Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Cardinal Canizares: "They Will Never Bring Me to Silence"

Valencia's Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera has once again criticized gender ideology. This ideology has been destroying the family, so he should not be silent, the Archbishop said.
Family | Valencia - 18/06/2016

[] Valencia's Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera has once again criticized gender teaching. "They will not silence me," the clergyman said according to Spanish media reports (Friday). "If I were to be silent, I would be a bad bishop."

He would continue to tell the truth "even if they crucify me". "We need the family, and this ideology destroys it, so we must not be silent, but must react."

Already a few weeks ago, Canizares had spoken in a sermon against "the gender ideology" and the influence "of the gay empire". Homosexual groups and other political groups subsequently filed a criminal complaint against the Cardinal; His words were "full of hatred, homophobic and macho." However, Valencia's archbishop is not willing to withdraw his remarks. "Is it homophobic to defend the family?" he replied.

As early as October 2015, Canizares had made a name for himself when he spoke of an "invasion of immigrants", which could prove to be a "Trojan horse" in the face of the refugee crisis. This gave him harsh criticism and withdrawal demands from several politicians. He then suggested a more moderate tone and called in a message to treat the immigrants with "true charity". (Luk / KNA)


Anonymous said...

It was time to make a change and tell the truth, Caffarra will be kicked off, so they're 4 or 5 faithful Cardinals, it's enough, Christ asked for 2 or three people gathered in His name. Let's pray.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for this brave Cardinal.Thank God he is speaking out. Thanks be to God someone is.

Ivan said...

That the invasion of immigrants is a "Trojan horse" will become painfully clear when the social order breaks down in a major way. Instead of having fellow countrymen pulling together to make the most of the situation, citizens will have to deal with roving gangs of rapists and murderers.

Anonymous said...


PaxTecum57 said...

Why would Cardinal Canizares say, "They will never bring me to silence"? I believe it is because the feared schism in the Church is now a reality. The "two camps" is now a fact. Traditionalists vs Modernists. The victory of course will be that of Christ and His Traditionalists. For now we must suffer the profanations in the house of God by the Modernists. We are sowing in tears but by prayer we reap rejoicing.

Anonymous said...

I wish we had a man like him as Pope, instead of the filth we do, and his like minded scum associates.
Maybe in a year or two we will.
Damian Malliapalli