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Bishop Bonny (Antwerp): "New Rituals for the Blessing of Aberrosexuals and Second Marriages"

Bishop Bonny wants "New Rituals" for the blessing of aberrosexuals
and second marriages

(Brussels) Johan Bonny, the Bishop of Antwerp in Belgium, wants a private ritual to bless gay couples, second marriages and "wild marriages".
On the 6th of October, the Gazet van Antwerpen reported the plans of the bishop. In a few days, on 11 October, Bonny's book " Mag ik? Dank je. Sorry.Vrijmoedige dialoog over Relaties, huwlijk en gezin "(May I? Thank you. Sorry. Frank dialogue about relationships, marriage and family) will appear. As the Antwerp newspaper reported, the bishop is thinking aloud about "new religious rituals." In cooperation with Roger Burggraeve (Emeritus Professor of Moral Theology at the Theological Faculty of the Catholic University of Leuven ) and Ilse Van Halst (editor of the Antwerp church newspaper Kerk & Leven ) he says of the resulting book: "The question is whether we were able to put it all in a single model."
"Should we not develop various rituals in which we can recognize the reality of life between homosexuals and also from an ecclesiastical and religious perspective?
Because, says Bishop Bonny, homosexual couples can enter into an exclusive and long term relationship."The deep symbolic bond between the different sexes and the fertility of this relationship, becomes the real sacramental covenant," reported the newspaper about Bonny's theses.
Even remarried divorcees, says Bonny, demand a differentiating approach. The Antwerp Bishop "believes that the Church in some cases can bless a second union," wrote Gazet van Antwerpen .
"It is known that the Orthodox Church traditionally practiced the confirmation of a new union for reasons of charity, which allows the new couple to find a place in the community. This new blessing is not a repeat or a substitute for the first sacramental marriage. That was and remains unique."
Johan Bonny was  in 2008 at the request of Cardinal Godfried Danneels and with the help of the then apostolic nuncio in Belgium, Karl-Josef Rauber, named by  Benedict XVI. as Bishop of Antwerp.

Belgian Situation

Cardinal Danneels, at that time Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium received criticism  because of his liberal views and aberrophilic church policy. 2010, where there were spectacular house searches in the episcopal palace and a scandalous grave desecration by the Belgian police, of the graves of departed bishops. There were no findings, and no official apology. Danneels survived everything.
Only Pope Benedict XVI. sought to correct the liberal course of the Belgian Church. This had previously become highly visible in the year, when only a single bishop defended the German Pope against the unprecedented criticism by the Belgian Parliament. The Parliament, unique in its history, had condemned the Pope's statement in a formal resolution, during his visit to Africa where he had reaffirmed the ecclesiastical condemnation of artificial contraception.

Catholic Action Flanders published this picture in response to Bonny's statements about a homo-event. What do children probably  think of the picture, who are the irresponsible ones there?

Against Cardinal Dannneels' wishes,  Benedict XVI. named this single courageous bishop, André-Joseph Léonard of Namur, as Primate of Belgium in January 2010. From the majority of progressive Church in Belgium, this was regarded as an unprecedented affront, one for which it has never forgiven Benedict. Nuncio Rauber, who was standing with these groups in the best of terms, led an outrageous media campaign and criticized the decision of Benedict publicly, which resulted in a dismissal from Belgium and Luxembourg and - because he had just become 75 - to retire.
Cardinal Danneels was, as was announced on 23 November 2014 in a book on the pope by the Englishman Austen Ivereigh, that along with Walter Kasper and Karl Lehmann, he had organized "Team Bergoglio"," for the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in conclave of 2013. On September 22, in 2015. this became known by a Danneels biography and from his own mouth that he was, since the 90s  subversive, belonging to clandestine circles within the Church. Named after the meeting in Sankt Gallen in Switzerland and founded by the  Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ, deceased in 2012,  the aim was to achieve the election of a progressive pope and to boycott the activity established by the "restorative" Popes John Paul II. and Benedict XVI. Danneels explained frankly that the members of the secret circle thought of themseleves as "the Mafia."

Belgium Church remains in progressive hands

After the election of Pope Francis the bounty did not remain. Archbishop Leonard was denied the dignity of Cardinal. This however was a humiliating slap for Leonard and for Benedict XVI. for former Nuncio Rauber .  Francis retired Leonard at  75 years, although he was in perfect health. The new Archbishop and Primate was Joszef De Kesel, Danneels' preferred candidate before the "accident" Leonard. The attempt at a turnaround in the liberal occupied Belgian Church, which Pope Benedict XVI. had tried timidly, has since been considered "eradicated". Archbishop De Kesel called a few months after taking office for the abolition of priestly celibacy from, an old demand of the ecclesiastical '68ers. In this context, there was also the expulsion of a "too conservative"  French priestly community of Belgium whose ability to attract  priestly vocations in a considerable volume, bothered the usual complaint [pretext] over the "prevailing lack of priests."
Bishop Bonny attracted considerable attention by an accentuated aberroophilic attitude. The turn of 2014/2015 saw the demand that the Church should recognize homosexuality stir.  A Petition from faithful Catholics, turned to the Pope and demanded a clarification of the question whether Bonnys Homo-looking statements "are Catholic or not." Rome remained silent. Instead Bonny was summoned by the Belgian Bishops 'Conference in June 2015 appointed to Synod for the Bishops' Synod  on the family. Pope Francis in turn appointed Cardinal Danneels personally to synod. On May 6, 2015 Primate Leonard completed his 75th year. On November 6 De Kesel was announced as his successor. With that, the "reconquest" of Brussels was successfully completed by progressive church circles.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Catholic Action Flanders (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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Anonymous said...

The filth than comes from the example of Pope Francis.

Damian Malliapalli

southwillriseagain said...

Filth from Pope Francis?? Is he a homosexual that openly flaunts it? What filth are you talking about? Have you, sir, no decency?

Ana Milan said...

When all is said & done silence is not a virtue in this instance. Those in the Hierarchy who are against such sodomites & the Marxist/Masonic/Modernist ideology must SPEAK UP. The clergy & laity have a duty to support them publicly with great determination in order to get the message across - we won't roll over for you, we won't allow our children & grandchildren to be violated, we abhor your teaching in accompanying unrepentant sinners & offering them Holy Communion, we won't allow Europe & the West to be Islamised, we shan't accept the NWO you are promoting, we are NOT all the same. Never has the CC taught that anyone outside its fold will gain Heaven. Christ did not come to divide as Luther did (as per Satan's instruction) He came to claim His own people & left us the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & Sacraments to help us to keep on the straight & narrow path to Paradise - the Liturgy of Ages & Holy Sacraments that you sodomites have gravely usurped and turned into a family meal that anyone can partake in because you don't believe in Hell & therefore SIN. Placing footballs in front of the Blessed Sacrament, sodomite priests dancing in the sanctuary, Bishops in rainbow colours giving a blessing. They should all be run out of the Vatican & the place exorcised, as Fr. Amorth said before his recent death - it reeks of the stench of Satan.

Bernonensis said...

We used to have a ceremony for people like this. We called it an "auto da fe".

Kathleen1031 said...

Pope Francis has made himself clear to anyone who takes the time to look at the past three years, sans syrupy emotional attachments, which we can no longer afford. In the clear light of day, see for yourself.

Kathleen1031 said...

Well put Ana Milan. It is time to stand up and be heard. We have seen and heard enough to know with all certainty that our church and faith are no longer in good hands, but in the hands of sodomites and globalists, Marxists and Freemasons. What does it matter under what title Satan operates. We expect, nay, we DEMAND, that our Bishops and Cardinals identify now, who they will support, Our Lord Jesus Christ? Or Satan and his minions.
This can no longer be borne. God help us, Our Lady of Victory, pray for us.

Unknown said...

Can't say 100 per cent for sure, but based on my experience as a college fag hag, I think we got us a "fag pope". They generally hang out with and promote each other. Wouldn't progressive Catholics be thrilled if this is found to be true?!

The little slap on the hand of gender ideology in Georgia was just pandering to the Russians who are more conservative about these things.
The very next day his comments on the plane were in total opposition.


Unknown said...

Frankie Boy has just named the pro-sodomite Bishop de Kesel to the College of Cardinals. What more proof does anyone need that the man is evil to the core?

Anonymous said...

I believe the good God tries our Faith at times and that we richly deserve temporal punishments for our infidelities and sins. But the present situation of the Church---in general since the debacle of Vatican II and particularly since the "pontificate" of the present heretical buffoon---is beyond what I can conceive as God dishing out. I have now serious doubts as to whether the Catholic Church exists any longer or if Christ's Church was not her to begin with. The Bergoglian destruction is beyond words and repair.

Barnum said...

The naming of Abp. Cupich?

Naw, that's just another coal on the fire.

susan said...

"Bonny" is just such the PERFECT name for this old diseased queen.

Unknown said...

Bonny Lass. Girly Wuerly. Cupid (Cupich).
Danielle (Daneels).

reflexionar said...

The Bonny's photo is authentic?