Friday, November 18, 2016

Communist Vientam's Head of State and Party Chief: "Guest of Pope Francis"

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam: The new
State and Party Chief Will Visit Pope Francis on November 23rd
(Rome) In 2016, the "Ostpolitik" was reactivated by the Vatican. This "New Ostpolitik"  mainly concerns the relationship with the People's Republic of China . Yet it still seems ready to embrace another communist country: Vietnam.
This refers to the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, of the Communist Party of Vietnam  which rules dictatorially as the Unity Party. The Communists have dominated North Vietnam since 1945 and  United Vietnam since 1976.
Asthe Vietnamese press agency VNA news site, Vietnam Plus  reported yesterday, Vietnam's state and party leader Tran Dai Quang I will pay a state visit to Italy. "On 23 November he will also visit the Vatican as a guest of Pope Francis."
There is no freedom of press in Vietnam, which is why the news is official. The phrase "as a guest of Pope Francis" indicates that this is not an official visit, but rather one of the privileges of Francis, which Francis prefers in contrast to his predecessors, and which account for more than half of all audiences. In contrast to the official audiences, the Vatican does not share anything that happens in private audiences.
The first meeting of a communist Vietnamese president with a Pope took place in 2009. Nguyen Minh Triet met with  Benedict XVI. in an official audience. It was an encounter that was interpreted as a sign of the desire to normalize relations.
Tran Dai Qaung has made his career in the police and intelligence, most recently holding a general's rank. Since 1997, he became a member of the political office of the Communist Party Vietnam. In 2006, he became Deputy Secretary of Defense, 2011 Security Minister. In 2011, he was elected to the Central Committee of the Communist Party.
Since 2 April 2016, Tran Dai Quang is State and Party Chairman and Chairman of the National Security and Defense Council.
The regime praises the religious freedom that prevails in the country. However, most Christians disagree.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred


Ana Milan said...

"It is the Communists who think like Christians" so evidently he needs to speak with them as to the correct way to reply to the Dubia.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather Flock together.

JBQ said...

As a Vietnam era Navy vet with 4 years of shipboard service on the East Coast, I am very dubious. Fifty eight thousand Americans died to defend the freedom of Vietnam. Many POWs never came home and were kept as slave labor. It is documented that John XXIII used heavy diplomacy to release Catholics from the North knowing full well that this would overwhelm the government of the South leading to a united Vietnam under the Communist banner. This is evidently the same strategy being utilized by the current occupant of the Chair of St. Peter. You overwhelm governments with mass numbers of refugees and then a new entity comes out of the anarchy. Europe is being overwhelmed with the complicity of the Vatican. The same strategy is "on hold" in America.

Tony V said...

My wife wants to go to Vietnam, but I can't bear the thought of sitting on a plane that long. It has of course become a popular tourist destination. Years ago an ex-GI (now deceased) told me they had the most beautiful beaches he'd ever imagined.

I don't think the Vietnamese communists are any more communist than the Chinese these days. They're just dictators. I can't imagine they take Marx seriously, can you?

Tancred said...

Maybe they should tell Bergoglio that?

susan said...

HA!....well played Ana.

Anonymous said...

He never met a Marxist he didn't like. He speaks like a communist party boss anyhow always berating us and telling us how ungrateful and rotten we are. Always moving the goal post you need to be more and more radical. It's disgusting.

jac said...

Back to the sixties with Pope Paul VI: I remember the Pope warmly welcomed a vietcong delegation while refusing and andience to the catholic president of the South Vietnam Republic and his wife.
Paul VI betrayed the catholics of the countries beyond the Iron Curtain although courageous bishops stood up like Crd Mindszenty or Slipyj.
50 years later a new betrayal of our catholic brothers is going on in China and Vietnam. Many priests and faithfuls have been jailed and beaten to death, but the Pope doesn't care.
Benedict, why did you "flee out of fear of the wolves" ?

jac said...

My wife's father served as an army officer by the early fifties in the french Indochina when she was 5 y.o. She wants to go back there too. I will never go as long as our catholic brothers are persecuted by the commies.

Kosta63 said...

Thank you jac and JBQ as a grandchild of those Catholics betrayed by the wolves inside Paul6 diplomats.

You do a great service remembering these facts. As most Catholuc media today is afraid or ignorant of this truth. Thank you.