Friday, November 4, 2016

Rome's New Chief Exorcist Complains: Few Young Priests Want This Job. -- Even Priests Are Afraid

(Rome) On September 16, the internationally known exorcist, Father Gabriele Amorth, died. His successor complains that there are hardly any young priests who are ready to act as exorcists.

Father Amorth belonged to the Catholic Order of the Society of St. Paul (SSP). From 1986 until his death, he was head of the diocese of Rome. Amorth, together with other exorcists, founded the International Exorcist Association (AIE) in 1994, whose president he had been until 2000 and has been honorary president since then.

Accessibility for all: four hours of fixed office hours

On 18 October the BBC reported on another exorcist. What Father Amorth was on an international level, Father Vincenzo Taraborelli is at the Italian level. Father Taraborelli had been an exorcist of the Diocese of Rome along with Father Amorth. He has now followed Amorth's footsteps as a de facto chief priest of the Pope's diocese.

Father Vincenzo Taraborelli is Carmelite. He belongs to the Carmelite monastery on the Via della Conciliazione. The baroque monastery church of Santa Maria in Traspontina is located directly on the boulevard between Castel Sant'Angelo and Saint Peter's Square. In 1936 it was not a victim of the construction of the road through the Castel Sant'Angelo.

Santa Maria in Traspontina

The church has been since 2003, the Roman titular church of Cardinal Marc Ouellet. The Franco-Canadian has been the Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops since 2010.

In the Carmelite Monastery, Father Taraborelli offers regular consultations for exorcisms. An exorcist "must be accessible to everyone," says the Carmelite, and he is serious about it. Anyone who goes to the  monastery website will find Father Taraborelli's office hours.

The exorcist can be reached every Monday, Tuesday and Friday after Holy Mass from 7.30 am on Via della Conciliazione 14 / c close to Traspontina Church, and every Wednesday from 5:45 pm during the Eucharistic Adoration, following the Holy Mass at 5 o'clock.

79 years old, but always active

Father Taraborelli is always active, and he is already 79 years old. His pocket calendar is packed with appointments. In a few weeks he practices a hundred and more exorcisms. He is always available for "emergencies" via his own telephone number.

Exorcism is "nothing romantic," says the exorcist. "We speak of obsession and demons." He was born in 1937. On February 17, 1963, he was ordained a priest for the Carmelite Order.

"Before I carry out an exorcism, I ask people to visit a psychologist or a psychiatrist and get the diagnosis." In the Carmelite church, he likes to show visitors an oil painting from the 18th century. "This is a possessed woman. Demons run out of her mouth. She was cured by exorcism. "

No growth among exorcists

"Padre Amorth lived to 91. Perhaps I will be so old, and may still have something to do." The words are not conceited. He has a concrete reason. In the BBC report, Father Taraborelli complained that there was no growth of  new exorcists. "Exorcism in Italy is a frightening job for young priests," the BBC said. "The exorcist of Rome, who does not have a successor," is the title of the Spanish BBC program. The young priests show little interest in the service of the exorcist, at any rate in Italy. "Young priests are not particularly attracted by the prospect of spending hours in windowless rooms to read the prayers of the exorcism ritual for those affected," said BBC.

Father Taraborelli says, "I have told the [auxiliary] bishop that I can not find anyone who is ready to take over. Many of them are afraid. Even priests can be afraid. It's a hard life. "

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: BBC
Trans: Tancred


Osusanna said...

So, the young priests aren't really interested in helping the afflicted? God help us.

PaxTecum57 said...

I believe the reason Priests who are not willing to perform exorcisms is because there are requirements. Priests prepared for the priesthood by Modernists will find it hard to meet the qualifications, one of which is traditional holiness of life. If The chief exorcist looks to the Traditional orders of priests he will find many who meet the criteria. The priests of the SSPX are exceptional for such tasks.

Anonymous said...

So, there are no young priests interested huh? Didn't the bishop of somewhere in Nebraska recently shut down the excorcist training there? Yeah, sure no interest huh? Welcome to the church of Bergoglio the destroyer.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the priests who DO become exorcists.

Anonymous said...

I can understand why most priests don't want to become exorcists. Think of it this way: It's kind of like someone standing up to the school bully. A bully will keep persecuting a person until someone else decides to stand up and say NO - You can't do that and stop persecuting this person.

Forgive the very inapt comparison, but it's what popped into my head.

Anonymous said...

of course they are afraid, for 50 years they have not clothed themselves with the armour of the holy spirit, they have no defence against evil spirits, they are spirituallly naked, covered only by a veil of deceit, many don't even believe in the true presence, many are nothing more that effeminate social workers that are manipulated by apostate nuns and uncatechised parish councils (never has there been a clearer example of the blind leading the blind), ipso facto, no match for the devil. next to none perform fasting, which is required to remove certain types of demons, next to none speak latin, no point doing exorcisms unless in latin. the devil hates latin, that's the real reason why the ecclesial masonry of vc2 gave us the vernacular new order mass (and removed the st micheal prayer, and removed the oath against modernism, etc).


Kathleen1031 said...

I can't say it any better than that. The new crop wanted to be priests why, one must ask, if helping souls attacked by Satan doesn't move them. They are afraid?? They don't believe Christ is far more powerful than Satan, so they would be easy pickins for the demons. Our church has taken away the armor God gave us to fight Satan. Maddening.

susan said...

No surprise there if THIS is becoming the norm.....

God help us.

Anonymous said...

Who would want to be an exorcist when your boss adores Lucifer? Not me!


Anonymous said...

Actually, who would want to be a priest at all, with a Church and Pope like Bergoglio?
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Exactly, they'll train them in the "novus ordo" rite of exorcism? It's like going into a gunfight with a pocket knife.

Anonymous said...

That Carmelite church on the Via was always closed when I lived in Rome during the 1990's and its facade looked very shabby. I hope they cleaned it up and reopened it to the public.

Anonymous said...

It was the new bishop in Tulsa, OK, who replaced Bp. Slattery, who is retired.

Anonymous said...

Which branch of the Carmelites, of the Original Observance (O.Carm) which dates it's start to the early 1200's, or the Discalced Carmelite Friars(O.C.D.). One branch has completely discarded Catholic tradition and discipline and is very corrupt (O.Carm), while here and there the O.C.D.'s have tried to remain faithful to the Church and to the principles of their foundress, St. Teresa of Avila. But both have suffered big declines since Vatican II....especially in Spain and Italy (both countries were once flourishing for the OCD's).
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Fr. Amorth (RIP) lost all credibility with me long ago when one of his famous books endorsed diabolic Archbishop Milingo as a leading exorcist.

Remember Milingo? He was the Charismatic African prelate who was eventually excommunicated for marrying a Korean Moonie and starting a cult in support of married Catholic priesthood.

Unknown said...

The main reason post-1967-ordained priests are, in my view, correctly afraid of conducting exorcism is they do not have the full grace of ordination (recall, the 5 preparatory minor orders, including exorcist, in the traditional rite; and the new rite of ordination is completely silent on the powers of exorcism (cf. Mark 16:17ff); and finally, then, they do not use the Roman Ritual. The prayers of the latter are awesomely powerful and even lacking the full traditional ordination severely affect and cause turmoil to the evil spirit.

Anonymous said...

Get a grip. Many holy priests were ordained post-1967. Check the database. Most of the known sexual abuse disasters were caused by clergy ordained earlier than that because the criminals were protected by institutional clericalism.

The earliest US pervert-priest on record was ordained around 1897. He was named in a recent lawsuit that bankrupted the Helena, Montana diocese which ran brutal Indian residential schools.

Laicized exorcists like HLI's serial rapist-President Tom Euteneuer and Africa's excommunicated Moonie Abp. Milingo did irreparable damage to the reputation of exorcists. Both of those freaks were blindly idolized by hard-line trads and conservatives until they were exposed.

Anonymous said...

Take your head out of the sand and face facts. Don't ignore comments about the secretly laicized ex-HLI President, exorcist and serial rapist Tom Euteneuer. One of his female victims is suing the very conservative Diocese of Arlington, VA for around $5 million.

He was one of the heroes here until his book on exorcism was officially banned and his criminal behavior was exposed in horrific detail in Court documents.

Tancred said...

They're not protected by clericalism now?

Rachelle DeClue said...

One person's prayer and fasting may change this! I will pray and fast for a successor