aires archdiocese. If done, it will serve two important purposes: let the truth be known about the most destructive man of our times; and inform us better on how to proceed with reference to the wolf in our midst. It is a question of justice.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of things the Yahudis have decided to abandon him. CNN aired ¨N.China covered in smog¨ produced by Peter Leaves. Its their way of saying to each other they are moving to the next step.

Anonymous said...

In Argentina they used to call him El horror, nothing left to be said.

susan said...

I sincerely hope he gets hoisted on his own fat, heretical, perverted petard....and I sincerely hope it's very VERY soon.

Anthony said...

I don't think Archbishop Bergoglio would be the only person compromised in this enormous moral disaster for the Catholic Church.
The obligations on bishops to maintain strict secrecy about suspected paedophile clergy and even those convicted in a canonical trial have been in place since Pius XI's 1922 'Crimen Sollicitationis.'
That has been revoked but not the secrecy obligation which published and gazetted in Paul VI's 1974 'Secreta Continere.'
This obligation remains and is strictly enforced in in all jurisdictions where civil authorities do not have mandatory reporting.
None of the Pope's since Pius XI, including JP II and Benedict XVI, have made any move to revoke this canonical provision.
And Jesus wept.

Anonymous said...

Here's a blog in spanish explaining the real JMB
caminante-wanderer.blogspot.ar.Beria en el Vaticano.

Anonymous said...

"El Horror" is a fitting title---but the details of his tyranny, arbitrariness, incompetence, and personal cruel vindictiveness are dots that need to be connected in a just, detailed, and lucid narrative. Simple monikers do not do that job.

JBQ said...

The links between pedophilia and homosexuality are there for the viewing. This pope legitimatizes gay relationships. What do you expect to happen?

Jorge Cabeza de Vaca said...

Niños y niñas: ¡Hagan lío!