Sunday, December 4, 2016

Statement by Rota Dean "Corrected": "Francis Will Not Take Away Cardinal's Rank"

Interview of Dean of Roman Rota was "Revised"
(Madrid) Last Tuesday, 29 November,  a report by Religion Confidencial struck like a bomb - and led to a significant image problem for Pope Francis. Now a "corrected position" has appeared, with which the image problem was corrected.The criticism by the four cardinals, on the other hand, was not withdrawn.
Msgr. Pius Vito Pinto, Dean of the Roman Rota , one of the supreme courts of the Catholic Church, was took part the day before in a conference on the new marriage tribunal process in Madrid. On this occasion he gave an interview to the Spanish news site, Religion Confidencial.  He was quoted as saying that Pope Francis would strip the four cardinals Brandmüller, Burke, Caffarra and Meisner of their dignity as cardinals,  because by posting their Dubia (doubts) to the controversial post-synodal Letter Amoris laetitia, they had given "serious offense".
The words of the Rota Dean, coupled with further criticism of the four Dubia presenters was understood as threat and intimidation.

The old and the new version

Meanwhile a "correction" was made in the publication Religion Confidencial, which is more of a clarification (RC). RC said that Msgr. Pinto had answered the questions in Italian and that the translation into Spanish was "incorrect". The new title of the RC interviews is now: "Under another pope, the four cardinals who wrote him could lose their cardinalatial dignity."
First, RC had published the following reply from Msgr. Pinto:
"What church are these Cardinals defending? The Pope is faithful to the teaching of Christ. What they have done is a very serious offence which could cause the Holy Father to deny them the Cardinal's hat, as has happened in other times in the Church. "
The revised body is now:
"What church defend these cardinals? The Pope is faithful to the teaching of Christ. What they have done is a very serious offence. He continued, that Pope Francis, however, is not a pope of the past, who would take away the Cardinal's hat, as Pius XI. did with the famous French Jesuit theologian Louis Billot. 'Francis will not do that,' he said." 

The tarnished image that was feared has been left behind - but criticism of the four cardinals remains

After Msgr. Pinto's statement, which was first distributed by RC, caused worldwide attention, there seems to have been a corresponding intervention to reduce the position. The original statement conveyed a very bad impression of not very "merciful" administration by Pope Francis. The image of a pontificate in which even the highest dignitaries are heavily punished just because they ask questions, could be an image shredder.
It is striking that the first version was consistently indicated as a statement by Monsignor Pinto, whereas in the revised version, the controversial passage is only indirectly reproduced. RC reported a translation error.  We are more closely acquainted with the fact that the results obtained by Mgsr. Pinto last Monday, reveals a threat posture in Rome some because active imagination went too far. Still the criticism of the four cardinals was not weakened by the "correct position".
According to Pinto, the attitude of the four cardinals is so serious that they would deserve to lose the cardinalatial dignity, but it is just their good luck that it is Pope Francis who is reacting and not "another pope."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Religion Confidencial (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

Hmm, Louis Billot resigned and handed his red hat to pope Pius XI in 1927 over Action Française, and the pope accepted his resignation 8 days later. The pope did not act contrary to the Deposit of Faith or morals. Mgr Pito Vito's comment about that pope is scandalous. What pope Francis has done continually is to spit on Christ with a vengeance, and some guardian of the Deposit of Faith he is indeed. What similarity? Oh sycophants, sycophants galore. Lol

Happy Italian said...

Their tarnished image REMAINS,,except,in their own minds. Damage control FAIL.

Oleg-Michael said...

That only situation when a mainstream edition would call Fr. Louis Billot (a very conservative, right-wing writer, instrumental in drafting Pascendi dominici gregis) "famous Jesuit theologian": normally he'd be a "medieval abomination" for them... BTW, this all ain't truth exactly. My understanding is that Fr. Billot was so angry with Pius XI's alleged liberal inclinations that he submitted his resignation (that is, it was his own initiative); and if one wants to find cardinals being stripped by the Pope, they don't need to go further in history than to John Paul II who "asked" Hans Hermann Groër to relinquish all ecclesiastical duties and privileges as an archbishop and cardinal (citing allegations of child abuse), or to Francis himself (2013, Keith O'Brien).

susan said...

trial-balloon......filled with lead.

Robbie said...

The original comments by Pinto were accurate and they were, effectively, a trial balloon. Bergoglio and his henchmen wanted to see what the reaction might be if they stripped these four of their red hats. To their surprise, and mine as well, there was enough pushback to stop such a schismatic event. Honestly, I didn't think the conservatives had enough cohesiveness or backbone to mount an effective pushback.

Regardless, Bergoglio and his crowd will stop at nothing to silence their critics. No doubt, this move has intimidated those who might have decided to back the dubia so, in essence, mission accomplished by Jorge.

It's no wonder Jorge grieved the death of Castro. He probably admired how Fidel handled certain dissenters.

Unknown said...

Aren't the Cardinals and many other faithful Catholics who are confused asking the pope a question who is supposed to be faithful to Christ and his church and guard and to keep the purity of the teachings that had been handed down to us through Christ and his apostles to the early church fathers so everything can be clarified and there will be no confusion. There should of been no confusion in the first place, because all the faithful is supposed to know their faith and where there's confession something is wrong, we look to the sacred scriptures and the teachings of the church and wondering what's going on, is it ok to sin now, there's no sin no more, our sexual lustful desires are ok now and we are free from sin? ,There's no such thing as becoming one with each other? The church and sacred scriptures have been lying to us for past 2000years and now we rewrite it according to man not God? So we turn to ask our holy father for clarification because we need to save our souls and are worried about the loss of other souls which is serious and we get no answer. God help us.