Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Scottish Priest Being Persecuted by Corrupt Scottish Catholic Church

Edit: here's an article from November 27th. The persecution continues.

A Catholic priest at the centre of a gay mafia row is being pressurised to resign as parish priest after a three-year battle with the church.
Father Matthew Despard was sent a three-page letter from Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Toal, calling for him to quit his post at St John Ogilvie’s Parish in Blantyre.
Father Despard wrote a book claiming that a “powerful gay mafia” was operating at the top of the Catholic Church in Scotland and was responsible for sexual bullying.


Barnum said...

Interesting that the book was withdrawn, you'd think that the publisher would have vetted it. There were no libel lawsuits against Fr. Despard, but maybe after the persecution of Vox Cantoris backfired, the gay mafia is taking another tack.

Ana Milan said...

What about his parishioners? Can they not show enough support for him to make the Hierarchy in Scotland pay attention. It is well known that the Church in Scotland has a deep-rooted gay problem that needs full exposure & dealing with. The CC just can't be let away with sodomy any longer. Root out the offenders once & for all.

Anonymous said...

A nice undercover video of these perverts in action would put an end to them right quick.

susan said...

no it wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Susan is correct and whoever who would film & release such a video would be tracked down and disposed of quickly.